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Avoid the Mess, Time & Cost of a Major Remodel with Kitchen Saver Cabinet Refacing! Choose Your Savings! Get $750 in Free Upgrades or Take 10% Off. For Limited Time Only Easily Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets with our Step-by-Step Guide & Supplies List How to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding. We painted our kitchen cabinets in a week for under $150, without sanding. I show you all the supplies needed..

This video shows you exactly how I repainted my old varnished oak kitchen cabinets. I gave my kitchen a whole new look for $250All of the supplies I used can.. Visit my blog for more DIY and Crafty goodness: https://afreshsqueezedlife.com/Find the full tutorial here: https://afreshsqueezedlife.com/2018/01/29/diy_wo.. Hey Gang! I'm excited to be sharing a detailed video of how I paint kitchen cabinets without sanding with my favorite DIY painting hack that saves me TIME an..

Host Kevin O'Connor helps a homeowner refinish his kitchen cabinets. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: http://bi.. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming. Removes dirt and grime. Use a cleaning pad to clean each surface of the box thoroughly with a degreasing detergent to remove dirt and grime. Apply liquid degreaser. Tag the doors + remove the hardware. Clean the interior Make sure you've masked off areas in the kitchen you don't want to get paint on. Apply bond coat with a 2 synthetic brush in the direction of the grain. (Make sure to smooth out any drips on edges before they dry.) Apply bond coat to cabinet frames. Let the bond coat dry for 2 hours. Apply second coat and let dry for about 2 hours Options for Painting Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding. There are several options for painting cabinets by hand. In this post I am talking about hot to paint kitchen cabinets with a brush or roller, not with a sprayer. I don't have a sprayer and didn't want to pay anyone to do the job. So spray painting these cabinets was not an option for me

If you're skipping the sanding process, using a satin enamel paint will offer the best finish and most durability for your kitchen cabinets. However, if you choose a latex paint without sanding, scrub your cabinets with a sponge and damp cloth to remove all residue. Next, use a degreaser like dish soap for an extra cleanse Here's how to paint a vinyl or laminate cabinet without sanding. Remove cabinet fronts, drawers, and any hardware on the surface. Spray Velvet Finishes' Ready, let sit a few minutes and wipe off. Use a good paintbrush or roller and start with a light coat of Colour. You may notice the paint looks splotchy or watery with the first coat on a. If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets without sanding, start by pulling the drawers out and using a drill to remove any hinges or hardware. Once these pieces are removed, apply a degreaser to the doors and frames with a scrubbing sponge and wipe down all of the components with a cloth soaked with water I accidentally painted over file cabinets without sanding or deglossing and it is not passing the scratch the paint test. It is peeling off when I dig at it with my fingernail. My question is: I really love these louvered file cabinets and want to save them

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  1. The best paint for paint cabinets is Emerald urethane trim enamel latex so grab your 2 1/2″ sash firm paintbrush and start applying the latex paint. Depending on how dark the stain was under your oil-based paint you will at least need to apply two coats. Maybe even three coats but rarely. Once you have applied one coat of the latex paint wait.
  2. Don't Go Overboard on Sanding. You should sand cabinets before beginning your how to paint kitchen cabinet project to give the new paint a good surface to grip. But you don't need to sand to bare wood.. If your cabinets have a factory finish, sand lightly with 120-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge
  3. How to paint your kitchen cabinets without sanding. My kitchen was a bit dated. The honey colored cabinets weren't cutting it any more. But the biggest hindrance to the kitchen was the granite color. We are considering this Phase 1 of our kitchen remodel and won't be replacing the counter this year
  4. Step 1: Paint the Cabinet Frames. On the cabinet frames, work from the inside out. If you're painting the inside of the cabinets, start at the back and work toward the front. Use a brush to get into corners and detailed areas. It's important to use even strokes and finish back into the wet primer
  5. Rather than renovating your entire kitchen, give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Painting cabinets can take away a lot of effort; however, it becomes much easier when you do not have to worry about sanding the cabinet. Instead of sanding, you can use a deglosser before painting the cabinets
  6. Set up a Temporary Kitchen. Painting your cabinets means taking a vital room completely off-line. Plan ahead: Set up a kitchen in a nearby room with a hot plate, a toaster oven, and a cooler to serve as a fridge during the project. Oh, and use paper plates. Steps for Painting Cabinets 1. Prep the roo
  7. i roller. Gently roll over any overlapping brush marks or paint drips to smooth the surface

How To Paint Cabinets Without Sanding. Rust-Oleum's Cabinet Transformation Kit has everything you need to complete your project, including the scrub pad and cloths, along with the deglosser, bond coat (paint), decorative glaze (this is an optional step that I skipped), and protective top coat. A how-to video is also included This is the first step in refinishing a piece to bring it to your style. Make sure it is solid and functional and the aesthetics will come later! 2. Clean Thoroughly. The next step to restoring wood furniture without sanding is to clean the piece thoroughly. I like to use TSP, which is a heavy duty cleaner Remove doors and drawers. Wipe down cabinets around the stove with a TSP based cleaner to remove grease. Apply a liquid deglosser to remove the varnish. Prime and paint. Tasha from designertrapped.com did a fantastic job of painting her kitchen cabinets without sanding. Check out her results below and read about the full project details here Kitchen cabinets are naturally exposed to a ton of dirt, crumbs, grease, and moisture in their everyday use, so you need to give the kitchen cabinet doors a very good clean before you paint them. After all, painting over dirt/grease will look cheap and won't leave that nice satin finish we're after Painted Wood Paneling Method 1 - Brush method. This is one way many people like to paint their wood paneling because of the simplicity involved in it, which will be discussed below. Let's get started: 1) Choose your preferred color and prepare all that is needed such as the painting surface, roller covers, brush, trays for cleaning and.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming. Remove Any Dirt and Grime. Using a scrubbing sponge, thoroughly wipe down each cabinet surface with a grease-cutting cleaner, making sure to remove all dirt and grime. Apply Liquid Deglosser. Label Doors + Remove Hardware. Clean Out the Inside. Paint the Back Give the surface a very light scuff with the sanding block. Use a tack cloth to wipe away all the sanding dust from the surface. Use a foam brush to apply the gel stain in the direction of the wood grain. Wait 24 hours then apply a sealing finish using a foam brush. Follow with another coat in 6-8 hours. Reader Interactions

Of course, no matter how easy it is to paint cabinets, there has always been that pesky step of sanding. I don't know about you, but sanding is my least favorite part of any project - it takes forever, it always leaves my shoulders sore the next day, and I just plain don't wanna do it How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding Or Priming Step By Step Kitchen Diy Makeover Kitchen Cabinets Diy Kitchen . Instead of sanding save time and money by pouring some liquid deglosser onto a washcloth and wipe each cabinet down using small circular motions How can I paint my kitchen cabinets without sanding? How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming. Removes dirt and grime. Use a cleaning pad to clean each surface of the box thoroughly with a degreasing detergent to remove dirt and grime. Apply liquid degreaser. Tag the doors + remove the hardware. Clean the interior. Paint your back

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  1. Instead of sanding, save time and money by pouring some liquid deglosser onto a washcloth and wipe each cabinet down using small, circular motions. Label Doors + Remove Hardware. Before removing, label each cabinet door with painter's tape. Then, remove all hinges and hardware using a power drill or screwdriver. Clean Out the Inside
  2. g DIY. Apply a liquid deglosser to remove the varnish. It is a much less strenuous and much faster alternative to sanding furniture to remove varnish or lacquer. Remember always paintprime the back side first so the fronts have less of a chance to get messed up After the first coat of paint.
  3. Homepage » Home Decor » DIY Projects » How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding. Posted: Feb 10, 2017 · Updated: Jan 15, 2021 by Jenna Shaughnessy · This post may contain affiliate links · 14 Comment
  4. Easy How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding Repurpose Life Painting Kitchen Cabinets Diy Kitchen Cabinets Painting Kitchen Remodel Small . We used Fusion Mineral Paint Tough Coat on the upper Raw Silk cabinets. How to change color of kitchen cabinets without sanding. Pick a light grey or a nice white to go on your walls. 5 Once the paint.
  5. Steps for refinishing kitchen cabinets. 1. Make a sketch of the kitchen cabinets, then identify each door and drawer with a number. 2. Place a small strip of masking tape onto each door and drawer, then mark the strips with the corresponding number shown on the sketch. 3. Use a cordless drill to unscrew all the doors from the cabinets. 4.
  6. Can you paint kitchen cabinets without sanding? While painting kitchen cabinets is a relatively easy and cheap way to update your kitchen, unfortunately, you can't just whack paint on and hope for the best. First, you have to check your kitchen cabinets can be painted. If you have solid wood kitchen cabinets doors you are good to go

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(Please ignore our kitchen rug. It got so dirty and paint-covered in the painting process. This one is on the way from Target.) How to paint cabinets without sanding - Liquid deglosser is key! I did a ton of YouTube research and liquid deglosser (or liquid sander) can be safer and less time-consuming than sanding How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets the Right Way without Sanding Posted on Published: June 9, 2016 By: Author [email protected] Categories Builder Grade to Modern Farmhouse , Home Projects , Painting and Refinishing Furniture 101 , Painting Laminate Furniture and Cabinets

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Check out the before and after photos of this kitchen makeover. You'll love this cabinet door painting hack with step by step instructions for painting your cabinets like a pro without sanding and stripping, so check out how to update your dark kitchen on a budget with some white paint. #diy #kitchencabinets #paintin To paint kitchen cabinets without sanding or stripping, clean them with a trisodium phosphate solution, followed by cleaning with detergent and scuff with sandpaper

Step 1: Flat Surfaces and Space to Dry. A flat painting surface is the key to refinishing kitchen cabinets. Remove all drawers and doors, and don't forget to remove any hardware. Then find an area that gives you enough room to work—and enough space to let everything dry for extended periods of time. Step 2: Prep Let it dry according to the wood filler directions before proceeding to the next step. 5. Sand the cabinet surfaces. Sanding scuffs up the surface of the cabinet and opens up the pores of the. Step 4: After sanding, wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust or residue. Primer and paint won't stick to dust. After wiping, allow the surface to dry before moving on to primer. Step 5: When painting kitchen cabinets you should always use a primer first. Primer will help protect your cabinets, and it will also create a. If you are planning to paint your cabinets, you can choose any high-quality semi-gloss paint. You want semi-gloss or gloss to make sure that you can easily clean and wipe down the cabinets as they get dirty with the normal kitchen grime and grease. You will also need the secret weapon for painting without sanding: Zinsser's BIN Primer. This. Regularly tighten hardware to prevent it from contributing to a paint chipping problem. Sometimes the paint on kitchen cabinets peels behind closed doors — literally. If there's paint on the back of the cabinet door that sticks to the paint on the cabinet exterior, eventually the paint will weaken and peel off completely

So I'm going to tell you, as someone who been painting for 20 years and who has been making a living at it since 2016, how to paint your kitchen cabinets by yourself in a way that will be able. Average Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets. The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets ranges from $900 to $3,800.Professional painters charge $3 to $10 per square foot of painting surface area or $50 to $100 per door.Costs depend on the cabinet layout and size, the painting method, the condition of the cabinets, and labor costs

Buy now: Rust-Oleum Kitchen Cupboard Paint in All Green, £22.99 for 750ml, Very. 1. Clean all surfaces. Photo credit: Rust-Oleum. Before you begin painting, give your kitchen cupboards a good clean with a detergent to remove any dirt and grease. Allow to dry. 2 Without this step, the finish won't last as long and could appear uneven. Use medium 100 to 120 grit sandpaper and rub it all over the front and sides of the cabinets — basically anywhere that. Chalk paint is different from regular paint in several ways. You can paint over most clean and dry surfaces without pre-sanding. It distresses easily for an aged, vintage look. Chalk paint has a thicker consistency so is a little less messy to apply and covers rough surfaces more smoothly

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  1. Step 6: Sanding your Kitchen Cabinets And, on to my second least favorite step — sanding. The good news is that this project is like a half marathon—the middle is by far the worst part and then even though there's so much more to do (and it ain't always fun), it all seems to be ok because you're getting closer and closer to the finish.
  2. How to Prep and Paint Kitchen Cabinets (Without Sanding) I'm going share exactly what I did to prep and paint my cabinets and why they have held up so well. First, I removed all the doors and hardware. Next, I wiped everything down using a Liquid Sander! This product is great because it lightly strips the glossy finish off of any wood.
  3. Steps to painting furniture without sanding. Use a liquid de glosser or liquid sandpaper to rough up the surface and clean it really well. Make sure to finish cleaning the surface with a tack cloth or lint free cloth. Use at least one coat of primer. Finish with your favorite paint product
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In this post I share my top 7 tips & tricks for how to update wood cabinets and bring your outdated kitchen to life. Painting cabinets is not an easy task. We're talking hours, days, even weeks to complete a set of kitchen cabinets. If you can paint your kitchen cabinets in a matter of days then 1) you're a super hero or 2) you obviously. 3. You might be able to skip manual sanding before painting kitchen cabinets. Wiping down all of the painting surfaces with soapy water is an important first step to remove caked-on dirt and. Before the kitchen makeover: 1980s brown and yellow. I started by taking out the old appliances and replacing with new. The microwave was then installed over the range, and the cabinets were moved up to accommodate the size I needed and add exhaust. Later, the cabinets were painted in a two-tone style ( white uppers, gray lowers ), the floor. How to Fill Holes in Cabinets the Right Way! Use a putty knife to apply the wood filler. Use the same putty knife to scrape off as much of it as you can while still leaving some around the hole to help it set up. Leave it alone for a day or so to let it dry. Use an ELECTRIC HAND SANDER to sand the dried wood putty Sanding is often one of the first steps in renovating kitchen cabinets, whether you plan to paint or stain the wood to brighten and restore it. Sanding creates a smooth cabinet surface, gets rid of minor scratches and prepares the wood to better absorb the new finish. Proper sanding is necessary to get a smooth final coat of paint or stain

Last summer, I tackled the project of painting my worn, outdated kitchen cabinets. I'm super happy with the results, but oof. It was a big project, and I'm glad I won't have to do this again soon! I don't have a huge kitchen, but it still was a really time consuming project, and having my kitchen taken apart was a little bit inconvenient DIY painting kitchen cabinets using Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint and Matte FinishBungalow 47 Furniture Paint You can do a couple cabinets at a time so you're not without cabinet doors for too long. It took me about 2 days to do all mine (and I had a lot!) but I had the help of my lovely husband and a babysitter. (hello sanding!). Take. Sandpaper: I recommend several different sandpaper grits for the various steps in the cabinet painting process: 100-150 for sanding after cleaning, 220 grit in between primer and paint, and 400 for in between coats of paint (if necessary). If you are using an electric sander, make sure to get sandpaper sheets that work with your particular sander How to restore kitchen cabinets without painting. Let wax stand for at least 20 minutes and then wipe off all the excess. Let wax stand for at least 20 minutes and then wipe off all the excess. Now if your old kitchen cabinets didnt have any minor scratches and no major damage then FEED-N-WAX would be a better option Allow the paint to dry, then re-install all hardware, and hang your brand-new (in appearance, anyway!) kitchen cabinets. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming Give your old cabinets a makeover and change the entire look of your kitchen with just a fresh coat of paint

Home » Best Primer For Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding In 2021 When choosing the best primer for your kitchen cabinets everybody has their own preferences. Personally, I think the best bonding primer for painting kitchen cabinets is an oil-based primer for various reasons Lamentations aside, let's chat about DecoArt Satin Enamels. This is the product I used on my Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets (No Sanding!) project. I loved the easy process and the durable finished product, and I still do. If you can get your hands on DecoArt products, this is absolutely my favorite product for cabinet painting projects It doesn't require sanding is a very easy to apply. So if you are not a regular DIYer like me, you'll still get great results! First, here is a before picture of my oak kitchen cabinets without Briwax. How to Update Oak Cabinets Without Painting by Using Briwax: 1. Wash all dirt and grime from the cabinets. This is the best part Particularly in places like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, trim, doors, built-ins, painted furniture and windows, Oil Bond gives painters the ability to create powerful, professional-grade adhesion, all without sanding or priming. Oil Bond acts like a liquid sander deglosser and primer in one Painting kitchen cabinet doors isn't exactly an easy fix, but with some time and patience, you can give your kitchen a major facelift without a major overhaul. Most pros use a paint brush and roller to paint kitchen cabinet doors, but spray paint is an option as well. Before you start painting, remove everything from your cabinets, clear off.

Let it dry, then you're ready to paint! You don't even have to rinse off the deglosser first! Bonus! When I painted my melamine cabinets, I used the deglosser in the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit to clean and rough up the surface for painting. I was worried that the paint wouldn't adhere to the slick plastic laminate, but it worked like. The best way to clean kitchen cabinets is by thoroughly degreasing them using a heavy-duty degreaser. You can use liquid dish soap such as Dawn, Simple Green, M1 liquid deglosser, TSP, or you can use a product called Krud Kutter. A green Scotch-Brite pad works great to scrub all surfaces. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. YouTube. YouTube YouTube

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#ShutTheFrontDoorDIY couldn't be complete without addressing the most numerous doors in your house: cabinet doors! Learn how to paint cabinet doors in the best way — the way that means you only have to do it ONCE — from Meredith (and don't forget to link up your door projects and then make us laugh for a chance to win $25). How to Paint Cabinet Doors — The Right Wa In a previous post I had briefly mentioned my new found love for a product that restores old wood cabinets. (Check out that post here on How to update your kitchen on a budget.)At the time I had tested one of our kitchen cabinets with a product called Restore-A-Finish by Howard products. This product is by far my most popular item that sells from my Amazon Storefront Soak the hardware in a soapy water solution for 30 minutes, scrub lightly with a soft brush, rinse, let dry, and apply polish. 5. Strip painted hardware. Sometimes, in their haste for a nifty new kitchen, people would just slop a coat of paint over everything in sight, including the hardware

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Short of committing to a more costly replacement of outdated kitchen storage, repainting laminate cabinets is an affordable way to turn the eyesore into eye-catching, modern cabinetry Ah, the Duncan Phyfe Dining Table is done! Today I'm sharing No Sanding! How to Refinish Wood with General Finishes Gel Stain plus video tutorial. Basically, how I was able to refinish the top without actually sanding it back.The original top was worn but otherwise in pretty good condition and it didn't have any shiny lacquer or shellac finish I considered painting my cabinets like my kitchen and upper bath, but stained cabinets bring warmth and rich design to a room. I also believe that staining surfaces is more durable than paint, but the prep and cleanup can be messy. Most stains require removing the original finish and a lot of sanding/dust

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Sanding to repaint or stain cabinets takes a lot of time and energy. Not all staining projects require sanding, especially if you purchase new, already sanded cabinets. However, you can also avoid sanding if you wish to re-stain old cabinets that have no major dents or scratches that need intricate repairs Apply a second coat of primer, and wait 24 hours before painting again. Apply a coat of latex paint with a paint sprayer to doors and drawers. Apply the paint with a small foam roller to cabinet ends inside the house. Allow the coat to dry for 24 hours, unless otherwise directed by the paint's label

Repainting kitchen cabinets may often turn out as a total disaster. After spending a few days on sanding, priming, painting and sealing, a lot of hopeful DIYers end up with streaky, chalky cabinets that look even worse than before. The culprits of most failed repainting projects are uneven, 'spotty' sanding and unsuitable paint Apply the conditioner to the cabinets with a clean brush designed for latex paints and then let them sit for 30 minutes. Follow up with a light sanding of the cabinets using the 120 grit paper again. This final sanding will ensure the cabinets have a smooth surface to absorb the stain According to Wikipedia TSP is:. Trisodium phosphate (TSP, E339) is a cleaning agent, lubricant, food additive, stain remover and degreaser.It is a white, granular or crystalline solid, highly soluble in water producing an alkaline solution. If you want to take the easy way out with TSP (and not have to mix the powder yourself), you can buy it in a spray bottle like I did

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Here are 5 Ways To Paint Furniture Without Sanding: 1. USE A CHALK PAINT. This is hands-down the most common and well known way to paint pretty much anything without sanding. The huge mass appeal of chalk paint is not only the gorgeous matte finish, but the no prep promise. I'd argue that chalk paints are the cornerstone of the painted. And the sanding and stripping are just not fun for me. AlthoughI do love to see that gorgeous bare wood that's revealed after stripping and sanding. Go figure! But today we are talking about how to restain without stripping. When I shared our recent kitchen reveal you probably saw these bar stools we picked up for the island How to Paint Cabinets to Look Antique. Yes, you can give your current kitchen cabinets an antique look without spending a fortune. One way to do it, according to The Home Depot, is with the standard Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit, which is explained by a DIYer on Home Depot's online blog. The DIYer used the technique on a cabinet door that was already painted Wipe off the cleanser residue with a wet cloth, and allow the cabinets to dry for 24 hours. Advertisement. Fill any small holes or cracks using spackling paste or wood putty. Follow up by sanding all surfaces with 180-grit sandpaper until they are thoroughly deglossed. Use a tack cloth to remove any sanding dust

Steps for painting cabinets without priming: 1. Prepare your work space. This is certainly not a very rewarding part of the project, but necessary for success. Be sure to use the painter's tape to keep paint off of walls touching the cabinets. Put drop cloths down as needed to protect your floors and countertops How to Paint Laminate Cabinets without Sanding. First, you'll need to make sure your laminate is in good condition. Peeling or buckling will not be fixed by painting! Then clean your cabinets really well. Especially in the kitchen, cabinets can harbor all sorts of greasy grime that will prevent even the best paint from sticking How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets. After you have built your doors, you can move on to the whole painting process. I did the exact same thing to my cabinet bases as I did to my doors. I think I was able to get away with one less coat on the bases though ; ) You just have to keep painting until it looks good. Preparing to paint kitchen cabinets You can also see how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding, which can also have huge savings on an overall kitchen remodeling budget. There are numerous reasons you'd opt for painting tile backsplash: Skip the mess - no need to painstakingly remove existing tiles with a tile chipper or hammer and chisel Painting kitchen cabinets can be a budget friendly DIY, or it can be a disaster if you don't have the best paint, primer, sprayer, and tips! We upgraded our cabinets 4 years ago when we built this house, with every intention of painting them down the road

HOW TO PAINT YOUR CABINETS IN A WEEKEND WITHOUT SANDING THEM. Remove all cabinet doors. Tip: A piece of painter's tape with a number on it that matches a piece of tape with the same number on the back of the corresponding door will save you a lot of headache when you're done. Decide if you're going to paint the backs of the cabinet doors How can I paint laminate cabinets without sanding? How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming. Remove Any Dirt and Grime. Using a scrubbing sponge, thoroughly wipe down each cabinet surface with a grease-cutting cleaner, making sure to remove all dirt and grime Let's assume you're not using the Revive paint since they don't have the correct colour or whatever. I would start off by using 120 grit sandpaper to lightly roughen the surface. Then use a damp cloth to remove any dust from the sanding. The MFC needs to be dry to paint it so use some blue roll to dry it 8. If your cabinets are laminate, skip the sanding and apply a bonding primer to help your paint stick. If your cabinets are already painted, after sanding you may need to use a paint thinner to strip the existing paint before painting the primer. 9. Wipe or vacuum surfaces to clean off the sanding dust. Paint Photography by Elaina Sullivan. 10 Materials You Need: To Paint the Furniture. Sandpaper (medium grit - about 120), or make the job way easier with an orbital sander + medium grit (about 120) sanding discs (see note on Step 1 about sanding); Quart of latex paint (I used Valspar Signature from Lowe's) 2″ Paintbrush for painting the color of the furniture (angled might be best depending on how many grooves you have

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How to paint oak cabinets, trim and doors. So here are the basic steps (if not using chalk paint) we have taken for the painting projects in this list. 1. Lightly sand the wood with extra-fine sandpaper. This is only to rough up the surface. 2. Use a deglosser to wipe down the oak. 3. Tape any areas out that you do not want to get primed and. So wether you use wax or poly or another type of sealer, I completely and totally recommend using chalk paint to refinish your kitchen cabinets. The painting was the simplest part in this whole project and it was super cheap with me using the DIY recipe. Total Cost: $50 Total Time: 9 day Paint. The keys to getting a smooth paint finish is to start with a smooth surface (sand), apply a primer (primer allows the paint to go on more evenly), and use a high quality paint and applicator. A good paint and a good brush will allow the paint to level out as it dries to give a smooth finish even without a sprayer Kitchen cabinets are a bit different than a good old fashioned preschool craft. I wanted the cabinets to look good and not like Jethro got a hold of some white paint and made the kitchen his canvas. . Jodi was amazing and we finished the whole kitchen in TWO DAYS. Check out these before photos And now the transformatio