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History of Jewelry Mar 24, 2000. Chinese Jewelry Use silver in their jewelry however jade was prefered over any other stone. May 29, 2000 Honors World History Timeline Semester 1. Historical Roman Leaders. Greece. The History of World Civilization 1. History of Cinnamon. Ancient Greece. Major Events in History Timeline of Jewelry 110.000 - 73.000 BC - Decorative sea shell beads found in the archeological digs in Morocco. They were probably used as amulets. Drilled shells have also been found in Israel, Algeria and South Africa timeline The history of jewellery is complex and fascinating, and the changes in techniques, styles, and fashions can tell us so much about the time period in which items were created The earliest traces of jewelry can be traced to the civilizations that bloomed in the Mediterranean and what is now called Iran around 3,000 to 400 BC. These were usually simple stone amulets and seals. Many of these amulets and seals carried spiritual meanings, stars, and floral designs A Brief History of Jewelry Through the Ages Jewelry has been an integral aspect of human civilization for centuries, but it was the discovery and subsequent spread of precious metals and gemstones which really changed the game

Discoveries & Jewelry History. c.110,000 BC. Archaeological finds in Morocco tell us that shell beads were used as decorative objects; the oldest jewelry known to man. They may have served as amulets. c.98,000 BC. Purposely drilled shells from Israel and Algeria Edwardian Era (1901 - 1915) The Edwardian Era follows the reign of England's King Edward. King Edward reigned from 1901-1910 and was the last monarch to serve as a namesake in jewelry history. This period, also known as La Belle Epoque Era, is the first time platinum was officially a part of the jewelry scene The possibility of tracing jewelry's historic itinerary derives primarily from the custom, beginning with the most remote civilizations, of burying the dead with their richest garments and ornaments. Plastic and pictorial iconography—painting, sculpture, mosaic—also offer abundant testimony to the jewelry worn in various eras According to history: (1) The FIRST use of jewelry was NOT in association with idol worship, but rather, it served a functional purpose and later as personal adornment (2) The ORIGIN of jewelry is not idolatry, but sometimes jewelry was used in association with idolatry—not always. Sometimes pagan jewelry bore religious symbolism in their motifs. (3) The Hebrew people, as part of their culture, wore jewelry and manufactured jewelry Peter Macciarini first made jewelry in 1936, but didn't open his own business until WWII ended. He considered his jewelry avant-garde and was considered a major representative of Modernism American studio jewelry. Peter's son Daniel started training with his father in 1962

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Jewelry is one of the oldest known artifacts from history, with the first discovered jewelry item dating back 100,000 years. Modern jewelry and jewelry making methods are the product of thousands of years or cultural exchange and technological development The first true Roman jewelry wasn't produced until the beginning of the Imperial period, 27 BC, with the accession of Augustus as Emperor. As the adaption of mining techniques advanced, Roman jewelry-making blossomed in the first three centuries A.D Timeline: 110.000 - 73.000 BC - During this time period jewelry was made from dried sea shells and sea shell beads. This is the earliest jewelry known to man. 38.00 - 2800 BC - Archaeological evidence found in France shows that jewelry beads were made from bone and animal teeth circa 38.00 BC Company's Origins Lyman K. Stuart, son of Charles H. Stuart, founded Emmons Home Fashions in 1948, naming the company in honor of his mother, Caroline Emmons Stuart. Soon afterward, the company's name was changed to Emmons Jewelry, Inc

Jewelry Culture and Creation James Lund pg. 1 The History of Jewelry-making: Throughout the Timeline The art of jewelry making dates back to ancient man. Many techniques and materials such as shells, wood, soft stone, precious metals and gemstones that were used then are still used today. Jewelry wa Timeline. A Brief History of Jewelry. Point Cut Diamond. Early 1500s. The first faceted diamonds are used in jewelry. They are mostly point cuts along with some table cuts. Photo credit Victoria and Albert Museum. Pompeii Excavation. 1748 A Brief History of Renaissance Jewelry. Covered here is some of the history that begat this explosion of fashion, Renaissance jewelry trends, typical styles, and types of jewelry popular during the Renaissance, and a few of our designs. We hope you find it a useful companion to the Museum's Renaissance jewelry collection The 19th century was a period of huge industrial and social change, but in jewellery design the focus was often on the past. In the first decades classical styles were popular, evoking the glories of ancient Greece and Rome. This interest in antiquities was stimulated by fresh archaeological discoveries Antique Jewelry Timeline It only makes sense that styles and designs have changed dramatically over the past several hundred years but as a people, our love of jewelry has never wavered. From Georgian times to today. Our timeline will help you get acquainted with the era's place in time

2001. Tiffany works with Pantone® to create 1837 Blue in honor of the iconic Tiffany Blue® hue. 2000. The Tiffany & Co. Foundation is established, solidifying Tiffany's long-held commitment to conservation and the arts. The Foundation has awarded over USD $75 million in grants since. 1980 The historical background of Indian jewelry takes us back to the history of the country itself as both are almost equally old. It was around 5000 years ago when the curiosity to beautify themselves by adorning some jewelry pieces arouse in people. Since the beginning of the journey, the charm of jewelry and the beauty of Indian women by. The story starts in the early 19th century. Louis-François Cartier was born in Paris, in 1819. As a young man, he became an apprentice under master watchmaker Adolphe Picard, and worked in Picard's small store on Rue Montorgueil. In 1847, Cartier bought the store from his employer and set about transforming the business Albert Weiss was the originator of the company. He gained much experience working as an apprentice for the Corocraft Company during the 1930s. He honed his skills there and had a very fine eye for detail. In 1942, he opened his own jewelry business, and also his factory which was dedicated to the manufacture of hand set pieces only The Renaissance. From around 1300 to 1600 CE, there was a resurgence of culture and art inspired by antiquity. It is here that diamonds became a girl's best friend. There was a craze for new.

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The word jewelry is an anglicized form of the Latin word, jocale which means plaything history says that about 40,000 years back, the first jewelry was worn by the Cro-Magnons, ancestors of Homo sapiens. Their jewelry included crude necklaces and bracelets made of bone, teeth and stone stitched to animal sinew Brief History of Indian Jewellery. The use of jewellery in India goes back to more than 5000 years ago, touching the eras when the great epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana took place. The physical traces of some ancient Indian jewellery are found from the Indus Valley civilization. The initial jewellery was simple, made from beads, strings, and. Victorian Jewelry: Unpacking the History. The reign of Queen Victoria encapsulates a quickly evolving period of history — and jewelry styles were no exception. by 1stdibs Editors. Garnet, diamond and gold snake ring, engraved with Merry 23 of August 1845. No single period has seen such a diverse group of jewelry attributed to it than. Over the years the Monet Company has been sold several times. Throughout the changes they have always produced affordable and fashionable costume jewelry. Monet was purchased by General Mills in 1968. It became a subsidiary of Crystal Brands Jewelry Groups from 1989 -1994. Chase Capital Partners, Lattice Holding - a division of the Monet Group. Founder (s): Sol Finkelstein as the Deja Costume Jewelry Company, New York, NY, USA ~ 1939 - 1953 - This company had an interesting history as far as the name was concerned. Shortly after opening a company called Du Jay , Inc., accused Deja of infringement on their name copyright forcing Sol to change the name of his company to Reja

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  1. The desire for wearable cameos only rose with the popularization of costume jewelry in the 20th century. Contemporary Cameo Jewelry and Its Legacy. Cameo art and jewelry continues to appear in contemporary western fashion spaces, such as in Dolce & Gabbana's 2019 Alta Gioielleria Collection
  2. Ancient jewelry was indeed often used as a sort of plaything, for personal adornment, however it also had more serious uses and meanings. For example, in many cultures wedding rings have for many centuries been used to indicate the wearers marital status. Through out history jewelry has had both functional and symbolic purposes
  3. The Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry: From the Colette and Jean-Pierre Ghysels Collection. Translated by I. Mark Paris. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1994. Evans, Joan. A History of Jewellery 1100-1870. London: Faber and Faber, 1970. Gregorietti, Guido. Jewelry Through the Ages. Translated by Helen Lawrence. New York: American Heritage Press, 1969
  4. Founded in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1855 by Georg Seeger and Theodor Fahrner, Sr. (1823 - 1883), the Fahrner company became one of the most successful European jewelry manufacturers of the late-19 th and early-20 th centuries. Theodor Fahrner, Jr., (1859 - 1919) ran the company from 1883 until his death. It was then sold to Gustav Braendle.
  5. Ganymede Jewelry (earrings), Hellenistic, ca. 330-300 BC, Metropolitan Museum of Art (Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History): New York City, 2019 Much of the jewelry in Ancient Greece, the Hellenistic Period specifically (approx. 323 BC-31BC), was comprised of gold

History of Renaissance Jewelry. After over 1000 years of stagnancy known as Middle Ages, Europe finally resurfaced to its Renaissance (term derived from a French word reborn) - an age that is today remembered for the rapid expansion of knowledge, technology, art, sciences and exploration that world has never seen before The history of jewellery in India is, to a large extent, the history of the country itself. Antique jewellery of India Photo Source. For more than 2,000 years, India was the sole supplier of gemstones to the world. Golconda diamonds, sapphires from Kashmir and pearls from the Gulf of Mannar were coveted and drew merchants across land and sea to. Timeline & History. The tradition of Artinian jewelry craftsmanship dates back to the early 1950s, when Armenian brothers, Yervant and Souren Artinians, started with a small jewelry Atelier and later Kevork joined the company, developing the Artinian family jewelry business, gradually expanding to Antwerp - Belgium, and subsequently to Toronto - Canada, and Bangkok - Thailand, passing the. Bulgari ranks as one of Italy's most prominent fine jewelry and luxury brands, expanding from silver jewelry into a myriad of categories including a chain of hotels.We look back at the history of the Bulgari brand, from its origins in a humble Greek village to its rise in popular culture, and get to the bottom of exactly why its logo is, not Bulgari, but BVLGARI

Updated November 25, 2019. Italian chemist, Luigi Brugnatelli invented electroplating in 1805. Brugnatelli performed electrodeposition of gold using the Voltaic Pile, discovered by his college Allessandro Volta in 1800. Luigi Brugnatelli's work was rebuffed by the dictator Napoleon Bonaparte, which caused Brugnatelli to suppress any further. A Brief Timeline of History's Most Famous Pearls. From Cleopatra's pearl obsession to Kamala Harris's symbolic strands, T&C charts the evolution of these mollusk prizes. By Jill N Newman. Mar 24. A wide variety of jewelry types were produced in the Hellenistic period—earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, bracelets, armbands, thigh bands, finger rings, wreaths, diadems, and other elaborate hair ornaments ( 1987.220 ). Bracelets were often worn in pairs according to Persian fashion ( 56.11.5-.6 ) The wearing of jewelry for adornment and ritual may have started as far back as 7,000 years ago. Discover the complete history of bracelets in this guide Monet Jewelry Timeline . Monet jewelry designs have been versatile enough to accommodate the dynamics in the different decades and always kept up with the trends. All their jewelry items reflected what was in vogue during each decade. Initially, they focused on rhinestones and monograms before manufacturing longer necklaces that hung lower on.

A major event in the history of diamond cutting was the invention of the bruting machine by Henry D. Morse and Charles M. Field in the early 1870's. They established British and U.S. patents for steam-driven bruting machines in 1874 and 1876 respectively. The first electric bruting machine was invented in 1891 The history of costume jewelry is an illustrious one. Most seasoned #vintagelovers credit Coco Chanel with popularizing costume jewelry, as she introduced faux jewels to wear with each of her collections. The lesser-valuable jewelry was nicknamed costume because Chanel encouraged her clients to only wear the jewelry with one of her. The story of Thai jewelry is a fascinating blend of history and varied cultural traditions! Hill Tribe Silver Perhaps the most famous of all Thai jewelry is Hill Tribe Silver. You may have spotted it online, or even own a few pieces yourself! Characterized by beautiful tribal and nature motifs, this jewelry has been crafted Continue reading The History of Thai Jewelry A fabulous display of Coro jewelry in many ads through the 20th century is shown here, courtesy Morning Glory's jewelry e-zine Jewelry Talk Corocraft BCD Antiques offers its brief version of Corocraft history and lots of Corocraft jewelry eye candy. Coro Ad 1955 More charming summer styles from Coro, from Liz's ad collection

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  1. Jewellery or jewelry consists of decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks.Jewellery may be attached to the body or the clothes. From a western perspective, the term is restricted to durable ornaments, excluding flowers for example.For many centuries metal such as gold often combined with gemstones, has been.
  2. Jade jewelry and artwork are extremely important to China's culture and history. This is why buyers are willing to pay a steep price for the finest jade. What does the best jade sell for in China? It sells for the same price per carat as diamonds in the United States
  3. History of Beads in Africa: 4th Century. The history of beads in African is quite incredible, with various artifacts and locations serving as evidence of a rich history of African beads. Burial sites such as the Valley of The Kings have allowed us to uncover a significant wealth of jewelry and decorative artifacts which were made from glass
  4. Henne History. Henne Jewelers began as a vision, dreamt and made a reality by Rudolph J. Henne. He and his wife, Margaret, made a $5 down payment on a building located at 6018 Centre Ave. in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh. And so began Henne Jewelers' rich history of quality jewelry, customer experience, and service to the community
  5. The Fashion History Timeline is a project by FIT's History of Art Department.The Timeline offers scholarly contributions to the public knowledge of the history of fashion and design. Consistent with this mission, the Timeline's written commentary, research, and analysis provided by FIT students, faculty, and other members of the community is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
  6. The history of piercing goes far beyond belly jewelry and the occasional lip ring. Warning: NSFW content ahead. For Ancient Mesoamericans, Piercings Showed Status In Society & On The Battlefield.

The history of jewelry in America illuminates international trade practices, for although many objects were made in this country, others were imported from abroad. Exotic materials in particular, such as coral ( 2000.564.1 ), helmet conch shell ( 2000.562 ), and diamonds ( 41.84.20a-e ), could often be acquired only from afar The Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara. Getty Images. The Queen Mother was bequeathed the jewelry collection of the Honorable Mrs. Greville, a friend of the royal family, in 1942—and the Boucheron Tiara. Charles Lewis Tiffany's passion for acquiring rare and unusual gemstones paved the way for Tiffany & Co.'s longstanding legacy of discovery and exploration, establishing the company's reputation as a world-renowned jeweler. Explore. The King of Diamonds. Behind every dream is the dreamer

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  2. First we launched Pandora Me, a new range of jewelry with British actress and activist Millie Bobby Brown as the face of the campaign, proving popular with millennials and more. We also announced and launched our magical Harry Potter collection, the beginning of a new partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. 2019 also saw our.
  3. A timeline of J. Crew's rise and fall A pandemic was the catalyst for the retailer's Chapter 11 filing. But the company has been on a precarious ledge for years
  4. produced materials. Commercialism influenced Navajo jewelry-making as early as the 1910s and 1920s, when Indian Traders and railroad vendors, such as the Fred Harvey Company, offered incentives Zuni Indian Jewelry The pueblo of Zuni Native American Indians is located in western New Mexico (south of Gallup) near the Arizona border
  5. 1920s-1940s. Morris Zale, William Zale and Ben Lipshy open the first Zales Jewelers on March 29, 1924, in Wichita Falls, Texas. In addition to jewelry, their inventory includes cameras, small appliances and cookware. The success of the credit policy, along with exceptional customer service and a centralized buying policy, leads the company to.
  6. The Timeline offers scholarly contributions to the public knowledge of the history of fashion and design. Consistent with this mission, the Timeline 's written commentary, research, and analysis provided by FIT students, faculty, and other members of the community is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.

HISTORY OF INDIAN JEWELRY. History of Indian jewellery is as old as the history of the country itself. Around 5000 years ago, the desire to adorn themselves aroused in people, leading to the origin of jewellery. Since then, Indian women and jewellery have gone hand in hand. There cannot be a woman in India, who does not adore herself with. Learn about the history of fashion from 1840 - 1900. Interactive Map. Discover the many treasures in the beautiful V&A galleries, find out where events are happening in the Museum or just check the location of the café, shops, lifts or toilets. Simple to use, the V&A interactive map works on all screen sizes, from your tablet or smartphone to. History of American Baseball Poster - 11 3/4 By 36 Timeline Print. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 40. $17.95. $17. . 95. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Name Provider Purpose Expiry Type; __zlcmid: Zendesk: Preserves users states across page requests. 1 year: HTTP Cookie _cc_aud: Lotame: Collects statistical data related to the user's website visits, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website and what pages have been loaded Jewelry and Lapidary. Cutting and faceting stones, jewelry settings, metals, tools and techniques. Gemstone Encyclopedia. Detailed information for any gemstone you are interested in. Gem Price Guide. The IGS Gem Price Guide covers many popular as well as unusual, collectible gems. Find your gem's retail value based on its type, size, and.

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This timeline is an introduction to the rich history of the Gallery as a preeminent cultural institution. Selected key events from the museum's past are supplemented with archival images, audio recordings, and other documentary material from the holdings of the Gallery Archives The history of Bali covers a period from the Paleolithic to the present, and is characterized by migrations of people and cultures from other parts of Asia.In the 16th century, the history of Bali started to be marked by Western influence with the arrival of Europeans, to become, after a long and difficult colonial period under the Dutch, an example of the preservation of traditional cultures.

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Chart the course of history through the ages with this collection of oversize foldout charts and timelines. Timeline of World History is a unique work of visual reference from the founders of the Useful Charts website that puts the world's kingdoms, empires, and civilizations in context with one another.A giant wall chart shows the timelines and key events for each region of the world, and. History of Jewelry. The history of human civilization of having different types of jewelry to be place on us, as a decorative, or even to symbolism wealth and power is simply amazing. Humans have been wearing jewelry as long as 75,000 years, the time when our ancestors are still living the the caves

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Jewelry The Origination Of History Of Jewelry Timeline Jewelry has stood the stains of time ancient jewelry history. Jewellery meaning what is was and what it has came to be history of jewelry design. Jewelry is ornaments of precious metals worn to beautify ourselves types of jewellery History of Diamonds. The diamond is more than just aesthetically beautiful—it's an enduring symbol of love, romance, and commitment. The stone's name is derived from the Greek word adamas, which translates to unconquerable. This symbolic meaning lends itself well to the diamond's historic commemoration of eternal love. Diamond History Styles & Eras of Antique Jewelry (Circa 1800 - 1950) Below is an overview of the some of the styles of antique and estate jewelry from the 18th century to the 1950s. Many designations are based upon the names of Kings and Queens, most from the royals of the English monarchy. Others terms are derived from a variety of sources Platinum & Jewelry: A Love Story For the Ages Published on: May 6, 2021 fb-round twitter-round email-round You might know platinum for its use in record-setting albums, that credit card your fancy friend swipes or the beautiful jewelry you see all over Insta It's been hundreds of thousands of years since the first simple jewelry pieces were crafted from seashells, bone, and animal skin. In the years since our ancestors first left the African continent, Egypt has become a dominant civilization in ancient history. They were empowered by advances in technology, and access to gemstones and precious.

Next time you are browsing for vintage jewelry, remember to check for the Ostby & Barton (OB) mark, which indicates the piece is of high quality along with having an interesting history with historical connections. Sources: - www.encyclopedia-titanica.org - The Jewelers' Circular, Volume 85, Issue 2, 1922 - 192 1915 - The first women's razor is introduced to the world. 1916 - Bobby pins are introduced to America. 1920 - The short bob is the most popular haircut. 1928 - The first men's hair product called Brylcreem, made of mineral oil, beeswax and water, is produced. 1930 - The cold wave perm is invented Agricultural Research Begins. Putting his money where his mouth is, H.J. Heinz creates a quality research facility in Bowling Green, OH. HEINZ becomes one of the first in the country to create a facility dedicated entirely to improving the quality of the produce in its products. 1920. s In this article, we cover the full history of hip hop dance and music and include a helpful hip hop history timeline for reference. Origins of Hip Hop. Hip hop (or hip-hop, the two can be used interchangeably) began as a culture and art movement in the Bronx, where demographics were rapidly shifting in the early 1970s Sep 18, 2016 - Explore Marjolaine Blanc's board Timeline Designs, followed by 600 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about timeline design, infographic, timeline

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Brilliance & Fire. History of Diamond Cutting. The history of diamond cutting officially began in the middle ages when diamonds became fashionable in Europe. This diagram illustrates the six most popular antique diamond cuts throughout history. 1300 Early Point Cuts. The very first diamonds were found in India and kept as loose unpolished stones Historical Timeline History of Cow's Milk from the Ancient World to the Present. 8000 BC-63 BC. 1525-1776. 1800-1899. 1900-1949. 1950-1999. 2000-present. Other sites are welcome to link to this page, but not to reproduce or repurpose our copyrighted content Bakelite jewelry became immensely popular in the 1920s as an affordable and attractive replacement for other materials. It came in several colors, including translucent and marbled shades by the 1950s. Bakelite jewelry from this era often had striking patterns, such as polka dots and chevrons, and it could be carved into intricate shapes.

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Infographic: History of Metals Timeline. The development of civilisation has relied heavily on the discovery of metals. Prehistoric man used metals to build tools and weapons and as our knowledge of metallurgy has developed, metals have played an essential role in the advancement of agriculture, transport and arts and craft - forging the path to today's modern society 7,000 BCE. Sharp tools made from natural glass appear. 5,000 BCE. Phoenician merchants possibly make the first glass. 3,500 BCE. Simple glass items are fabricated in Mesopotamia and Egypt. 3,500 BCE. The wheel is invented, which will later be applied in wheel-forming of pottery. 3,000 BCE 504-834-9999. Track Order. Returning Customers. Sign in to your account to track orders and view your order history. Email Address (Max 100 characters) : Password

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Jewelry was similar to clothing when it came to portraying rank and wealth. At the beginning of the Medieval era, the only people wealthy enough to afford jewels and fine metals were the nobility. However, with the expansion of trade and commerce and therefore a more developed and larger middle class, more people could afford jewelry Year Event; c. 800BC-1000ADAdena and Hopewell Mound Builders populate the region that will become Northeast Ohio.: c. 1200 : The Native American Mississippian culture with MesoAmerican influence residing in the region becomes increasingly urbanized and agricultural.c. 1500: Native Americans of the region begin residing year-round in large, fortified villages, growing maize, beans, and squash.

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Timeline of Michigan Copper Mining Prehistory to 1850 Colton's 1872 Lake Superior Map Partial serpent artifact made of Lake Superior copper found at Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa Viking History Timeline Posted by Sons Of Vikings on July 2, 2021. This is a chronology of some of the leading people and events of the Viking Age. It is by no means comprehensive but only offers some sense of structure for this dynamic period in human history. Sons of Vikings is an online store offering hundreds of Viking inspired items. May 12 : Act of Congress establishes an assay office at Helena, in the Territory of Montana. Funds are approved to construct a building and to purchase machinery. November 05 : Completed San Francisco Mint, designed by Treasury Supervising Architect Alfred B. Mullett, is turn over to Superintendent A. H. LaGrange Introduction The cuff link has a long and interesting history intertwined with the development of 'fitted' clothing - which necessitated the use of buttons. Subsequent development of the 'worked' buttonhole, the Industrial Revolution and the evolution of mens' fashion - culminating in the 'French cuff' Clothing in pre-historic times tended to be functional and relate

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1837: Start of the Tiffany Story Tiffany & Co. is created by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young (then known as Tiffany & Young, a stationery and fancy goods emporium at 259 Broadway in New York). All items were marked with a non-negotiable selling price, which was a first at that time. The firs The following timeline describes the major events of Earth-616. Only major fictional historical events are listed here. Please note that few exact dates have been given for these events, so approximations are used instead. Note also that a sliding timescale applies to Earth-616, so that events involving its inhabitants can only be determined as having happened a certain number of years before. This document explores the significance of the element silver in history, covering esoteric topics such as silver use in alchemy, human culture, and modern science. Silver has a long history of use in medicine, and was commonly used by doctors as late as the 1930's, before the advent of antibiotics. Cellulitis Treated with Colloidal Silver June 14. New system of attaching the cars of the Fairmount branch of the Philadelphia Traction Company to the cable motor cars at Franklin and Wallace went into effect. June 16. A new steamer, the Elizabeth Monroe Smith, the gift of Mr. F. Smith to the Sanitarium Association opened its twelfth season at Red Bank, N.J

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Diamonds became a symbol of love thanks to De Beers, which is fitting, since De Beers became what it is today because of a love story: the love of money. In the beginning, the diamond trade took. Mugs began to be made out of clay. This made decorating the cups, and adding handles, much easier. The first ceramic mugs made on potter's wheels were found in about 2000 BCE. The clay used at this time made the walls of the mug too thick for a human mouth to comfortably drink from. Bushel with Ibex Motifs Women's Fashion from 1900 to 1919. The previous century had produced crinolines, bustles, polonaises, dolmans, abundant frills and furbelow's of every description.But the new century, at the height of the Belle Epoch ( beautiful era) was bowing to simplicity and to common sense. Though details were still elaborate, fussy trimmings and unnatural lines were gradually being abandoned