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Map of West Asia Click to see large. Description: This map shows governmental boundaries of countries in West Asia. Countries of West Asia: Armenia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, Cyprus, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Go back to see more maps of Asia. Map of Western Asia, including the Middle East and African countries bordering the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Political Map of Western Asia, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and adjacent countries with borders, capitals and major cities The map below shows Western Asia and the Middle East, today a hot spot for political and religious unrest, full-scale wars, and a theater of proxy conflicts between the two most powerful countries - the USA and Russia. Fatima Masumeh Shrine in Qom, Iran. The Middle East, sometimes also called Near East, is a region at the crossroads between. Western Asia Map. Western Asia, West Asia, Southwest Asia or Southwestern Asia are terms that describe the westernmost portion of Asia. The terms are partly coterminous with the Middle East - which describes geographical position in relation to Western Europe rather than location within Asia, the main difference usually being the exclusion of the majority of Egypt (which would be counted as. Map showing the 18 countries of Western Asia. Western Asia has a population of approximately 283 million people. There are 18 countries in Western Asia. The Arabs and Turks are the two largest ethnic groups in Western Asia. Turkey is the most populous country in Western Asia, while Cyprus is the least populous

Western Asia, West Asia, or Southwest Asia, is the westernmost subregion of the continent of Asia.It is entirely a part of the Greater Middle East and almost entirely a part of the Middle East, and includes Anatolia, the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Mesopotamia, the Levant, the island of Cyprus, the Sinai Peninsula, and partly Transcaucasia.The region is considered to be separated from Africa by. Jan 20, 2018 - West Asia Map - Explore map of West Asia, which is showing countries and their capital, international boundary and major cities of Western Asia Map of Western Asia. West Asia is located in the area between Central Asia and Africa, south of Eastern Europe. The majority of the region is often referred to as the Middle East, although it geographically excludes the mainland of Egypt (which is culturally considered a Middle Eastern country). West Asia is politically divided into 18 states. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps

Western Asia Population History / Western Asia Population Projections. World Population Prospects (2019 Revision) - United Nations population estimates and projections Vector illustration. West Asia Region. Map of countries in western Asia or Middle East. Vector illustration. Southwest Asia, political map with borders. Also called Western, West or Southwestern Asia. Subregion, overlapping with Middle East, including Caucasus. Gray illustration on white background Map Walk Department of History @ Cleveland State University. About; Sidebar. Category: Western Asia Jerusalem. Posted on August 29, 2012. One of the most contested cities in the history of the Abrahamic faiths is Jerusalem. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all lay claim to the city, each citing a religious text to support the assertion. As a.

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  1. Illustration about West Asia Region. Map of countries in western Asia or Middle East. Vector illustration. Illustration of border, country, business - 14523885
  2. Map of countries in western Asia or Middle East. Vector illustration. Southwest Asia, political map with borders. Also called Western, West or Southwestern Asia. Subregion, overlapping with Middle East, including Caucasus. Gray illustration on white background. Vector
  3. WESTERN ASIA The boundries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. Final boundary between the Republic of Sudan.
  4. g, now is a great time to do business in Asia! Since many of the countries are so large, it should not be too much trouble to find them on this map quiz game
  5. List of Countries in Western Asia and Their Capitals. As noted above, there are nineteen independent countries in the West Asia. Among them, the largest country is Iran and the smallest is Cyprus in term of population. The full list of Western Asia countries with capitals is shown in the table below, ranked by latest total population and area
  6. Get info about deserts in Western Asia. See a Western Asia deserts map. Read traveler reviews, browse photos, and book Western Asia desert tours

There is no correct or generally agreed upon definition of Western Asia. Wikipedia contains a discussion of the various definitions of Western Asia.; Armenia and Azerbaijan have long been associated with the Middle East but some sources now consider them part of Europe based on their economic and political trends. This, of course, would be based on political and economic definitions, not on a. Maps of the Middle East, BCE: West Asia (c. 1200 BCE) Category » Middle East, Before the Common Era. INTRODUCTION TO Physical, human, Indian and World GEOGRAPHY covering topics like WEST ASIA Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, turkey, Bahrain, Qatar Tigris and Euphrates Oil, Natural Gas in Middle east and World from NCERT, NIOS, Majid hussain, Oxford atlas, GC Leong, for UPSC Prelims, Mains optional and other exams of importance for government exams and. Cities of Western Asia. If you plan a trip to Western Asia, pay special attention to Damascus, Amman, Tbilisi, Khunzakh and Mecca. . Routes and travel notes about Western Asia. Start browsing routes database from here: All routes of Western Asia. There is a special resource for means of transportation: Western Asia transport Asia map quizzes. Asia countries (excludes Western) Asia - countries (type answer) Printable Maps of Asia; Asia capitals (excludes Western) Middle East bodies of water (Western Asia) Asia physical features; Asia: bodies of water; Match country flags to the map ; Asia tourist destinations ; Asia Airport codes (type answer) Asia by Regio

Western Sahara is located in northern Africa. Western Sahara is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Morrocco to the north, Algeria to the east and Mauritania to the south and east. Western Sahara is one of nearly 200 countries illustrated on our Blue Ocean Laminated Map of the World. This map shows a. Western Asia Map — More Maps — Lux Delux game info. Theme thanks to Mbauer! With most of East Asia firmly under its control, China turns it's massive war machine east, hoping to replenish their rapidly depleting oil reserves. The Middle East has lost control over the majority of its oil fields to the greedy western powers. The West, hoping. Western Asia Kurdistan Map free templates. January 24, 2018. Western Asia. Free Azerbaijan Editable Map. April 17, 2017. Azerbaijan Country political map with 59 districts, 11 cities and 1 autonomous republic, labeling major districts and cities, Baku (city), Ganja (city), Sumqayit (city),.. Record 1 to 7 of 7. Regional Asian maps of the Western Asia region from the Maps ETC collection. This includes physical and political maps, early history and empires, climate maps, relief maps, population density and distribution maps, cultural maps, and economic/resource maps

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Map of Greece and Western Asia Minor - Greek Mythology Link #195243. South-West Asia : free map, free blank map, free outline map, free #195244. Northern and Western Asia (World in Maps): Martyn Bramwell #195245. Giant Wall Maps Asia - Klettmaps.com #195246 This map of western Asia produced by the American Geographical Society (AGS) of New York dates from the period immediately after World War I. A similar map in the collection of the American Geographical Society Library at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is thought to have been made by the AGS for the use of the American delegation to the peace negotiations in Versailles in 1918−19 Vector Maps of Western Asia | Free Vector Maps. Sponsored Images by iStock - Limited Deal: 15% OFF with 15ISTOCK Coupon

The Middle East is a region mainly in Western Asia, between the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. While the region is known for its arid climate, not all of the land consists of desert. Wikivoyage. Wikipedia. Overview Map of the Asian Continent: In the map of Asia at the top of this page, the continent is bisected by the 90 degrees east longitude line. It is a two-point equidistant projection with loci at 45 degrees north, 40 degrees east; and, 30 degrees north and 110 degrees east Map of Asia Minor in New Testament Times. In New Testament times Asia referred to a Roman province located at the western part of what came to be known as Asia Minor. Asia Minor was the area between the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. The provinces seen in the above map include: Asia, Bythinia and Pontus, Galatia, Pamphylia. The predominant cultures and languages of Western Asia are Persian, Turkic, and Arabic and its largest religious groups are Shia and Sunni Islam with religious and ethno-religious minorities such as Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Baha'is also present

This 1885 map of Western Asia shows the region from the Mediterranean Sea to British India, including the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula. This region was at the time under the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the west, independent Persia (present-day Iran) in the center, and independent Afghanistan in the east, with the Russian Empire to the north Western Asia, 1914 A map from 1914 of the western portion of Asia, including western Siberia and Russian Turkestan, Turkey in Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Oman, Persia, Afghanistan, portions of Chinese Turkestan and Tibet, Nepal, and the British possessions in India fr.. Stanford's map of western Asia Contributor Names Edward Stanford Ltd. Created / Published London : Edward Stanford, 1885. Subject Headings - Middle East--Maps.

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Western Asia Countries . Map projection is a way to represent the globe which is an inperfect sphere, onto a flat survace. (For example a large piece of paper or the screen you are currently watching ;-)) And why? Well in order to get a useable map. And that last part, well that is the hard part. You have to deal with the practival use of. Western Asia. Click on the Western Asia to view it full screen. File Type: png, File size: 217349 bytes (212.25 KB), Map Dimensions: 2752px x 2053px (256 colors Map of the Roman Empire - Asia. Asia N-6 on the Map . Ancient Asia - In the ancient world Asia was known of as having three divisions: Asia Major, Asia Minor, and Asia Proper or just Asia. The Roman Province of Asia was formed out of the kingdom of Pergamus which included the region around the west side of Asia Minor, it included Mysia, Lydia, Caria, the coastal islands, and Western Phrygia

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The internet's most popular collection of static maps! Maps of world countries, U.S. States, counties, cities, Canadian provinces, Caribbean islands and more. Thousands of maps Western Asia Political Map 2000. Western Asia Political Map 2000 page, view political map of Asia, physical map, country maps, satellite images photos and where is Asia location in World map. Content Detail Theater of war in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia Color map of Europe, Africa, and Western Asia during World War II showing railroads, drainage, oil fields/pipe lines, canals, ruins, deserts, glaciers, swamps, tundra, countries, and cities. Map extends west as far as the Cape Verde Islands and Greenland; north as far as the North Pole; east as. Middle East / Western Asia Time Zone Map- 12 HOUR FORMAT Time mode: 24 hours or 12 hours (AM/PM) Time map for Eastern Asia Detailed Time map for Middle East. - PLACES ARE CURRENTLY OBSERVING DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME (DST) / SUMMER TIME. History of the Standard Time Zone charts of the World from 1894 to present Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, It's area covers 300 Sq Km, and the second smallest country in Asia is Singapore which covers an area of 716 sq km, Bahrain in 765 sq km, Brunei in 5,765 sq km, Palestine in 6,220 sq km, Cyprus in 9,251 sq km, Lebanon in 10,452 sq km, Qatar in 11,586, Timor-Leste in 14,874 sq km and Kuwait in 17,818 sq km

The map plays a significant role in the identification of the countries. It is easy to identify the countries. So we are providing you the map of Asia and Europe countries that will give you the map of both continents as well as the countries that are the part of that continent. If you want this map, you can download them free of charge Map of East Asia. Click to see large. Description: This map shows governmental boundaries of countries in East Asia. Countries of East Asia: China, Taiwan , Hong Kong, Macau , North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Mongolia . Go back to see more maps of Asia. Europe Map

Western Asia map pak. As requested: 4 city area maps in Western Asia.-Ceasarea-Capernaum-Hebron-Tiberias The UNSD notes that the assignment of cities, countries or areas to specific groupings is merely for statistical convenience and does not imply any assumption regarding political or other affiliation of countries or territories. *These maps will only work in Cities XXL(2015) and the. Ancient Asia Minor is a geographic region located in the south-western part of Asia comprising most of what is present-day Turkey.The earliest reference to the region comes from tablets of the Akkadian Dynasty (2334-2083 BCE) where it is known as 'The Land of the Hatti' and was inhabited by the Hittites.. The Hittites themselves referred to the land as 'Assuwa' (or, earlier, Aswiya) which. Western Asia Political Map 2000. Western Asia Political Map 2000, Asia countries map, satellite images of Asia , cities maps, political, physical map of Asia , get driving directions and traffic map. For more maps and satellite images please follow the page. Detail Hindu Kush, great mountain system of Central Asia that stretches some 500 miles (800 km) in length and as much as 150 miles (240 km) in width. Geologically, it resembles its neighbor the Karakoram Range. The fragmented topography has fostered a diverse population of various ethnic groups and religions

Bhutan. The Kingdom of Bhutan is a small country in the Himalayas between Tibet and India. Besides the stunning natural scenery, the enduring image of the country for most visitors is the strong sense of culture and tradition that binds the kingdom and clearly distinguishes it from its larger neighbours. bhutan.gov.bt The Map of Iraq Template includes two slides. Slide 1, Country outline map labeled with capital and major cities. Iraq is a country in Western Asia spanning most of the northwestern end of the Zagros mountain range, the eastern part of the Syrian Desert and the northern part of the Arabian Desert

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  1. Geography through Maps for UPSC Physical features of India Rivers and lakes India India Map Mapping, Important locations of the world (Free PDF) Asia
  2. The following are the list of countries in Western Asia. There is a total of 12 countries and the list is as follows. 1 Western Asia Turkey. 2 Western Asia Cyprus. 3 Western Asia Armenia. 4 Western Asia Azerbaijan. 5 Western Asia Georgia 6 Western Asia Iraq 7 Western Asia Israel 8 Western Asia Jordan 9 Western Asia Kuwait 10 Western Asia Lebano
  3. This is an online quiz called Western Asia. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper. From the quiz author. Also known as SW Asia or the Middle East. Your Skills & Rank. Total Points. 0. Get started! Today's Rank--0. Today 's Points
  4. China Interactive Map. Description: This interactive map allows students to learn all about New China's cities, landforms, landmarks, and places of interest by simply clicking on the points of the map. Type: Interactive Map or Tour. Format: Online Activity. Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5,
  5. The world's biggest fish market, Tsukiji is a clattering, captivating site that encapsulates the intensity and industry of Tokyo. A staggering 2,000 tonnes of seafood worth approximately JPY1.6 billion (US$14 million) are traded daily at Tsukiji, and a single bluefin tuna weighing 212kg sold for a record JPY74 million in 2017

Southwest Asia is a major region in the world. In this lesson, we're going to talk about the physical and human geography of the region and see what defines Southwest Asia Northern & Western Asia (World In Maps) Martyn Bramwell, Daewoo D2848LE 65.09100-7049 Turbocharger Rebuild Guide And Shop Manual: Garrett Honeywell T04E 466721-0018, 466721-9018, 466721-9018, 466721-18 Turbochargers Brian Smothers, Earth Girls Are Difficult Frances Pauli, The Book Of Funny Sports Quotes: Humorous Sports Quotations For Sports Fans Everywhere M Prefontain Western Asia: Oman, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Dense fog and the high diversity of flora and fauna it supports are the key features of this desert ecoregion. Located on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, in an area of little rainfall, the fog brings the moisture necessary to sustain the many wildlife and plant species found here

ASIA, ROMAN PROVINCE OF The Roman province of Asia, a region comprising the western section of Asia Minor (modern Turkey), constituted a Roman province in the late 2nd century b.c. During the Apostolic period it included the territory from galatia to the sea, with the offshore islands of Ionia, and was bounded on the north by Bithynia and on the south by Lycia Azerbaijan (UK: / ˌ æ z ər b aɪ ˈ dʒ ɑː n,-ˈ ʒ ɑː n / (), US: / ˌ ɑː z ər b aɪ ˈ dʒ ɑː n, ˌ æ z-/; Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan [ɑːzæɾbɑjˈd͡ʒɑn]), officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a country located at the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is a part of the Caucasus region, and is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north. Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, New Mexico, most of Wyoming and western Colorado all were in moderate or worse drought. 2020 was a bad year, but at this time last year only about 20 percent of the West was experiencing severe drought West Asia Physical Map. By Admin. Updated: February 14, 2020. A physical map of West Asia (Creative Commons: A Learning Family). The West Asia physical map is provided. The physical map includes a list of majo landforms and bodies of water of West Asia. A student may use the blank West Asia outline map to practice locating these physical features Asia Country Map. Asia, which is part of the old world land mass, is the world's largest continent with 44,391,163 km². It is also the world's highest continent with an average elevation of 1,010 m. This elevation of Asia is due to the Himalaya Mountains, which have the highest peaks in the world.. Asia has a width of 8,490 km in the north-south direction

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  2. Asia is the central and eastern part of Eurasia, comprising approximately fifty countries. Asia is joined to Africa by the Isthmus of Suez and to Europe by a long border generally following the Ural Mountains. The mean elevation of the continent is 950 m, the largest of any in the world. The plateau and mountainous areas broadly sweep SW-NW across Asia, climaxing in the high Tibetan Plateau.
  3. Asia under the Mongols, Eastern Sheet -- Available on Culture 4.0 CD-ROM. Asia under the Mongols, Western Sheet -- Available on Culture 4.0 CD-ROM. Italy in the X, XII, XIII and XV Centuries. WWW Maps -- Early Gothic & Ars Antiqua (1150-1300) Selections from Maps and Images (Medieval Sourcebook
  4. Anatolia has hosted many civilizations throughout history. Serving as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Anatolia has been an important trade and cultural center throughout its history. In this article, you can find facts about the history of Anatolia, also known as Asia Minor, along with maps.. The Hittites stand out as the oldest and most powerful empire in the history of Anatolia
  5. In western Asia, although the empire of Alexander the Great barely outlasted his death in 323 BCE, his conquests have reshaped the map of the Middle East. This is now divided amongst large kingdoms ruled by the descendants of Alexander's generals
  6. Western Pacific Tropical Outlook. June 17, 2021 by robertspeta. The monsoon and the rainy season front are in control today. With a few sub-tropical low likely spinning up near Okinawa and South of Honshu through the weekend into early next week. What that simply means is lows developing along the rainy season front which equals more rain

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1950 Service Geographique Pictorial Tourist Map of Cambodia. $450.00. 1943 Victory House WWII Farsi Propaganda Broadside Tunisian Campaign. $2,500.00. 1863 Robiquet Nautical Chart / Map of Australia. $2,500.00. 1996 FAMA Pictorial Map of Sarajevo During the Siege of Sarajevo. $1,500.00. LINKS × Spread of Islam in Asia to 661 CE. Between 632 and 661 CE, or the years 11 to 39 of the hijra, the first four caliphs led the Islamic world. These caliphs are sometimes called the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, because they had known the Prophet Muhammad while he was alive Far East Asia Map. At Far East Asia Map page, view countries political map of Asia, physical maps, satellite images, driving direction, interactive traffic map, Asia atlas, road, google street map, terrain, continent population, national geographic, regions and statistics maps. Content Detail Western asia map Premium Vector 3 years ago. You may also like. Futuristic glowing low polygonal india map silhouette isolated on dark blue to purple background. inkoly. 45. Like. Collect. Save. Province map of india. freepik. 30. Like. Collect. Save. Paper cut india republic day. si_rubah_hitam. 6. Like. Collect. Save. India map silhouette. western asia ethiopia egypt turkey iran sudan iraq saudi arabia yemen syria s.sudan azerbaijan israel eritrea turkmenistan united arab emirates georgia moldova lebanon somaliland oman kuwait west bank qatar bahrain cyprus djibouti gaza. created date

Map of Tibet Location in the World and Asia (Simple click to enlarge the map) Map of Tibet Location in World. Tibet, located in the western part of mainland China, is the world's highest plateau. Its distinct topography and geographical location allow it to share the world's grandest mountaineering and trekking resource with its neighbor Nepal Western Himalayas, westernmost section of the vast Himalayas mountain range. It lies mainly in the disputed Kashmir region of the northern Indian subcontinent—including portions administered by India and Pakistan—and also in the northwestern part of Himachal Pradesh state, India. In all, th

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Western asia map Premium Vector 3 years ago. You may also like. 3d map with borders. grebeshkovmaxim. 3. Like. Collect. Save. Infographics travel and landmark kuwait template design. chanitar. 25. Like. Collect. Save. Skyline of kuwait city at al shaheed park. user21859082. Like. Collect. Save. Panorama of kuwait city in the persian gulf. Asia. 1 Map. Satellite weather map of countries in Asia. See Map. Mexico. 1 Map. Satellite weather map of Mexico. See Map. Atlantic Ocean. 1 Map. Satellite weather map of the Atlantic Ocean

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The 10 Most Popular Games: Europe Map Quiz (hard) Africa Map Quiz. Europe Capitals Map Quiz. Asia Map Quiz. Europe Map Quiz (easy) Middle East Map Quiz. United States Map Quiz. South America Map Quiz Blank Map of Asia: There is seven numbers of continents on the earth where Asia is the largest continents of the world, it is largest in both terms i.e. it has the largest population as well as it has the largest area than the other continents. You know there is almost 48 countries in the largest continent that is none another than Asia. So, above this knowledge, you can get from the map that.

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National Geographic Maps makes the world's best wall maps, recreation maps, travel maps, atlases and globes for people to explore and understand the world Download thousands of royalty free vector maps, world maps and map bundles in Adobe® Illustrator, PowerPoint®, EPS, PDF, PNG and JPG formats. Search Results for Western Asia. Physical Map of Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. Illustrating - Areas above 5000 feet - Areas above 1600 feet - Areas above 600 feet - Areas below 600 feet - Areas below sea-level - Desert. Credits University of Texas at Austin. Historical Atlas by William Shepherd (1923-26)

complete gazetteer for Asia and related countries. Welcome to google satellite maps Asia locations list, welcome to the place where google maps sightseeing make sense! With comprehensive gazetteer for countries in Asia, maplandia.com enables to explore Asia through detailed satellite imagery — fast and easy as never before Jetzt verfügbar bei ZVAB.com - London: Edward Stanford, 1878 - 1878 - 1st Edition - First edition of this detailed map of the Middle East, centred on Iran and including the Arabian Gulf and the holy cities of Arabia, and extending to the Caucasus and Central Asia in the north, Anatolia, the Levant and the Red Sea in the west, and Sindh and Afghanistan in the west; rare, with three copies only. Asia is the largest of the world's continents, covering approximately 30 percent of the Earth's land area. It is also the world's most populous continent, with roughly 60 percent of the total population. Asia makes up the eastern portion of the Eurasian supercontinent; Europe occupies the western portion.The border between the two continents is debated Color map of Western Asia divided by the countries. Download a Free Preview or High Quality Adobe Illustrator Ai, EPS, PDF and High Resolution JPEG versions Countries in the western part of Asia include Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Palestine and Georgia. Turkey is the most populous country in West Asia, with approximately 73.6 million people. West Asia is synonymous with the Middle East

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Map of Europe and travel information about Europe brought to you by Lonely Planet. Search Lonely Planet. Search. Destinations. Best in Travel 2021. Featured. Africa Destinations Africa Antarctica Asia Caribbean Islands Central America Europe Middle East North America Pacific South America Download Free Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, Oceania, Central America, South America & North America ArcGIS Shapefile Map Layers. ESRI ArcGIS ( Arc - GIS ) shapefiles are the industry standard and work with most all GIS programs including ESRI ArcView, ArcExplorer, ArcGIS, and Maptitude, Mapinfo, Manifold, Mapwindow, Mapguide and other free. This free printable Geography worksheet features a map of the intersection of Europe and Asia Minor, roughly the location of modern Turkey. Suitable for grades 5-12, this reproducible has students answer eight questions based on the map. Students will need a ruler as well as crayons, colored pencils, or markers, to complete this assignment

Mount Elbrus is the highest peak of Europe, the highest peak Russia, so obviously it is also the highest peak of European Russia. It has a height of 5,642 meters or 18,506 ft above sea level. It is located in the Caucasus Mountains on the border between Europe and Asia. The highest peak in the Ural Mountains is Narodnaya Peak at 1,895 m (6,216. Map of Western Europe. Western Europe as we know it, is a geopolitical construct that came into being at the time of the Cold War. Although references to West and Eastern Europe can be traced back to the Roman empire. Shortly after World War 2 the alliance between the USSR and England/USA broke down and in it's place rose the cold war Printable map (jpeg/pdf) and editable vector map of Western Europe political showing countries, capitals and lots of important cities. Some physical features are named. The printable option includes two file formats: XL resolution JPEG photo and PDF. The JPEG is extremely large: 20 in (60 cm) wide - 300dpi For east Asia, I recommend Russia (Eastern Russia), because its most western points is farter than Japan or Timor-Leste. It has large portions of territory inside the Eastern Asia, or east of India and China's western point. If you were talking about SOUTHeast china I agree but Japan and Mongolia should not be there. tank On the Mercator map, Africa -- sitting on the equator, reasonably undistorted -- is left looking much smaller than it really is. But Canada, Russia, the United States and Europe are greatly.