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My ex keeps calling the police on me. Close. 90. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. My ex keeps calling the police on me. I've been in a custody dispute forever. I've posted on here a couple times. My ex has escalated we have court-ordered co-parenting classes that the counselors felt I needed to have one-on-one counseling due to the trauma and. My spouse called the cops on me, what should I do? Don't panic but don't stay there. Cause what's going to happen is the police will arrest you and you will not have had an opportunity to lawyer up and call me. Generally what happens is that husband and wife for same sex partners or lovers get in to a little electrification and it happens To make it seem like you're the aggressor in the situation, being vindictive, hateful and also to build a possible case against you if they feel they need to. The narcissist sees you as all bad now and he/she is going to treat you that way. I advi.. The most essential thing is to keep a cool head. You need to be able to think clearly and to keep yourself safe at all times. If you feel that you're in imminent danger, call 911; if you believe that things have gone out of hand, you should report the harassment to the police together with the evidence you collected 2. Keep track of your ex's behavior. If the harassment gets worse, you might change your mind to see the authorities. They will need to know some details about your ex's exact behaviors. Keeping track of them, even writing them down, is a good idea in case you feel their attempts at contacting you may turn violent

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7 ways to keep your ex from contacting you for good. Here are some of the steps you can take to ensure that your ex gets the clear message that you want to go into the no contact phase. #1 Say it right from the breakup. When couples break up, what you usually talk *or fight* about is the fact that you no longer want to be with each other Seeing your ex's name pop up on your phone can produce a visceral reaction, like the one Glantz mentioned above. Your stomach drops, your heart starts beating faster, your palms get sweaty. Sometimes, it's a rush of excitement. Other times, it's a feeling of validation (OK, they do still miss me after all). It can feel really good to hear. Thomas. I to Am in a situation .My wife of. 5 happy yrs. So I thought. Has charged me with a felony DV.haven't gone to Court yet.But she has the entire time been seeing this guy whom I know and worked for his dad for a long time.now we all have a past and so do I.I made a mistake yrs ago and was charged with felonychild abuse..It was a bad situation because the child who stood 6ft1inch y. I was arrested for harassment, and that was the good part. The lowest point of my life was the wake-up call I needed. And it might be the wake-up call you need, too. In the autumn of 1998, I broke.

KEEP YOUR COOL! Don't do or say anything you will regret later. When I was going through my divorce my ex accused me of calling her 50-100 times a day. It was an easy fix, I gave all my phone records to the Guardian Ad Litem. If the ex crosses the line you may have to call the police. Hopefully it wont come to that I know surveillance through HVAC engineering can be done but I don't know how, I am not a computer engineer. Finally, I also have electricity that connects to my phone and WiFi. This has happened in two homes that are not smart homes — one is from the 1980s. In my case, my ex took everything, including my kids, and keeps stalking me. The.

If your ex is stalking you, get the police and courts involved as soon as you begin to feel concerned. Stalking is a serious crime and you are entitled to protection. Just as you would if you were dealing with domestic violence, make sure people around you know what's going on and can support you One of my ex's threatened to kill himself on the regular. I knew he wouldn't do it and that it was all talk, but it still frightened me that he thought he could manipulate me into getting back together with him by telling me he was going to kill himself. I was in college and really was against being in a relationship Came to my apartment and I met him outside with my dog to get my keys (that he stole when he broke in one time). He started screaming at me and physically hurting me. I tried to call 911 and he took my phone and smashed it into the ground. I got away and ran for help My mother in law is mentally unstable, and when she gets mad at me or her son she calls CPS. She states that our house is unsanitized, and we don't have any food. She also states to the workers that we don't give our oldest son the care that he needs (he is aspergers). We work very closely with the doctor on his syndrome

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My ex (19) keeps calling me (18) from a private number. Ask the Police (England & Wales) So last year I (18) broke up with this incredible toxic girl (19). She now claims to have a baby and a husband, which i basically know is bull shit for a lot of reasons. The main reason I know it's bull is because she keeps calling me using a private number My client's younger kids usually respond by wanting to show the police their toys or their room. It's a bit more challenging with older kids who understand more. Ask the police for a copy of the report or call. Ask the police if there's anything else you can do if this becomes a repeat occurrence. Start saving your money to go back to court my ex broke up with me nearly a month ago now. he's said he wants to be friends and replies to my texts but i am took scared to call. i don't know if it is too early or not. freddymercury on April 12, 2020: Hi all. After reading this article and while reading it getting a private call (most likely from my ex), I decided to share my story I explained my habit of walking on eggshells because my old neighbor used to call the cops all the time for no reason. Their response: We won't call the cops on you if you don't call the cops on us when we occasionally have a bunch of drunk sailors in the back yard

For me, calling the police is a legitimate part of the solution. But she keeps my grandkids away from me and I end up forgetting so I can see my grandkids. DawnDerry. My ex wife of 8 years calls the police to me and my 3 children who we share 50%:50% all the time He knew the stress put on me by my ex-husband when he did it, so he made a copy-cat call. This man has also contacted my place of work, and keeps driving and stopping past my house. I today reported him to the police, who have dealt with it and warned him that any more harassment personally or via a third party or calling anyone to do with me. Baiting - Your ex creates some kind of drama to make you contact them e.g. send you a text, email or call saying they have something important to tell you, they're going through something and need you (for emotional support) etc. Most people if they have something important to tell you just come out right and tell you what it is

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I decided to keep holding down the buttons, as a timer counted down on the SOS function, thinking that maybe when it got to zero my phone would restart. Instead, it started calling 911 Something was used that scatched the paint off my car down where you step in the car. I've tried calling the police regarding the in home harassment, but, the police come out, leave, and the shenanigans continue. It really does me no good to call the police, as they're involved, and are part of the problem

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The obsessive ex, love, and murder. The obsessive ex, love, and murder. It's purely a matter of willpower that keeps us in touch with our family and One of my clients once told me about. My ex was a master at The Cell Phone Game and I repeatedly called him on it, prompting him to play the game even harder and with more sinister intent. It took me a while but as the years passed and I caught on to the Game, I was able to predict his next move simply by watching how he interacted with his cell phone The role of a police officer is to keep the community safe. Calling the police to your home to scold your child prevents them from doing their job. The Outcome Might Be Out of Your Hands . When you call the police, you may not have control over how they respond. Their response will depend on your child's age and the severity of the issue What you're requesting is typically called a Civil Standby. A good way to go about requesting one is to contact your local Constable's office and ask what you need to do to get one. Sometimes they'll do it for you, or they may refer you to anoth.. Is it a sign that my ex still loves me if he keeps calling me? My ex-girlfriend sent me a cute text message. Does that mean she still likes me and wants to get back with me? He lied to me about moving on and hooking up with a new girl. Why would he do this? Find answers to all these questions and more

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It has been my experience when working with clients that the underlying issue with people who are continually going back to court is the need to get even with or, get revenge on an ex-spouse. There is either the spouse who refuses to follow through on an agreement in an attempt to get back at their ex-spouse or the spouse who withholds child. Over seven years i have put up with this neighbor, who can steal/ threaten me and make my life a living hell. after him telling me what he was going to do to me i called the cops. and the young cop tells me it dont mean nothing at all. i went out and brought me a 38 special to carry with me.I also got a box of Critical defense I know carry it. Keeping Records of Harassment. Each time your ex harasses you, experts recommend saving the evidence. Whether you get repeated emails, text messages or phone messages, save them; if you don't have physical evidence, write down all the details (such as My ex showed up and sat in the parking lot outside my office from 11:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Well Jose Reyes keeps texting me a lot and calling me a lot to and he is Harassing me by calling me with different numbers to. Anonymous on June 24, 2017: My ex friend used to message my husband and I trying to get us to separate. And after I had blocked her on all forms of communication she got a hold of his number and started harassing him Mother fucking Washington state police told me flat out that because my babies dad is ex military and so are both the cops it was just my lucky day, I guess, that they were flat out giving him a get out of jail free card and he believes that it is very real and he is untouchable so the cops tell me they take me to jail I get out first thing in.

Before resorting to calling the police, the usual first steps are to try calling your neighbor, or (if personal contact won't endanger your own safety) knocking on the door to make a polite request. Start with an assumption that the neighbors' intentions are good. Experts recommend that in you start by finding common ground If you're a victim of abuse, you are not alone, and you can still get help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides resources for those trying to flee abuse during the COVID-19 lockdown. You can go to www.thehotline.org or call 800-799-SAFE (7233) for assistance. You can also text LOVEIS to 22522 for help hi u av very good case riong polcie asap hun, my ex same, he actually follwed me twice, sittin in my garden for me, followin me to schoolparkion down the road then runnin towards me, he as put me in hospital once, he as ad 2 harassment orders against him, ive ad closed my facebook account, he kept putin fake profiels up, i new it was him, ,making threats against my friends, he ad to take. Even spam may be considered harassing texts, but these aren't the kind in which to call the police, and if you do, don't expect any action to be taken in the near future. The harassing texts police follow up on tend to be those that endanger health, safety, and welfare. Before contacting the police, ask the sender to stop sending them

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Believe in yourself honey, we women stronger than man can think, to me I got enough with name calls, my parents never called me anything but just the man I meet half of my life should he do that, I will not keep up with that, there is not love, someone that love each other will never put his love one down especially you have 5 kids with him,. Keep a clear record somewhere of all messages, calls and events that take place. Make sure you include the date, time and nature of what happened. This is important so that if further action is needed there is a clear history of what has happened since the end of the relationship How Domestic Abusers Weaponize the Courts. After a breakup, litigation is often a way for harassers to force their victims to keep seeing them. When the phone rang one evening in June 2016, D. My ex left me 3 weeks ago after 8 1/2 years together. He's told me he's moved on and to have no contact with him and told me do not try and win me back. Now says he doesn't love me anymore. He keeps sending me texts. Told me he still cared for me. He changes his mind like the wind, one min he wants to try again and the next he wants to be. The easiest thing to do is get a lawyer to intermediate and head them off. Let me talk to them for you. If you get a phone message from a police officer asking to speak to you about a crime, call me immediately. As your attorney, I can call them back and be your intermediary so they won't keep calling you

Regular cell phone contact and video chats are ideal for this. Parent and child are entitled to private communications without interference from the other parent. Examples of interference include a parent's refusal to answer the phone, refusing to let the child or others answer, or denying access by blocking the other parent's calls Of course, before you call the police, you should discuss the matter with the unwelcome house guest and ask them to leave, involving the police only if the interloper refuses to depart. Of course, sometimes the police do not like to get involved in such matters, seeing it more as a lover's quarrel or non-criminal domestic dispute, or the person. cops don't care about kids; when i was a kid, the cops came to my house all the time and they never cared about what i had to say. i told my mother this and she told me a very interesting story that HE NEVER told me. when he was a kid, my mother and a family friend were babysitting him. they told him to do his homework, but he wouldn't do it A Restraining Order. If your ex poses a threat to you, you can ask the police or your local court for a restraining order. In most states, if you have a compelling case, a judge will issue a temporary restraining order directing your ex to leave your residence and stay away from you. This can often be accomplished without your ex even appearing.

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Ever since my husband was awarded full custody of his child due to mom and stepdad physically abusing my stepchild where cops and ambulance were called by a neighbor, My husbands ex and her spouse for the past 5 years have continuously called child protection services with false accusations about me, my husband, and my own biological children. Here are four tips to keep in mind if you ever fall victim to a fake 911 call: Remain calm. Though you may be caught off guard when the police show up in response to a fake or malicious 911 call, it's crucial that you keep a level head and remain calm. Don't rush out, make sudden movements, or start shouting Woman Calls The Cops After Neighbors Steal Her Cat But The Consequence Is More Than She Expected. 144 cities could lose metropolitan area status. Cuomo Says 'No Way' He'll Quit After New. Non-legal solutions for access to children - discussion, counselling and mediation. If your partner is not allowing you access to the children, below are some initial strategies you can pursue to try to rectify the situation. Talk to the other party in a safe environment and express your concerns Child protective services receives calls from vindictive ex spouses all the time. While a call from a social worker may make you nervous, this is part of the game your ex might play to try and prove you are a bad parent. If you are called by a social worker after an allegation of abuse or neglect is filed, stay calm

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Usually the police file reports for 9-1-1 calls. They do not always file a report every time they are called. If you call the police, ask them to file a report. Ask for a copy. Anytime a crime is committed you can ask the police to file a police report. If you did not call the police at the time of the assault, you can call them later and ask. My Ex Keeps Trashing Me to the Kids! What Should I Do? It takes practice, but you can learn to address misinformation about you (and redress the emotional damage it causes) without resorting to counterattacks or pulling your kids into an alliance against their other parent How to Deal with an Ex-Spouse Withholding Child Visitation Non-custodial parents should keep track of the dates and times of missed visitation in a calendar, written journal, or electronic document. or for a period of time beyond the visitation schedule because the custodial parent will probably call the police and have the non.

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  1. My ex is a heavy drinker. Will that help me get custody? Possibly, but it depends what you mean by heavy drinker. If it can be shown that the other parent's drinking prevents them from properly caring for the child, puts the child in danger, or keeps them from parenting effectively, then it may be a factor
  2. And my wife doesn't want show me my child's. I got 2 child 3.5 years and near 2 years. I would like to see them regularly and make sure there are fine but she isn't want. What I need to do see my kids now. She have a bad habit little argument she keep calling police and telling lie about me
  3. Tweet. The thought of your ex partner taking your children is the worst nightmare of many parents, and so if it happens, understandably it is a very emotional and stressful time. Many people turn to the police for help to return their children, but how much the police can help is very dependent upon your personal situation
  4. If your ex-partner is threatening you with violence then there is a more serious offence of harassment with fear of violence or stalking involving fear of violence or serious alarm or distress. For the first offence to be committed, a person must engage in a course of conduct which amounts to harassment and causes another to fear that on at.
  5. A phone call from an unknown person is a warning that you can break relations with your friend in the heat of anger. And if you answered the call from a stranger, you will have difficulty communicating with someone from your friends.. Seeing a phone call from a man who is deceased in reality, such plot should not scare you away.It predicts renewal of old connections
  6. This is called a pretextual phone call, and it is completely within the detectives' rights during an investigation. The detectives will tell the person who is calling you to make promises such as We can get back together if you just tell me the truth or I need to hear the truth; so the victim can get closure and move on

You can reach out to the court to obtain a restraining order against your ex-spouse, preventing him or her from contacting you or your children. You can also call the local authorities and file a police report against your ex-spouse. Recognizing Harassment. Harassment includes broader actions, which include verbal abuse Question: My ex-girlfriend says it's over and there is no chance for us but she is still calling me and says things like it's a shame it turned out like this and I saw you today and you looked sad. Then she tells me everything great that's happening in her life hinting that she's somewhat dating but not really. It has been dragging on for about 8 weeks which is since the time we broke up

An abusive partner or ex may be able to track you in detail through a secret app installed on your phone, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission warned Monday. Surveillance apps are designed to be. So was my hairdresser. So was my ex, many of them, yet accused me of being so (even though it was them more than me, but they had some logic since I inherited the traits from family). Then there was my ex-friend's girlfriend who was manipulating him before they even got together, and he wouldn't listen, the fool

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  1. If you feel you are in immediate danger, don't hesitate to contact the police. Calling 911 or the non-emergency police dispatch line in your area are always options, as it's better to be safe than sorry. Whether you're walking or driving and feel you're being followed, it's important to stay safe
  2. If you are a victim of harassment, you should contact the police. When the calls come in, make a note of the gender of the caller, the description of the caller's voice, the time and date of the call (s), what was said in the call (s), and an estimate of the caller's age. If the police can identify the caller and find sufficient evidence, they.
  3. Since then I've been only able to keep my oldest son with me over night with a reoccurring pattern. 1 Week w/ mother - I get little to no contact with them / / 1 Week w/ me - Threats of calling police or taking him back if she doesn't talk to him everyday // 1-4 weeks w/ mom and I'm unable to get into contact with her due to being blocked b/c.
  4. 1. Speak to a victim advocate. Call a crisis hotline and speak to someone who can help you learn more about stalking laws in your location, help you develop some strategies to stay safe, and refer you to other services. One number to call is the Victim Connect Resource Center at 855-4-VICTIM
  5. d, this may mean 6:30 p.m., but your ex considers it to be 5:00 p.m
  6. When she scolds me, mom and sometimes my younger sister, blame me for it when I know first thing that I did not do anything wrong. I absolutely hate fighting with my household family but they give me no other choice. They call me rude for no reason and threaten to disown me or call the cops on me and shove me into a jail cell for no reason

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My husband is otherwise a nice person but he is rude almost all the time. When he is good to me its like everything is really good but the problem is that he keeps verbally abusing all the time. He constantly tells me I am worthless, good for nothing, calls me names without any reason Call the Police. The first thing you should do any time someone violates a restraining order is call the police. Don't engage with your ex if you can avoid it, and don't try to handle the situation yourself. You filed a restraining order for a reason: to get the law on your side, so use it. Even if your ex does not attack you or get violent.

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  1. Hi. It is a form of harassment. My ex was really nasty when I decided to divorce him and harassed me through text messages, phone calls and in person. My advice would be to get an appointment with CAB in the first instance (a solicitor may be better but will probably charge you). I had to keep a diary of all of his behaviour over the course of.
  2. My ex wife even lied to the Police to spite me and they believed her allegation initially, but I fought to clear my name and was eventually successful and even received an apology from the chief inspector. A transcript from the police shows a call made by my ex wife during the divorce telling them of a recent assault which was completely untrue
  3. My ex narcissist girlfriend keeps contacting me. I have ask her to leave me alone, she says she will and two days later I get a text. Then I'm right back to thinking she loves me. A few days ago I thought it's been a couple of days since I've heard from her so I texted her Good Morning. She went off on me
  4. Until a court says otherwise, your husband has as much legal right to live in your house as you do. Changing the locks on the family home so your husband doesn't have access is not a viable solution to domestic unrest. He can call the police -- and the authorities will likely inform you that unless you have a.
  5. d the bruises I was sporting. My heart hurts for you all
  6. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is highly associated with verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, and/or domestic violence often suffered by those who are non-borderline. Recent findings suggest that further research is necessary to better understand the association and differentiation between psychological.
  7. 4. Always keep your distance from your ex. If at all possible, put as much physical distance as you can between yourself and the stalker. Change your address, phone number, email accounts, cell phone number, enlist the kids in a new school, find a new job, get a new credit card, open a new bank account

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  1. An obsessed ex-boyfriend keeps 'coincidentally' turning up at the places you like to go. call the police on triple zero; My phone number was leaked and used against me. Here's what to do.
  2. al matter and they won't assist you. Ask Your Own Legal Question
  3. While he was threatening to call police on me because he got a little scratch on his bare shoulder as evidence if it hadn't been for my girl friend who was a psychologist who just so happened to be arriving in the driveway too at the same time for a visit who later wrote to the 1st court appointed psychologist what she had witnessed and if it.
  4. i know exactly what your going through. it broke my heart when at the trial of our divorce the judge awarded custody of 3 of 4 children to my ex husband not because he wanted to but because he could provide for tem . something i couldnt do. but the judge awarded visitaion that i get all the kids the first 3 weekend out of the month and he gets to see my oldest daughter the last weekend of the.

I keep getting calls/ messages from a differant person /# every time that they are giving me a chance t make aup a reduced portion on my student loan , just call them back. I have had a Gov. Pell Grant , which i didnt think was to be paid back but have never had a student loan Call the police. Contact the police agency in the county where your child is being held and where you have already filed all your judgments and orders to enlist their help. Have a printed copy of the order when you contact the police. If an officer is faced with an unclear court order, s/he is unlikely to get involved Hi my name is Vicky my ex boyfriend finished with me a while ago now, but we being in contact for a good week or so, he being messaging me every day this week and I just got off the phone with him for an hour talking to him, he is coming to have a meal with me on Wednesday night to sort everything out, we split-up because other people where. Reporting Someone to Social Services. Every year more than 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection agencies involving more than 6.6 million children (a referral can include multiple children). And less than half of child abuse cases will never be reported because neighbors, friends, and relatives are often too nervous or afraid to contact social services and stop the abuse Psychological and emotional abuse is hard to prove in court. This is what makes me crazy and why these abusers get away with it. My advice is to keep a diary of what he is doing. Do not let him take the child if it is upsetting them. Call the police if he starts abusing you verbally especially if it's in front of the children

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  1. You and your ex need to figure out what is in the best interests of your boys. Hopefully, you can together create a plan identifying a weekend and overnight schedule including pick up and drop off details, while also addressing special occasions or unique situations, such as birthdays, holidays, and school vacations
  2. After that the State Police were called in to attempt to apprehend my ex-husband. After that call was made a police officer from my ex-husband's town called to warn me that I would be arrested for phone harassment if I continued to call to my ex-husband's mother-in-law's residence
  3. The day after we had dinner together the police called me and asked if I knew where my car was. (it was in my name and I was insuring it as a favor to him, according to his blog he had left your house to meet me so I could insure it for him, all the while leading me to believe he still loved me) The police told me where it was parked with the.
  4. So call the police if you think you're in danger. Call the police if you're assaulted. And keep calling the police until they do something. Until your child stops hurting you or your property. Related content: When to Call the Police on Your Child. If you're frightened, make sure you don't have weapons in the house