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  2. The N54 began production in 2006 and first appeared in the 2007 BMW 335i; in 2008, the N54 was introduced along with the 135i and 535i. BMW's N55 engine began production in 2009 and started replacing the N54 in 2010. However, most applications built in 2010 still carried the twin turbo N54. The N55 officially replaced the N54 in 2011 (with.
  3. 2010 BMW 335i (E Chassis, N54 Engine) No significant changes between 2009 and 2010 335i models. 2011 BMW 335i (E Chassis, N55 PWG Engine) Model year 2011 335i's moved on from the twin turbo N54 engine to the single turbo N55. The N55 moved from piezo injectors to solenoid style injectors
  4. 335i 2010 (N54) or 335i 2011 (N55) Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. M. M3 GTR 05 (CAD) annual income; and i'm trying to find out which BMW would be the right first car. A 2010 335i twin turbo charged bimmer or a 2011 335i twin-scroll turbo charged bimmer? Both would be around $11k-$13k and have around 90k-120k KM's (not miles)
  5. Sales on 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 BMW 335i Exhaust. Browse our selection of BMW 335i Cat Back Exhaust from Corsa, Active Autowerke, Magnaflow, Borla, AFE and more! If you have a BMW 335i you need to check out our Performance Exhaust System collection. We have the largest selection of BMW 335i and 335xi Exhausts
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BMW had a long history of producing excellent naturally aspirated engines, so the N54 was a huge change for BMW. Not too long after the N54 was released in 2006, BMW began implementing the N55 in 2010 in the 5-Series Gran Turismo. Compared to the N54, the N55 had a significant amount of changes that were designed to make it more reliable. 500 Horsepower N54 Package Applications. BMW 1 Series. 2008-2010 E82 Coupe 135i; 2008-2010 E88 Convertible 135i; 2011 E82 1M; BMW 3 Series. 2006-2010 E90 Sedan 335i/335ix; 2006-2010 E91 Touring 335i/335ix; 2006-2010 E92 Coupe 335i/335ix; 2007-2010 E93 Convertible 335i/335ix; 2011-2013 E92 335is; Install Guides can be downloaded from each. The BMW N54 is a twin-turbocharged straight-six petrol engine that was produced from 2006 to 2016. It is BMW's first mass-produced turbocharged petrol engine and BMW's first turbocharged petrol engine since the limited-production BMW M106 was discontinued in 1986. The N54 debuted at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show and was launched in the 335i model of the E90/E91/E92/E93 3 Series range It might be tough to find one with an n54 under warranty still. I think BMW went to the n54 in 2010 which is a little more reliable. But not as responsive to mods. The 335is is an N54 sport version of the 335i that was made from 2011-13. It has the DCT transmission from the M3 and 1M. It's more rare of a car too Guide to BMW 135i & 335i Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) Unfortunately, the 135i and 335i powered by the N54 received open differentials from BMW. It's a serious limiting factor for those looking to make more power and/or track their cars. A limited slip differential is an excellent mod to help put more power down. In [

5 Ways To Go Full-Bolt-On For 2011+ BMW 335i & 135i N55 Engines PSA: Why your E82 or E9X BMW N54/N55 Engine NEEDS An Oil Cooler Meth Head: Go Faster with Methanol Injection for BMW N54, Audi & Porsche Turbo Factory to Full Bolt On: Mods for F30 335i N55 Engines. Whether you want to just get another 20hp out of your 335i or you want to turn it. The best 6 cylinder engine I have ever heard! BMW 335i N55 E90FOLLOW ME ON ↓Instagram https://www.instagram.com/johnathanwh/Twitter https://twitter.com/j.. However, the E9x 335i set the standard for BMW's direction. Nearly the entire line-up of BMW's today are turbocharged, and the N54 powered 335i started it all. Though, the N54 was plagued with many issues early on (and still isn't a terribly reliable engine). As such, 2011-2013 E90 335i models received the updated N55 single turbo engine The Most SEVERE BMW N54/N55 Engine Gasket Oil Leak! In this video, I'll discuss the most serious BMW N54/N55 gasket that is prone to leaking and could cause. VRSF N54/N55/S55 OEM Replacement Charge Pipe C-Clip for BMW N54 & N55 Engines. Add for $ 24.99. VRSF Chargepipe Upgrade Kit 07-13 BMW 135i, 335i & X1 N54/N55 E84, E88, E90, E92 quantity. Add to cart

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Will fit 1 3 5 series cars with only N54 engine. Good used condition While this kit was designed specifically for the VRSF N54/N55 E chassis intercoolers, it may work with others. Note: The lower chargepipe upgrade is recommended for 2007-2008 N54's and required for 2009+. Fits the following BMWs. 2007-2013 E90/E91/E92/E93 BMW 335i/xi 2011-2012 E92 BMW 335is 2008-2012 E82 BMW 135 BMW F30 F36 335I 3.0L N55 ENGINE MOTOR TURBOCHARGED W/ TURBO ASSEMBLY OEM 86MK (Fits: BMW 335i) $3,999.99. $300.00 shipping 2010 BMW 335i - Click above for high-res image gallery. The award-winning BMW N54 inline-six has been a hit around the world since it made its debut in the 2006 E90 335i. The twin-turbocharged.

How To Adjust Wastegate Actuator Arm BMW 335i 135i 535i x6 z4 N54Here is the Collection of Videos That I made to Help You Fix Your Wastegate Rattle Problem.h.. This is a DIY video showing how to replace the upper radiator/coolant hose on BMW N54 and N55 engines. These engines were included in the135i 235i 335i 335i..

VRSF Turbo Outlet Charge Pipe O-Ring for 10901020E - 2010+ BMW 135i, 335i, 535i E & F Chassis Add for $ 12.99 VRSF N55 Turbo Outlet Charge Pipe (TIC) 2010 - 2012 BMW 135i, 335i, X1 - E Chassis quantit OEM replacement turbo to downpipe clamp for your N54, N55, S55, N63 and S63 turbo BMW. These are sold individually and you can reference the chart below to determine fitment for your vehicle. Please note that the N54, S55, N63 and S63 motors require two clamps whereas N55 vehicles only require one clamp

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2007-2010 BMW 135i 335i 535i X6 Z4 E60 E71 E87 E89 3.0T N54 PISTON & ROD SET (6) (Fits: BMW 335i) $429.99. 7624408 CONNECTING ROD FITS 2013-2018 BMW 135I 335I 535I N55 30455. $104.00. Was: $115.55. Free shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED. 07-11 BMW 335i N54 E92 - OEM Engine Motor Piston W/ Connecting Rod - Twin Turbo (Fits: BMW 335i) $36.54. 335i Sedan N55 2011 vs 335i Coupe N54 2010. Tags bmw 335i bmw 335i 335is n54 n55 bmw 335i coupe. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts 2010 BMW 335i Monaco Blue Metallic Premium+Sport Package Auto/STEPTRONIC COBB Stage 2, K&N, BMW Performance Exhaust. 2005 Mustang GT Redfire Metalli N55 vs N54 (bmw 335i) Close. 1. Posted by. u/ZackNottke Archived. N55 vs N54 (bmw 335i) so basically im stuck between getting a 2009 bmw 335i with n54 motor or a 2010+ bmw 335i with n55 motor. i know that the n54 has a hpfp issues which were basically fixed in n55. if i were to get a n55 i would eventually want to get it up to around 400hp.

Does anyone with a new 2011 335i Coupe, know if the Oil filter tool that works for the N54 will work on the new N55 motor? N52/N54 Oil Filter Tool Part #: 83300493936 (83 30 0 493 936) Applications: 2006 - on (E60 E61 E83 E85 E86 E90 E91 E92 E93 N55 and n54 are basically the same maintenance and reliability wise. -1. level 1. JamesHawk101. 2009 335i 6MT M-Sport 3 years ago. My N54 rod bearings just failed but from what I have read the N55s are becoming easier to get higher amounts of powers. 0 The BMW 335i is our flagship offering and Top Gear Solutions is the most widely used store for BMW 335i Performance Upgrades. We have the largest selection of BMW 335i Parts! Please browse our enormous selection of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 BMW 335i Performance Parts. Choose from BMW 335i Cold Air Intakes, Air Filters, Cat Back Exhaust and. 2010 BMW 335i - Click above for high-res image gallery. The award-winning BMW N54 inline-six has been a hit around the world since it made its debut in the 2006 E90 335i. The twin-turbocharged. Boost Pressure Sensor - N54 N55 N63 - 13627585493. This part is listed by BMW as BMW part number 13627585493 (13 62 7 585 493) and is described as Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, or MAP sensor for short. MAP sensors can be found in more than one location on turbo charged BMW engines, and are used by the engine control unit to measure and.

Don't rule out a 135i with the N54 engine. Just make sure it has had the recall work done. A new HPFP. You also have a 10 year 120,000 mile HPFP extended warranty that goes with N54 engine BMWs. The N54 engine ( tuned to 335 HP) is good enough that BMW put it in the 1M There were believers, doubters, and some people who were just downright confused when we wrote our How to give your N54 BMW 500hp for $1,500 article. This follow-up article is for all of you, as we show exactly how we took a stock 300hp N54 335xi and turned it into a 500hp beast running 11.9@116mph in the ¼ mile.

BMW 135i (E82) N54 Inlets & Outlets. BMW 135i (E92) Upgraded Turbos. BMW 135i (E82) Cat Back Exhaust. BMW 135i (E82) Discounted Combo Packages. BMW 135i (E82) Intercooler Upgrades. BMW 135i (E82) Engine Maintenance Misc. BMW 135i (E82) Rear Axle Upgrades. BMW 135i (E82) Clutch Kits & Flywheels. BMW 135i (E82) LPFP Fuel Pump Upgrades BMW 1 Series 135i 2007-2010 (E8x N54) BMW 1 Series 135is 2011-2013 (E8x) BMW 3 Series 335 335i 2007-2010 (E90/E91) N54. BMW 3 Series 335 335i 2007-2010 (E92/E93) N54. BMW 3 Series 335 335is 2011-2013 (E92/E93) N54. BMW 3 Series 335 335xi 2007-2010 (E90/E91) N54. BMW 3 Series 335 335xi 2007-2010 (E92/E93) N54 VRSF Upgraded N54/N55 Chargepipe for 2007-12 BMW 135i/335i/1M/535i [E82/E90/E92/E93/E60] VRSF Chargepipe N55 for 2007-13 BMW 135i/1M/335i/is [E82/E88/E90/E92/E93] Increase throttle response and decreases turbo lag with the VRSF chargepipe for your 135i/335i/335is

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The N54 engine was BMW's first turbo gasoline engine since the 1974 2002 Turbo. Certainly some of the engineers working on the engine weren't even born yet! So a few hiccups and teething problems were to be expected. The N54 has suffered from a few long term issues, with the ignition system being close to the top of everyone's list of annoyances The BMW N55 is a turbocharged straight-six petrol engine that began production in 2009. The N55 replaced the BMW N54 engine and was introduced in the F07 5 Series Gran Turismo.. The N55 was BMW's first straight-six engine to use a twin-scroll turbocharger.It also won three straight Ward's 10 Best Engines awards in 2011-2013.. Following the introduction of the BMW B58 engine in 2015, the N55. As tuner cars go, the BMW N54 Twin Turbo Inline six responds incredibly well for modification gains for the N54 are often double what the same mod would yield on another car - with modded 335i's often hot on the heels of the V8 E9X M3 one has to wonder if the N54 is the reason why the F80 M3 / F82 M4 boast a Turbo Six underhood

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BMW 335 engine oil capacity. Engine. Capacity/Filter capacity. litres (liters) Oil Change Intervals. 335i (2007 - 2010) N54. 6.5. 25 000 km / 24 months BMW N54: Applications. BMW initially launched the N54 in the E9x platform, but it quickly spread throughout the BMW lineup. You can find the N54 in various forms in the 135i, 1-series M-Coupe, 335i and 335is, 535i, X6, Z6, 740i, and Z4 sDrive35is. 2007 - 2010 135i (N54B30) 2007 - 2010 335i (N54B30) 2007 - 2010 535i (N54B30 BMW M Performance Power Kit Software with Badge - E9x 335i/335xi, E82 135i N55 Looking for more power from your N55 equipped 335i or 135i? This BMW Performance Software Upgrade provides a 20hp gain while retaining the factory warranty For BMW N54 and N55 engines with automatic transmission: 2010 BMW 135i Flywheel Lock: 135i (E82) - Coupe - 3.0L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) - Turbo: For BMW N54 and N55 engines with automatic transmission: 135i (E88) - Convertible - 3.0L 6 Cyl (24 Valve) - Turbo: For BMW N54 and N55 engines with automatic transmission: 2011 BMW 135i Flywheel Loc Shop here for bmw autoparts. Burger Tuning Jb4, Wagner Intercooler and Downpipes, Active Autowerke Exhausts, VRSF products and Injen intakes 2006-2010 335i/ 2011-2013 335is; 2011+ 335i/xi (E Chassis Only) 2012+ F30 335 N55; 340; 2007-2010 N54; 2011+ n55 . Back; 2011-2013 E Chassis 335 ; 2012+ F Chassis Sedan Only; 340; M3 . Back; 2001.

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CSF's new BMW n54 intercooler comes with all the features desired, at an unbeatable price point of only USD $499. Undeniably the best value intercooler now available today! The BMW N54 engine has become known as one of the best built, most reliable engines in the world, especially from a high performance tuning standpoint How To Replace The Water Pump And Thermostat On A BMW N54 Engine (335i, Z4, X6, & More) Electric water pumps are a point of contention. They tend to fail more often than their mechanical counterparts, yet at the same time offer benefits over the more simple, mechanically driven ones This is the mounting bolt used for the water pump on all N55 engines as well as later (updated) N54 engines. These are sold per bolt and 3 are required for mounting the water pump. This is a new and revised bolt design to match the updated water pump ( p/n 11517632426 ). BMW changed the design for the N55 and all subsequent replacement N54 pumps VRSF 3″ Cast Stainless Steel Catless Downpipes V2 N54 07-10 BMW 335i / 08-10 BMW 135i For your 2007-2010 BMW 135i, 335i & 335IS with the N54 Engine We are proud to introduce our VRSF 3″ Catless Downpipes for the N54 135i & 335i which now.. CSF Race Radiator for BMW N54 & N55 - 135i, 335i, 335is, 335xi, 1M $450 (Orange County san gabriel valley ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $9,000. favorite this post Jul 15 2011 BMW 335i 2010 BMW 335i - Loaded - Well Maintained - Financing! -Bad Credit O

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Find the best oil and filter for your 2010 BMW 535i (3.0L 6 -cyl Engine Code N55 B30A 4 Turbo) and get free shipping Direct fit for: 2008-2010 BMW 135i L6-3.0L Twin Turbo (E82/88) / 2007-2010 BMW 335i/xi L6-3.0L Twin Turbo (E9X) Excludes vehicles with active steering Dyno Proven gains of up to 13 hp and 12 lb-ft. of torqu HQRP Coolant/Fluid Level Sensor for BMW 335is E92, E93 N54 3.0L; 335xi E90, E92 N54 3.0L, N55 3.0L plus HQRP Coaster Visit the HQRP Store 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 rating 335i (N54 BiTurbo 2006-2010) Zurück. Vor. Menü schließen BMW N54 Super Chargepipe KIT VRSF 7.5 Ladeluftkühler Race 135i/335i N54 & N55 679,00 € * 1.199,00 € * TIPP! 3,5BAR N20 TMAP Ladedrucksensor N54 N55 MHD JB4. BMW N54: Everything You Need to Know BMW N54: The Modern 1,000HP Capable Engine DO NOT Buy A BMW N54 135i 335i 535i Until You Watch This! Every BMW N54 Owner Needs This For a 135i, 335i, 535i, and Z4 BMW N54 Vs N55 Engine and Reliability Comparison BMW 135i N54 500 BHP *Ultimate Review* BMW 135i N54 Pure Turbo

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For Bmw E9x 335i Xi N54 Recognizing the pretension ways to get this ebook for bmw e9x 335i xi n54 is additionally useful. You have remained in right site to start getting this info. get the for bmw e9x 335i xi n54 member that we have the funds for here and check out the link. You could buy guide for bmw e9x 335i xi n54 or acquire it as soon as. You know exactly what the BMW 335i sedan is. It's one of the best sports sedans on the market, with a perfect balance of supple ride and superb handling. For 2011, BMW dropped the N54 twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six and replaced it with the N55 single-turbo 3.0-liter

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The N54 was put in the 335i until BMW made what's believed to be a more cost-effective engine, the N55. The N54 was used in the 335i from 2006 until 2010, the 135i from 2008-2013, and the 740i. The N54 powered the 335i from 2006 to 2009. From 2010 onwards the car was upgraded to the N55B30 engine which was almost identical to the N54. The difference, however, was that the N55 had a. BMW N54 engine modifications and differences. 1. N54B30O0 (2006 - 2010) is a base modification with the following specs: Power - 306 HP at 5,800 rpm, 400 Nm of torque at 1,400-5,000 rpm. It was used for BMW models with 35i index. 2 BMP Modular Stage 2 Bucket-less Fuel Pump Kit N54 335i 135i ** Walbro 535 option available for your Primary Pump**The 535 has been road tested to ensure it is s.. $299.9

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MAP sensors can be found in more than one location on turbocharged BMW engines, and are used by the engine control unit to measure and monitor turbo boost pressure. This sensor is used on various BMW turbo engines such as the N20/N26 4-cylinder, N55 6-cylinder (after 8/2010 production), N63 8-cylinder (after 3/2012 production), S55 6-cylinder. After a full week with the 2010 BMW 335i sedan, we've come to understand why the bastions of auto-journodom have spent the last 10 years drinking the BMW Kool-Aid. It's just that good. It's just. Repair Summary. This article gives detailed instructions on replacing the tensioner pulley, idler pulleys and main accessory (serpentine) belt in a BMW vehicle with the N54/N55 turbocharged engine. Even though we used a 2011 335i to perform this repair, this article can be applied to all 1,3,5 and X1 vehicles with either the N54 or N55. The N54, N55 engine of the 335i, 135i, and 535i are all direct injection; this means in particular that the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder and not in the intake tract. As a consequence, fuel is no longer sprayed before the intake valve

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Canada. GTR Auto BMW 335i N55 Engine Motor Turbo AWD RWD This ad special - 2011 BMW Single Turbo N55 (twin scroll) - 130,000km - 90 day warranty - 4200$ Call or text 403 467 8208 Many engines and transmissions for all cars, suvs, trucks, sedans. Call for pricing or email gtrauto@live.com - We can ship!! At GTR Auto we The ARM Motorsports 335i FMIC increases cooling efficiency and power on your N54 or N55 equipped 335i by using a 5 stepped core which maximizes intercooler size to almost 47% BIGGER than OEM. This is achieved without the need for irreversible cutting or trimming to your bumper. It retains all the OEM crash bars and bumper pads as well The BMW N54 is bursting with opportunity and changing the tuning scene due to its easy horsepower and now inexpensive price tag. Starting back in 2007, the N54 engine first hit the scene in the BMW 335i. It then made its way to the 135i in 2008 and a slew of other models all the way through 2010

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VRSF N54 3″ Cast Stainless Steel Downpipes. For your 2007-2010 BMW 135i, 1M, 335i & 335IS with the N54 Engine. We are proud to introduce our VRSF 3″ Downpipes for the N54 135i & 335i which now feature a cast stainless steel mouth. These 3″ downpipes are THE best bang for the buck mod available, with gains from 25hp & 30tq when tuned BMW 3 Series • 2006-2010 E90 Sedan 335i / 335ix • 2006-2010 E91 Touring 335i / 335ix • 2006-2010 E92 Coupe 335i / 335ix • 2006-2010 E93 Convertible 335i / 335ix • 2011-2013 E92 Coupe 335is. BMW 5 Series (Select specific 535 N54 w/ OEM DVs in the drop-down menu) • 2008-2010 E60 Sedan 535i • 2008-2010 E61 Touring 535i Stock vs. BMS. Repair Summary This article covers replacing the high pressure fuel pump in a BMW E90 with the N55 turbocharged engine. Even though we used a 2011 335i to perform this repair, this article can be applied to any BMW vehicle with the N54/N55 turbocharged engine including the 1,3,5,7,X3,X5,X6,Z4 series with minor modifications to the repair steps A brief video overview of our new Platinum LPFP upgrade for the E-Series 135i and 335i. For questions or to inquire about any of our fueling products, please visit us at www.fuel-it.com or email us at info@fuel-it.com Thanks for watching, Fuel-It Do your N54 turbo overhaul job right! This very comprehensive kit for the 2007-2010 335i and 335xi includes two brand new OE N54 Turbos (made by Mitsubishi, the original supplier to BMW) as well as all of the commonly replaced gaskets and hardware for replacing turbos on any 2007, 2008, 2009, or 2010 model 335i or 335xi For engines N53 N54 N55 before 2012: 2010: BMW: 535i: Base Sedan 4-Door: For engines N53 N54 N55 before 2012: 2010: BMW: 335i xDrive: Base Sedan 4-Door: For engines N53 N54 N55 before 2012: 2010: BMW: 335i xDrive: Base Coupe 2-Door: For engines N53 N54 N55 before 2012: 2010: BMW: 335i: M Sport Sedan 4-Door: For engines N53 N54 N55 before 2012.