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JSS3: BUSINESS STUDIES - 1ST TERM Communication | Week 9 Communication. In Progress. Lesson 8, Topic 1. Importance of Communication in Business. It makes it possible for the information to flow from a manager to his subordinates and among officers in the organization Communication. Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) Nigeria Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) JSS3 - Business Studies: 1st Term - Evaluation Questions | Week 9. Preview this Course +1411 enrolled . Start Course. Open Registration. Course Includes. 8 Lessons ; 26 Topics. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us BUSINESS STUDIES JSS3. On this page, get all Business Studies JSS3 topics from First Term to Third Term. Find them below, study them and excel in your examinations. Everybody SCREAM To serve you much better, ClassNotes is evolving to Afrilearn! Brace yourself for a world-class learning experience

2. Mention four types of communication. READING ASSIGNMENT. Business Studies for JSS3 by O. A. Lawal, pages 51 to 58. GENERAL EVALUATION QUESTIONS. What is a typewriter? Give ten parts of typewriter; Which is the moveable part of typewriter when typing? Give the function of each part of typewriter as mentioned above; In what year was typewriter. National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Roles and Responsibilities of Consumer Protection Agencies. JSS3 - Business Studies: 2nd Term - Evaluation Questions | Week 3. Balance Sheet | Week 10 1 Topic | 1 Quiz. Expand Secondary School Business Studies note JSS3 Third Term. BUSINESS STUDIES FOR J.S.S.3. SCHEME OF WORK FOR THIRD TERM. WEEK: TOPIC: 1: REVISION OF LAST TERM'S WORK: 2: ERASING TECHNIQUES: 3: MEMORANDUM: 4: BUSINESS LETTER: 5: As the communication mechanism of the policy analysis process, the memorandum should provide a coherent synopsis of. JSS3 FIRST TERM BUSINESS STUDIES EXAM QUESTIONS - EDUDELIGHT.COM. FIRST. Examination malpractices may lead to a repeat of the subject or suspensions don't be involved.. SUBJECT: BUSINESS STUDIES TIME: 2HRS CLASS: JSS 3 SECTION A: INSTRUCTION: ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTION 1. Which of the following documents is issued by a seller to the buyer whenever goods are damaged or. Junior Secondary School Scheme of work for Business Studies Jss3 First Term. Lagos State Scheme of Work for Business Studies Jss3 First Term. Double entry (Ledger A/c) principle. Trial balance. Final accounts Meaning, Terms used in final accounts Trading account Profit and loss account. THE BALANCE SHEET Meaning

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  1. Business Studies is a subject taught in Junior secondary schools, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria. For the sake of this post, we will be shedding more lights on the business studies as subject offered in Junior secondary schools in with regards to the government approved scheme of work for Business Studies JSS 3 first term, second term and third term
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  3. Business Studies JSS3 First Term. Business Studies JSS3 First Term. My Account . LOGIN to our website, or REGISTER. Students should be able to: 1. State the meaning of communication. 2. Mention means of communication. 3. Explain each means of communication..
  4. ation malpractices may lead to a repeat of the subject or suspensions don't be involved. Subject: BUSINESS STUDIES Duration: 2HRS Class: JSS 3 SECTION A: INSTRUCTION: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTIO

THIRD TERM E-LEARNING NOTES. JSS 3. (BASIC 9) SUBJECT: BUSINESS STUDIES: SCHEME OF WORK. WEEK TOPIC. Revision of Second Terms work. Applied Keyboarding: (a) Types of paper sizes, uses of each type, number of spaces available on each type: i. Horizontally ii Junior Secondary School Curriculum for Business Studies Jss3 Third Term Lagos State Scheme of Work for Business Studies Jss3 Third Term CommunicationOffice equipmentConsumer protection THIRD TERM SCHEME OF WORK FOR BUSINESS STUDIES JSS 3 (Basic 9) - MODIFIED 1 REVISION OF LAST TERM'S WORK ERASING TECHNIQUESMEMORANDUMBUSINESS LETTERBUSINESS LETTER SIMPLE TABULATION REVISION/EXAMINATION THIRD.


Lesson Note on BUSINESS STUDIES for JSS3 MS-WORD. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. ( 3 customer reviews) Price: ₦ 1500 ₦ 1000. This lesson note covers all 3-terms and serves as a reference material to help teachers draw out their lesson plan easier, saving you valuable time to focus on the core job of teaching JSS3 SECOND TERM BUSINESS STUDIES EXAM QUESTIONS - EDUDELIGHT.COM, A good receptionist must possess the following qualities except. Wednesday , 23 June 2021 . communication (c) advertising (d) transportation. 29. A type of business owned and run by one person is known as _____ (a) co-operative (b) sole proprietorship (c) company (d. BUSINESS STUDIES MOCK EXAM QUESTIONS JSS3 - EDUDELIGHT.COM. SECTION B :ANSWER QUESTION 4 AND ANY OTHER TWO QUESTIONS. 1a. Define (i) consumer right (ii) consumer redress. b. List and explain 2 just ways of seeking redress c. Outline 4 benefits of providing redress. 2a. Explain the concept of personal finance b. Outline 5 sources of finance. Business Studies Past Questions for JSS3 ( 21 to 30) 21. _____ is a written order addressed to a banker to pay a certain sum of money to a specified person. A. Stamp By communication, business ideas, information and messages are transmitted about products or services. (iv) Means of communication between agents of distribution:. Back to: BUSINESS STUDIES JSS3 . Welcome to JSS3 Second Term! We are building on our work from the First term as we learn more about Business Studies. In today's class, We will be discussing Personal Finance. We hope you enjoy the class! Personal finance means the ways an individual manages his personal money and other assets

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In communication, the response or reply to a message from the sender to the receiver is (a) Letter (b) telephone (c) feedback (d) JSS 1 BUSINESS STUDIES. 1. ----- can be referred to the situation in which a person says only what is true (a) honesty (b) truthfulness (c) facts (d) forthrightness. Business Communication Communication Skills Entrepreneurship E Commerce Business Studies Tally ERP Financial Accounting Financial Markets Capital Market Inventory Management Economics GST HRM Research Methodology Demand and Supply Accounting Marketing Management Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategic Management Operations Management.


Second Term Exams. Business Studies - JSS 3. Instructions: Attempt all questions. Bringing the finished product in a sealed cellphone bag is called ______. (a) branding (b) bargaining (c) closure (d) packaging. Pricing is that of finding (a) profit and the cost of production. (b) placing profit on the product. (c) finding out cost only 4. Communication between students, parents, and teachers. (b) Everyday life 1. For entertainment (listening to music, watching movies) 2. For business 3. communication 4. Seeking information. Date delivered: 18/5/2020. Hello students, this is to inform you that we will revise the following topics. spreadsheets; Word processing; Digital divide. Share this CIVIC EDUCATION JSS1 - THIRD TERM SCHEME OF WORK Processes of becoming a citizen Rights and duties of a citizen National consciousness meaning Nigeria's national symbols and their meaning Measures adopted to promote unity among Nigerians National anthem and pledge NEW Civic Education Scheme in NVE for JSS 1 CIVIC EDUCATION JSS2 -Read Mor

3.3 (3) Welcome to mitrobeNetwork, Here is a comprehensive Exam Questions and Answers for all Subjects in Junior Secondary School [JSS1 to JSS3]. Lets get started!! What You Will Learn Class: JSS 1 Subject: Business studiesSection BClass: JSS 1 Subject: Basic ScienceInstruction: Answer all question in this sectionSection BAnswer three questions only from [ Download File PDF This Qustion Paper Of Jss3 Examination Studies have shown that facial expressions are interpreted quite differently depending on the social context (e.g., in terms of status, culture, or gender) in which they are expressed standardized test scores and more effective verbal and written communication. Questions in this.

business communication 101, business communication skills basics, and best practices. communication plays a fundamental role in all facets of the business. i.. Olufemi A. Ibitoye is a disciplined and highly motivated Computer Scientists with vast experience in Information and Communication Technology across different Institutions, Business Organization in Nigeria. He holds a National Diploma in Computer from Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke, Osun State in 2010

Digital Divide, or digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not have access. The term became popular among concerned parties, such as scholars, policy makers, and advocacy groups, in the late 1990s TREND OF STUDENTS PERFORMANCE IN JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION IN BUSINESS STUDIES IN ADO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF EKITI STATE. Titus. 26th June 2017. BUSINESS EDUCATION. CHAPTER ONE. 1.0 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Background of the Study. Education is the pivort for scrotal, growth and development of any society as a concept it has. Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols. (16) Book Keeping (16) BUSINESS STUDIES (18) CCA (18) Chemistry Second and Third Term Secondary School Lesson Notes For JSS1 To JSS3 For N72,000 N10,000 GRADE 9 BUSINESS STUDIES TEACHER'S GUIDE Chapter 1: Economic Systems Activity 1: 1 Name the four Factors of Production Capital, Land, Labour and Entrepreneurship 2 Using your own words, provide a definition of a Planned Economic System. A Planned Economic System exists when a government controls and regulates all aspects o Class: JSS 1 Subject: Basic Technology. Instruction: Answer all questions in this section. Technology is not a new thing to us, it is as old as ____ (a) man (b) university (c) Uyo ____ is the use of scientific knowledge for the development of human life (a) technology (b) basic education (c) creative ar

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The resources include teaching/learning class notes, Topical (topic by topic) Questions and Answers, Termly Examination Papers and Marking Schemes, Lesson Plans, Powerpoint Notes and Slides, Schemes of Work, KCSE KNEC Past Papers, Confidentials and Marking Schemes, and Joint Mocks Examinations Papers. Click on a link to a specific Category Business studies is the study of the management of individuals to maintain collective productivity, BUSINESS STUDIES JSS3 2ND TERM 2020/2021. Access. CHESS JSS3 2ND TERM 2020/2021. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence Darasi na 6 JSS3 Social Studies ; JSS1 Business Studies Lesson 7 ; Darasina 1 JSS2 Business Studies ; Darasina 2 JSS2 Business Studies ; Darasina 3 JSS2 Business Studies ; Darasina 4 JSS2 Business Studies ; Darasina 5 JSS2 Business Studies ; Darasina 6 JSS2 Business Studies ; Darasina 1 JSS3 Business Studies ; Darasina 2 JSS3 Business Studies Office: 66b Opebi Road, Salvation b/s Ikeja Lagos Phone: +234 809 280 4344 Email: info@xpressteachers.com or admin@xpressteachers.com . Websit


JSS3 English Language: Past Questions and Answers 22020BECE. BECE PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2019 JUNIOR WAEC jss3 past questions on mathematics THEORY JSS 3 BUSINESS STUDIES 2021 BECE Integrated Science Questions and Answers 2020BECE Engender positive engagement and collaboration with other students and teachers. You may leave comments and questions related to each lesson within the comments box at the bottom of each lesson. You can also call, text or WhatsApp us on 0802-419-8880 or reach us through our online chat/support channels. Overview Of Business Studies a) Cotton wool b) toothpaste c) Iodine B.P. 4. Three group of metals are. a) Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, alloys b) iron, Sulphur, alloy c) steel, iron, glass. 5. Two main groups of plastics are. a) thermosets and thermoplastics b) natural and artificial plastics c) pure and impure plastics. 6 Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers Topics include resume writing, filling out job applications, interviewing, writing business letters, communication, public speaking, business math, career planning, accounting, earning money skills, and more. Resources include lessons, lesson plans, and worksheets. We also have included informative articles and helpful advice for learning and.

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JSS3 Junior WAEC. Apr 29, 2020 - Download Complete BECE Mathematics Past Questions and Answers - Objectives & Theory in PDF for all years, other subjects avaliable also. JSS3 Junior WAEC. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch. Introduction to Consumer Protection. A consumer is the one who assumes to be treated like a King as they bring business to the seller. Previously consumer was asked to beware but these days fingers have been pointed to seller let seller be beware as due to policies introduced, government laws, consumer protection, NGO and the increased competition in the market

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c. French and Pre-Vocational studies are introduced in Primary 4 as core subjects. While Business Studies is introduced as a core subject at the Junior Secondary school level. d. Basic science and Technology, Religion and National Values and Pre-Vocational Studies are composite subjects. e. Composite Subjects and their Compositions. i Follow the link below to download the pdf version of the timetable: DOWNLOAD HERE. If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about Junior WAEC Time Table 2020, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide This is the BECE Time Table 2018 which contains the Basic Junior WAEC Timetable & Result Checker for JSS3 studentts. The WAEC time table is officially out and now available for downloads. Junior WAEC candidates can get their copy online through their mobile devices • Teaching and mentoring JSS1 to JSS3 pupils in Business Studies, Computer Studies and Christian Religious Studies. • Tutoring the JSS3 pupils for the Junior School Certificate Exam. • Lecturing on skill acquisition and the importance of staying in school. • Facilitating extra tutorials for pupils who are behind in class Bookmark File PDF Jss3 Neco Question And Answers For Math climbing them is filled with stunning paintings that enhance Frost's classic work. Original. 15,000 first printing. A man has lived on his own beside a wild, unforgiving coastline for many years. His companions are the birds, the land and the sea. From a choice made long ago, he keep

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This will also engage the students in communication and in retaining the lesson, especially when you engage them in a focused discussion about a particular topic. (16) Book Keeping (16) BUSINESS STUDIES (18) CCA (18) Chemistry Download All The First, Second and Third Term Secondary School Lesson Notes For JSS1 To JSS3 For N72,000 N10,000 Re: Students Forced To Use Typewriters In Business Studies - Edem Ossai Cries Out by ThreeBlackBird: 10:29am On Jan 03, 2020 Chithauri : This lady is a fool.its not the fact whether the era of typewriter is gone or not. typewriting is a topic under business studies and they are to learn with it.let her check syllabus or scheme of work. even. Use the New Zety Make your resume in 5 minutes using our state-of-the-art resume builder. Go to new versio A. Business studies B. Christian religious studies C. Computer studies D. Islamic religious studies E. Social studies 2. Social studies as a discipline originated from A. America B. China C. Egypt D. Ghana E. Nigeria 3. The following are functions of social studies except_____ A. Enables us to understand our cultur

Proper pre-school preparation, and a focus on each student's individual talents and their personal results help to achieve these goals. iLearnNG lessons are categorized in distinct and clear learning topics. All courses are based on the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) standards for curricula, goals, and skills SECTION 3: After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for sentence.. Peter was on tenterhooks until the examination results were announced. This means that Peter was A. unhappy about the examination B. suspended from school C. anxiously waiting for the results

Schools or teachers can use it to collect end of term feedback. It's also great for getting answers about sensitive class discussions. 11. Udacity. Udacity offers you free online courses. There are hundreds of different topics to choose from, for the curious student and even teachers! 12. Brainscape jss3_junior_waec_answer 6/10 Jss3 Junior Waec Answer business. Books, Buildings, and Learning Outcomes-Howard White 2004 The Millennium Development Goals aim for universal primary education by 2015 and gender equality in enrolments at all levels of education. The Education for All (EFA) initiative lays out a strategy for achieving these goals Business Activity IGCSE Business studies JSS3 Business Studies Day 1 Form 4 Communication Tool (Part 1) Introduction to keyboarding Parts of aRead More NEW SCHEME OF WORK- BUSINESS STUDIES JSS 1 - SEYI DIPO You can now get Schemes of Work Business Studies Form 1. These schemes ar

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1.1 Understanding Business Activity IGCSE Business studies JSS3 Business Studies Day 1 Form 4 Business Studies Topic Source Documents \u0026 Books of Original Entry Mr Bakari Ayub How Divisions of Commerce Keyboarding as a Communication Tool (Part 1) Introduction to keyboarding Parts of aRead More NEW SCHEME OF WORK- BUSINESS STUDIES JSS 1. SCHEME OF WORK SOCIAL STUDIES JSS 1 THIRD TERM. 11.) One of the following is not a modern way of communication (a) telephone (b) town crier (c) radio 12.) There are _____ types of family (a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 2 13.) The fathers of our father and mother are called _____ (a) grandmothers (b) grannies (c) grandfather Communication is a very crucial and significant element in an organization, and it is necessary for creating collaboration within the work environment that has effects on organizational performance and decision making. This study on effects of effective communications on organizational performance using the systems theory is thus essential Small Business Communication Practices Case Studies 120 The success of internal communication for Kahler Slater is a combination of these methods. Daily formal communication is facilitated by e-mail, but face-to-face meetings and interactions are best for developing greater understanding and managing two-way universal responses. Face-to-face commu has negative impact on ict on the society, business studies jss3 scheme of work office equipment definition office equipment are machines tools or devices that facilitate or simplify the activities in an office types of office machine

the impact of information and communication technology on students performance in public secondary schools · the effect of periodic testing on students achievement in business studies; effect of globalisation of business education teachers on the performance of junior secondary school studens in jss3 terminal examination JSS2 Business Studies. JSS2 French. JSS2 Agricultural Science. JSS2 English Language. JSS2 Mathematics. JSS3 Computer Studies. JSS3 Basic Technology. JSS3 Basic Science. JSS3 Physical Health Education. JSS3 Social Studies. JSS3 Home Economics. JSS3 CRK. JSS3 Business Studies. JSS3 Mathematics. JSS3 French. JSS3 Agricultural Science. JSS3. Instructional Materials Utilization on Jss 3 Students' Academic Performance in Mathematics in Ibesikpo Asutan Local Governmen the impact of e-learning on academic performance of business studies students in secondary schools in educational district iv of lagos state. download. information communication technology (ict) and the management of distance education in national open university (noun) in benue state

Feelings play a big role in communication. Emotional awareness, or the ability to understand feelings, will help you succeed when communicating with other people. If you are emotionally aware, you will communicate better. You will notice the emotions of other people, and how the way they are feeling influences the way they communicate Strategic manager/Accountant/Business strategist/Business Development Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria 184 assist in conducting morning assembly and teach business studies for jss3 Students Marketing Communication Marketing Communication - Human Resources | Recruiting for Startups. 0 (0) Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today's exam question sections for Junior secondary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Computer Studies Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students What You Will Learn SUBJECT: Computer Studies CLASS: JSS 1SECTION B - Answer any 4 QuestionRelated posts: SUBJECT: Computer Studies CLASS: JSS 1 [ You are not logged in. ()Home. N2 ENGLIS

Q. What is the step wise procedure of subscribing to MyLearningAcademy? You will have to follow below steps to subscribe. Click signUp on the home page, and select student. Fill in all relevant fields. On payment screen select if you would prefer to pay via Bank/ATM card or via Airtime. If via Bank/Card, input your card details and. Selling Price is an important concept within the Quantitative aptitude section of many exams. Here we will see what Selling Price is, we will also solve many examples on the concept of Selling Price and note down formulas with tips and tricks to solve every question on the concept of Selling Price What is Transportation in Business Studies. The growth of both home trade and foreign trade and dependent on the development of an efficient transportation system. Transportation performs the entire work of dispensing of goods. It adds place utility to the things produced by bringing them from place of production to that of consumption BUSINESS STUDIES. CHEMISTRY YEAR 7 TERM 2 2018 2019. JSS 1 BIOLOGY SECOND TERM 2019. ENGLISH TERM 2 2018/2019 ALABI. MATHEMATICS JS1 2018/2019 2ND TERM (MR FELLA) French Language second Term 2018/2019 Session. ISLAMIC STUDIES JS 1. Civic Education. MATHEMATICS, JSS1 BY MR ONI subject 100 words kids need to read by 1st grade 1st term .jss1 basic technology 1st term .jss2 business studies 1st term ict pry 4 1st term jss 3 maths 1st term jss1 business studies 1st term jss1 christian religious knowledge 1st term jss1 civic education 1st term jss1 computer studies 1st term jss1 english language 1st term jss1 fine art 1st term jss1 home economics 1st term jss1 maths 1st.

2. Difference between electronic and non-electronic method of communication. 3. Classify information by its mode of transmission using examples. Define information transmission. 4. Draw a table to organise all the information you have on electronic and non-electronic communication devices and their modes of receiving information . 5 Udeji (2007) and Udousoro (2002) in their studies identified that method of teaching adopted by a teacher affects the level of student' retention and achievement in school. Supporting this, Omeje (2001) stated that the extent to which a teaching method is effective can be judged from the effect of the teaching method on student's.

In charge of business functions and processes that produce the actual goods. Concerned with research & development, delivery, stock management, etc. Business sectors (or economic sectors) Primary. Involves the harvesting of naturally available resources. e.g. mining, agriculture, livestock, drilling, and logging Subject Teacher. Oshodi/Isolo, Nigeria, Lagos, Isolo. Latest Activities: 5 hours ago. View resume. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite • Good communication and team working skills, • Strategic analysis and planning

The study will be focused mainly on social studies students in junior secondary schools (JSS3) in Okobo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. 1.8 LIMITATION OF THE STUDY The study is delimited to family variables and student cognitive achievement in social studies in selected secondary schools in Okobo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State Get Free Computer Past Questions And Answer For Jss3 Infotech Teacher's Book Now in its fourth edition, Infotech is a comprehensive course in the English of computing, used and trusted by students and networks, data communication, data protection and copyrights, data storage, displaying and printing data, interacting wit

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Download the following 2020 / 2021 schemes of work for form 1-4 in all subjects for free. These schemes of work will help you in the interpretation of the Kenyan high school subject content or KNEC syllabus. The Schemes of work can also be used as a guide throughout the F1-4 course to monitor progress against the original plan Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for the Kwara State Government Massive Recruitment 2021/2022. The application process is ongoing. Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill the limited vacant positions below in the Kwara State Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs). Kwara State Government Vacancies Available Positions and. 1) Online Advertising. Online advertisings or digital advertisings as a form in which the message is conveyed via the internet. For every website ads are a major source of revenue. Advertising online has become very popular in the last decade and has surpassed the expectations of most of the advertising experts. 60% revenue of Google is generated from ads and the same goes for Facebook Lagos JSS3 pupils resume Monday. She encouraged students to be fully prepared for the forthcoming examinations and devote more time to their studies. sport and lifestyle newspaper. Published by Mighty Media Plus Network Limited, a diverse communication company headquartered in Lagos, our mission is to be one of Nigeria's foremost online. From each of the twelve junior secondary schools, forty-five (45) junior secondary school students were selected across the three levels (JSS1, JSS2 and JSS3) using simple random sampling technique, bringing the total to 540 students that formed the sample of the study.The researcher developed a 4-point, 25-item Likert type questionnaire called. Therefore, for the parental involvement of students in Social Studies to be ensured and addressed urgent step must be taken to enhance the academic performance despite their socio-economic background. Parental Involvement and Students Academic Performance in Social Studies in Junior Secondary Schools. 1.2 Statement of the proble