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  2. And that's exactly what we did—not for trout, bass or crappie—but by adding fish-like scales to its base, a feature we've dubbed the Voilé Traction-Pattern Base. The Voilé V6 BC represents Voilé's third foray into the domain of scaled-base skis, as preceded by the Vector BC and Charger BC. Admittedly, such skis are not for.
  3. ating than ever. As a result, Voile ski design is constantly evolving. Today, Voile's pure-bred line of backcountry skis is uncompromising — and in some cases unmatched — in lightweight backcountry performance. Made in Utah, US
  4. Every couple of years I travel from Aspen to Vail by scale. It is on this route that time and time again I have realized the joys and efficiencies of travel on scaled skis thanks to Voile's Traction Pattern Base. This roughly 100 mile route, called the Benedict100, utilizes the huts of the 10th Mountain Hut System.It travels through the heart of the historic WWII training grounds of the US.
  5. ates that need for many climbs with Voile's Traction Pattern Base extending for roughly half the length of the ski directly under foot
Voile Hyper V6 BC Ski

Voile fishscale V6 touring skis Have a pair of Harvest Homegrown 181's with Voile fishscales — love em when it's the right conditions. Skins for steeper approaches but again if it's super steep I'm gunna be in a traditional ski for the ride down My primary BC skis are Voile Charger BCs with scales. I always carry/use skins. Where they really shine is on approaches or small bits where you need just enough traction to get up out of a drainage or over a small hill. The guys with flat bases either struggle herringboning or out skins back on. I just kick and glide my way up and out

Voile has made very good skis for a long time. The website discription is a little over the top, but I bet it's a good ski. The idea of a stiffer tail and less tail rocker is something I've found to be a quality I preferred since I skied my first tail rockered ski The fish scales do work pretty well if you keep them at a moderate incline and keep them off the windpack. If you are looking for telemark binding that skis as well as they climb, the 22 Designs AXL is my favorite, but there are others that are good too. They are maybe a bit heavy for a dedicated touring setup Voile skis are really BC skis and are not really design to pound out resort runs day in and day out. I have literally skied every scaled based version they have made with the exception of these new Hyper's but I own 4 different palownia skis currently and will be getting a karuba cored ski here shortly Waxless Metal-edged Ski Roundup. Fischer fans the flames of phat XCD that Voile leads the charge on. It was over a decade ago that Fischer broke the mold with waxless metal edged skis when they introduced their S-Bound series. In the interim, Karhu pushed the envelope with their 78mm wide Guide, then Voile picked up the ball where Karhu left it.

Hi Tina, the skis found here do not have scales, Voile calls the scaled version the Objective BC (164 would be the most appropriate size). These are normal alpine ptex bases that you wax. Most AT bindings can fit, please visit our binding finder to find one that best matches you Additionally, bottomline is that these skis are not good on resort snow as the scales are very grippy on groomed snow. As far as firm snow, IMO, it all depends on how firm and how icy. I find that on back country firm the Vector BC is better than any of the other fishscales like the Rossi or Fischers I have never used one of the Voile BC fat waxless skis, but have used a Fischer Outtabounds (narrower, less positive scale pattern) and a couple of homemade experiments with dremeling grooves into old alpine skis. They've all been better gliders than kicker skins, and would glide reasonably well on any slope that was false flat or downhill. These are my 4th pair of Voile skis I've owned over the years and hands down the most fun and all-around model I've been on. I'm 5'9 and 170#'s and I've been telemarking exclusively for 20 years. During a typical ski season, I spend 80% at the resort and 20% in the backcountry The Voile UltraVector BC is bred for demanding terrain and uncertain conditions, making it the ideal ski for longer backcountry forays. It can flick through trees as well as hold an edge on the diciest slopes, thanks in part to its softened flex and deeper sidecut. Its relatively narrow dimensions shave weight, and help it carve those turns in even tighter locations

Scale skis are obvious. AT Boots defeat the purpose of the sweet transitions, but tele boots also aren't quite the best I do have a pair of 3 buckle TX Terminators with heel and toe inserts I think those with a TTS system and a voile BC would be as close as I could get to the idea Maximillian -- sorry to hear you have not gelled immediately with the particularities of the Objective BC. There's definitely some added drag with the fish scales, especially in wetter snow climates, but in all my years of using and recommending the Voile BC skis I've never heard that someone stopped using them due to the drag issues The Voile Hyper Vector has a relatively forgiving construction as well as tip and tail rocker. This means that it skis shorter than other skis of an equivalent length. At 5'10. I think the 164cm might be a little short for you Doubt if I need these new Voile' skis. I have two pair of BC skis: 1. old ATOMIC TM 22 Tele skis for steeper terrain 2. Asnes Combat-Combi Norwegian army skis (ONLY from Neptune Mountaineering, Boulder, CO) These are for BC touring on less challenging terrain. I have Voile' release bindings on both and use Voile' cable bindings with them The Voile pattern works better than the Karhu/Madshus and Rossi patterns, and maybe a touch less well than the Fischers. For the commenter with the glopping problems, I think that is a ski base issue and not a fishscale or Voile issue. Wet snow sometimes sticks to skis. Voile makes a very handy $2 scraper

Voile Charger Skis and Voile Charger BC Skis Review

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The Voile Charger BC Skis with identitcal tip early rise and camber as the Voile Charger Skis. The Voile Charger BC Ski tips. The Voile Charger BC Ski tails. Same tail rise as on the regular Voile Charger skis. Once again, the same cap construction. The big differnece and really the only difference, the scales under foot Voile most definitely makes/made the ultra vector with scales and that seems to be preferred by everyone in my area. Shame more retailers don't carry them anymore, or are totally unaware of them. I almost bought these assuming they were the BC variant Voile must have some magician or something designing skis because the small amount of rocker on this ski makes a huge impact. In powder, this ski screams to the surface and the tips stay up top. Because you're relying on the rocker to keep you on top of powder, rather than surface area through the whole ski, it does tend to push you back a. Voile Revelator BC Splitboard. The Revelator BC splitboard is just one example of how Voile is continuing to innovate backcountry access since 1980. Based out of Utah, where deep snow is plentiful, Voile has been helping curb the costs of lift tickets and crowded ski resorts by developing backcountry tools and travel methods that work

Review: Voile's V6. The last two seasons have been tough on fat skis. In spite of that, Voile has managed to produce two winners in two years that not only give the sort of delightful response in soft snow you would expect from a company that develops products in Wasatch pow, but in real conditions too The Vector series is 130-96-114 in a 177cm. The only narrower skis are the Objective (117-84-102 in 178cm) and the skimo skis, and neither is suitable as a lift-serve daily driver, nor for telemark bindings. I would love to see something in the 125-88-107 range For wider skis, the new Hyper Series brings lightweight carbon layups to shed 15-20% of total mass from Voile's old-school designs. Last but not least, backcountry skiers looking to go far over rolling terrain without the use of skins can thank their lucky stars for the fish-scale base patterns on the Objective BC, Hyper Vector BC and Hyper V6 BC

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I'll second what Big Steve said -- the Voile skis are alpine skis with scales vs. the others, which are fat XC skis (fine for noodling). I'm 185-190 lb, and have the Vector BCs and had the regular Chargers (until this year and replaced with Praxis Rx). I'd go with the Charger BCs The Revelator BC is the splitboard version of the Voile Revelator. The base of this board has XC-style fish scales, which the manufacturer calls their Voile Traction-Pattern Base. It's not a far cry from the textured design seen at the base of cross-country skis. The patterned section runs between the binding area

Best of all, the Hyper Vector BC adds a nordic-friendly fish scale base that's perfect for traversing over rolling terrain without putting on skins and taking them off again. Voile's most all-around ski platform, ideal for New England conditions. Early-rise camber profile means tip and tail rocker for quick and playful turns, paired. I picked up a pair of Scarpa Maestrale boots already. I can't decide between the Black Diamond Route 95 and the Voile Ultravector or Hypervector BC with Black Diamond skins. I really like the idea of scales, as we have 2 miles of rolling terrain on the runout after accessing more aggressive terrain

Voile Vector Ski. Voile started supplying Salt Lake City with solid lightweight backcountry skis in 1991. Their simple formula has been so successful that you can now find their skis all over the world. The basic recipe is this: make as lightweight as possible without compromising performance. Now that you know the secret, you can either. The modern gear specifically the Voile BC's have very little underfoot camber which may affect glide on the flats but overall ski the down decently and hike around decently too. However, these skis have scales which create friction with the snow and slows them down gliding down as compared Voile's signature Traction Pattern Base uses fish scales underfoot to give you traction and uphill capabilities on low-angle approaches, and while you may notice a slight amount of resistance on the descent, you'll be stoked not to have to whip your skins out for every little roller in sight The wide and light skis exert great leverage without the mass and stiffness to back it up. These are best kept to slow speeds when the firm is encountered. All the skis in the middle of the weight and width spectrum, like the Dynafit Beast 98, do pretty well. Powder Performance. All the skis we tested are a ton of fun in powder snow

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Basically I need to space the fish scales evenly - opting for a 15mm pitch - and pack the router base to tilt the bit. The bit is a square end 19mm job. Depth of cut is 0.75mm. the only Outlet in Oz that rents and sells Voile skis (AFAIK). Plus hire Annum a day to cover the narrower, Vic traily options too) Ski: 2015-16 Voile V6 BC (fishscale kicker) 183cm Binding: Rotteffela NTN Freedom Boot: Scarpa TX Pro Me: 6'2, 185#, 59 yrs old, Skiing for 45 yrs, Tele 20 yrs All skiing in Colorado in all types of conditions and terrain. I am not in the ski industry. I skied these skis inbounds several days just to get a lot of runs on them Voile V6, genotype of the perfect touring ski. Last April, I put Dynafit bindings on a pair of Voile V6 skis and headed up into the spring backcountry for some real ski testing. At 155 lbs, 6'-1, the 183's seemed to be a good fit. A bit of fresh snow on top of early corn formation, with morning temperature rising, left a variable mix VOILE TELEMARK MTN SKIS CLIMBING SNAKE SKINS- ALPINE 68MM WIDE VOILE MAKES THESE IN 3 SIZES- THESE ARE ALPINE SHORT 56MM x 180-200cm LONG 56MM x 195-205cm ALPINE 68MM x 190-205cm Made of plastic with grooves cut in the bottom. Snake Skins are stretched tight along the ski

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Voile makes all their skis in Salt Lake City, Utah. They've got a quick, flexible and economical process resulting in excellent planks that honor current trends in ski touring. For example, their V6 model is all time super with what in our opinion is just the right amount of rocker and width for Western North American ski touring I've been a fan of voile skis for some time. I've skied them in the past, the lady-friend skis a pair of drifters, and a buddy skis the charger. No direct comparison to the skis you are looking at, but voile's have been quite durable for me and my friends. Vector is going to be a cap construction, while the wailer 99 will be sidewalled We received prototypes of Voile's new Vector BC mounted with their rejuvenated 3-Pin Cable Telemark Binding a couple of weeks after we reviewed the innovative crop of wide, waxless skis available last year. The oversize fish-scale graphics gave it away: Voile has launched a waxless Vector. And save for the base, it's a Vector—the 2012 Editors' Choice winner—in every other way

Fishscale BC Skis. Other than the Voile Vector skis, what's out there? Other recommendations for yo-yo-ing mini golf laps? 17 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by The truly radical innovation on the ski is the fish scales underfoot. They allow for minor hill climbing, which can cut way back on the need for transitions. The V6's are known for their versatility already thanks to Voile's hybrid rocker profile so the fish scaling helps these skis up the ante BUY Voile V6 BC Skis. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. CampSaver. Free Shipping & Free Returns* As for the scales, you have to understand their limitations. You'll still need skins for steep stuff and they can slow you down on flat runouts, but worth the trade off after factoring in all the places you can scamper. Karhu XCD Traverse boot in Voile 3-Pin Telemark bindings. Another issue: My test skis, which are 185cm long and 68mm wide in the middle, did not support my weight in powder snow. On a ski straight.

The new Voile skis (Vector and Charger) are similar to shrunk down versions of the Drifter. You can get all the basics by clicking that link above so I'll cut to my opinions. Unfortunately my test pair was mounted with Fritschis so that probably skews my opinion a bit as I'm not a fan of that binding Browse the top selection Telemark Skiing Gear at Steep & Cheap. Find great deals on Telemark Skis, Boots, Bindings, Accessories, & More And that's exactly what they did—not for trout, bass or crappie—but by adding fish-like scales to its base, a feature we've dubbed the Voilé Traction-Pattern Base. The Voilé V6 BC represents Voilé's third foray into the domain of scaled-base skis, as preceded by the Vector BC and Charger BC

The free pivoting Voile Switchback Telemark Ski Binding has a separate tour and ski mode, enabling tour with zero heel resistance, then switch back into ski mode and rip down hill. In free pivot mode, the Switchback provides an easier, more efficient stride, and your tips won't dive when breaking trail. Included heel elevators and a light-weight design further help conserve energy on the up. black crowsCorvus Freebird Skis - Men's - 2020/2021. $899.95. (2) 2 reviews with an average rating of 1.0 out of 5 stars. Add Corvus Freebird Skis - Men's - 2020/2021 to The new heel lever is now on ALL Voile cable bindings. Switchback X2 MSRP: $299. Cable attachment back 1.125 inches. plus beefier springs. Click to enlarge. Though it is not in production yet and thus subject to change, Voile says the Switchback X2 weighs 1456 grams, or less than 3¼ pounds per pair. That's including all the screws and. 32 lightest skimo skis that are suitable for ski mountaineering and rando racing, and are currently on the market, heaviest being only 850 grams per ski. Technical specs (weight, side-cut) are from manufacturers' websites and other official or confirmed sources. Ski weight (half pair) is shown for the shortest available length that.


Product Info for Voile Vector BC Skis. With the addition of a traction pattern base underfoot, the ultra-lightweight Voile Vector BC is arguably the ultimate backcountry ski, capable of crushing long low angle approaches, technical terrain, and deep powder without breaking a sweat Fish scale pattern Voile skis. Photo courtesy of Voile. Just put on the skis and go! The disadvantage of the skis? They are slower going downhill than the waxable skis discussed below. The fish scales do create a noticeable drag vs waxable skis, too. And where a good pair of waxable skis can last a long time if taken care of, the fish scale.

Lighter (but still burly) Telemark ski setup put to test

Voile V6 BC Ski

Voile UltraVector BC Skis (fish Scales) $980 (Fort collins) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite this post. Jul 5 The Voile 3-Pin Cable Telemark Binding provides the best of both worlds when it comes to backcountry and resort skiing versatility. The toe piece is constructed with the same design as Voile's Heavy Duty 3-Pin Binding. The cable provides increased control when skiing downhill or breaking trail through less than ideal conditions

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Step out of the snowshoe and into the Raid Blade (not shown, $400), a 145-centimeter, wide-body cross-country ski with a fish-scale base and sharp metal edges that's perfect for downhills. The ski is a Falketind 62, 188 cm, weight at 180 cm 2040 grams,97-62-86. Mounted 3-pin cable, boot Alico Ski March. I bought this ski for two purposes, norpining leather boot..

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Align the 6 holes between the parts, then make If money were no object I would replace all of the Markers with the Attack 13s, not only for the weight but because the Attack 13 is SO much easier to get in and out of in soft snow and steep slopes. £180.00. Here, in a few lines, are the main families of LOOK bindings : The PIVOT binding is a mythical product, the reference in the world of. The fish scale is an excellent tool for when you when you want to glide through those long approaches before hitting the steep skin track. When Voile paired down their V8 into its more nimble counterpart the V6, it instantly became one of our favorite skis on the rack as a versatile daily driver I know of Voile skis, but what other skis should I consider that have scales/waxless pattern on them for skinless touring? I am a big guy at 6'3 and 275lbs so I am already limited by my size with what I can ski. As of right now, it looks like the best ski for what I want to do is the Voile BC Charger Product Information. Karhu catamount waxless skis, fish scales, lightweight, fast. 3 pin voile cable binding and black diamond ascension skins Snake Skins require no glue or adhesives, stretch them over your skis and secure with buckled straps; can be put on and taken off many times with ease. Small stuff bag included for easy storage and packing. Short skins fit 56 mm-wide skis 180 - 200cm long. Long skins fit 56mm-wide skis 195 - 215cm long. Made in USA

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Fish scaled skis? Also: dumb idea alert

But even for my bigger setup (Viole skis, like Dan) I like the fish scales. It is just a lot more fun to glide as much as possible, even if I end up putting on skins because the route gets steep. It is also fun to just ski down something — a little hole, if you will — knowing that it is very easy to get back up 0 bids. $12.80 shipping. Ending Apr 4 at 5:17PM PDT. 4d 18h. or Best Offer. Karhu Quanik waxless base skis 175cm. W/ Scott matrix poles 115cm Estonia USA. $199.95. Free shipping Asnes Nansen skis with Voile 3-pin Cable bindings. If you notice a slight bend in the skis, that's camera distortion, not the skis. Skis || Asnes Nansen. My skis are 200 cm long, have some camber, measure 76-56-66 at tip-waist-tail, and feature metal edges and waxable bases

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Free shipping on millions of items. Get the best of Shopping and Entertainment with Prime. Enjoy low prices and great deals on the largest selection of everyday essentials and other products, including fashion, home, beauty, electronics, Alexa Devices, sporting goods, toys, automotive, pets, baby, books, video games, musical instruments, office supplies, and more Great topic. I am a giant Voile fanboy. At the end of last winter when the Hyper-construction issues started to become apparent and they were no longer warrantee-ing the Hyper skis which had been mounted with tele I gave them a call and asked them point-blank if they were going to quietly walk away from telemark and bow down to tech and the answer was a definitive NO, so I am hopeful Black Diamond Cirque 78 Alpine Touring Skis. sale. Original price: $799.95 Current price: $598.36. Original price: $799.95 25% off. 1 color available

Looking for new ski touring setup (fish scales for

Rossignol's honeycombed tip and tail shed mass where it's vital—away from your body. As a result, it's effortless to throw the Soul 7 sideways in the trees or whenever you need to scrub speed Voile V6 BC 2017 ski review with bass or crappie—but by adding fish-like scales to its base, a feature we've dubbed the Voilé Traction-Pattern Base. The Voilé V6 BC represents Voilé's third foray into the domain of scaled-base skis, as preceded by the Vector BC and Charger BC. Admittedly, such skis are not for everyone or.

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Which skis for multi-days expedition? Voile V6? Rossi BC100? This is the World Famous TelemarkTalk / TelemarkTips Forum, by far the most dynamic telemark and backcountry skiing discussion board on the world wide web. We have fun here, come on in and be a part of it.. Voile UltraVector BC Skis (fish Scales) $980 (Fort collins ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite this post Jul 5 skis $100 (Loveland ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1. favorite this post Jul 5 Skis, Boots, Poles Never Use For kiting; Having a lightweight, great turning, floaty ski that you can kick and glide to the launch and get back to the launch with ease when the wind dies (or becomes lousy) is to me, imperative. I am soooo happy Voile made these skis. Fish scales that dont destroy the glide, are REALLY a nice addition, especially when they perform so well

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If it's over about 20-degrees, scales just won't cut it. The Vector BCs are awesome (go with a shorter ski for approaches than typical BC skis), so are the Rossignol BC scaled skis. Both have great shape and the scales work when the angle is low. I've brought them up on Denali, into the Canadian Rockies, Cascades, etc Voile UltraVector Touring Ski. 1 review Ask a Question. $695.00 USD. The SLC hometown heroes and backcountry gear purveyors at Voile have a new concoction. The new UltraVector utilizes the do it all mid 90's waist of the Vector, with a slightly softened flex and a quicker turn radius. This makes the UltraVector super nimble in tight spots such. Voile UltraVector BC Skis (fish Scales) $980 (ftc > Fort collins ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite this post Jul 5 skis $100 (ftc > Loveland ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1. favorite this post Jul 5 Skis, Boots, Poles Never Use

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$150 (den > Broomfield - Rossignol Skis Salomon Bindings) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $50. favorite this post Jul 6 Old wooden Skis Voile UltraVector BC Skis (fish Scales) $980 (ftc > Fort collins) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting ^ back to to Much shorter than regular skins so they'll have a little bit of grip but still maintain some glide. Fish-scales aka waxless skis are going to be the simplest solution though. Start Grip Tape is another thing that works ok. It grips well in varying conditions but doesn't glide as well as kick wax. 2

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For backcountry skiers who continually make long approaches over rolling terrain, the V6 BC Skis are a godsend. The traction patterns on the bases tackle low-angle approaches without climbing skins Backcountry skiing and snowboarding: gear reviews, tips, trip reports, and profiles. The Human Snow Conveyor. A strategy for shoveling snow with measurable improvement. Practicing how to locate a buried victim with an avalanche beacon has become common protocol in avalanche courses, and to a lesser extent, by private parties. However, Voile Vector BC + Ultra = The All New Voile UltraVector BC October 31, 2017 Ryan Leclerc Skis News, Products, Backcountry Skis, Telemark Skis, Voile Skis 0 For the 2017/2018 season, Voile's Vector BC backcountry ski gets the Ultra treatment. With a turnier radius and a more round flex, as well as mo.. 15-16 Volkl Aura Used Women's Demo Skis w/Bindings Size 163cm #347260. $200.00. $15.50 shipping. or Best Offer

Voile UltraVector BC Skis (fish Scales) $980 (Fort collins) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite this post Jul 5 skis $100 (Loveland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1. favorite this post Jul 5 Skis, Boots, Poles Never Use I was really interested in the Voile V6, but the scales has me at least looking into this ski. I generally like a small radius ski (non BC skis are atomic automatic, line prophet 98), so i don't think that something with this radius would suit my style of skiing The descent is a bit of a slog, however neither splitboarder nor other skier had to put skins back on their mode of transportation! I was on my Voile Objective BC skis which have scales and are basically made for the perfect conditions we had for this trip! The patterned base makes it very easy to climb the little hills on the way out