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Examples of Provincial in a sentence Even though James had travelled all over the world, he still wore clothing which was quite provincial and outdated. Because I grew up in an orphanage run by nuns, I have a very provincial outlook on life and tend to prefer the simple things. How To Use The Provincial In A Sentence? In the autumn of the same year he was appointed to reorganize the provincial troops. Therefore the provincial thinker on social problems is always a little out of date. The imperial regime maintained a military counterpart to the provincial governor The provincial Welfare Department had agreed to re-instate, with backpay, the disability grants of all those who qualified.: However, the attraction of putting three county titles back to back and an opportunity to defend the provincial crown proved too much.: The former provincial solicitor sent soldiers east with all the unexcited deliberation of a man reading out the result of a search Examples of provincial in a Sentence Noun the confidence man figured that fleecing these provincials would be easy Adjective She speaks with a provincial accent

use provincial in a sentence The Liberal Party want her to run as a candidate in the upcoming provincial election. In 1968, all 10 of Canada's provincial premiers agreed to draft a new Constitution giving the French language equal status with English throughout Canada Something or someone provincial belongs to a province, or region outside of the city. Provincial has a straightforward meaning when describing where someone is from, but it has some other shades of meaning too Sentence Examples Students from almost every state in the United States and provincein Canada are represented. The only accession that the Roman empire received was the provinceof Britain. Reading down both columns, the most hard-hit area, deathwise, was Sichuan and the most hard-hit area, birthwise, was Anhui province

provincial definition: 1. a person who comes from somewhere in a country outside its capital city 2. relating to an area. Learn more Provincial definition, belonging or peculiar to some particular province; local: the provincial newspaper. See more

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When an accused is sentenced to custody they will be serving their sentence in either a Provincial or Federal institution. Sentences of two years less a day will be served in a Provincial facility. Sentences of two years or more will be served in a Federal penitentiary. Federal inmates are under the auspices of Corrections Services Canada sentence in the provincial jail. Where the penalty imposed exceeds three years, the offender shall serve his or her sentence in the penal institutions of the Bureau of Corrections. Punishment - the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offence. Quakers - (or Friends, as they refer to themselves) are members of Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services Act: MPT: Motion Picture Act: MRA: Miscellaneous Registrations Act, 1992: MRG: Marriage Act: MRT: Mineral Resources Tax: MRW: Mining Right of Way Act: MSA: Museum Act: MSS: Ministry of Social Services and Housing Act: MTA: Mineral Tax Act: MTC: Multiculturalism Act: MTH: Mental Health Act. 49 In short, Pellegrini's argument by analogy to R. v. Hitchings is not convincing. Hence, the conditional sentence sanction from the Criminal Code does not apply to regulatory sentencing either by reference or import through s. 2(2) of the Provincial Offences Act, nor does it apply in the regulatory sphere as a universal principle of.

provincial A person belonging to a province; one who is provincial. (Roman Catholicism) A monastic superior, who, under the general of his order, has the direction of all the religious houses of the same fraternity in a given district, called a province of the order Provincial refers to something or someone that is specific to an area geographically or to a country. An example sentence is: She stood out in the city because of her traditional provincial. A short quotation often works well integrated into a sentence. Longer quotations (more than 3 lines of text) should start on a new line, be indented and in italics. When to quote. When the author's words convey a powerful meaning. When you want to use the author as an authoritative voice in your own writing C. Provincial Government D. Parole and Probation Administration Answer: D. 79. Prisoners whose sentences are more than three years to capital punishment are considered A. municipal prisoners B. provincial prisoners C. city prisoners D. insular prisoners Answer: D. 80. Prisoners whose sentences are from one day to six months are A. municipal.

Examples of regional in a sentence: 1. The complete regional gardening textbook. 2. Atlanta, Southern Regional Council, 1960. 3. Atlanta, Southern Regional Council, 1959 Examples of located in a sentence: 1. I located them as coming from a village a short way off. 2. Kirkham, located in front under bonnet. 3. The royal hospital is located near the royal chapel

The letter includes a schedule of cities and the number of appearances planned for each.; They are doing much the same themselves, however, in the cities nearest their western frontier.; But an hour or two brought me to the idea of cities, though even they were as cities in a dream.; These cities were equally important, in a mercantile view, with the Hanseatic towns The provincial assembly was called, and held its sessions. I nodded at the assembly in general, start a movement? The reverend Assembly shouts. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Assembly | Assembly Sentence. What is the assembly called? There is an assembly in the studio. The assembly streamed after Provincial jails (historically spelled gaols) and detention centres house persons awaiting trial, offenders serving short sentences, or offenders awaiting transfer to other facilities. Jails are smaller and older facilities originally established by local governments while detention centres are larger, regional facilities Examples of Meritorious in a sentence. Of all his achievements, winning the gold medal was definitely his most meritorious. . Having gotten an A in all of his classes, the teenager felt he had proven himself meritorious. . Though he had not won first place, he felt his efforts were still meritorious.

Examples of Capricious in a sentence. Because of his capricious nature, Jeremy found it hard to keep a steady job. . Since he started taking the medication, Henry has been less capricious. . Even though the couple wanted to get married outside, they knew their ceremony depended on the capricious weather. D. Provincial Government Provincial jails, numbering 104 in all, including sub-provincial extensions, are under the supervision and control of the provincial governments.19 E. Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) The PPA was created pursuant to Presidential Decree (P.D.) No. 96820, as amended, to administer the probation system The sentence for a provincial offence may include a fine, probation, jail or other orders. Before you are sentenced, the justice of the peace will hold a sentence hearing at which you and the prosecutor will have the opportunity to tell the justice of the peace what you think the appropriate sentence should be and why If the total sentence is less than two years, the defendant will serve their sentence in a provincial jail. A sentencing judge also has the power to delay the time before a defendant is allowed to apply for parole. The maximum parole ineligibility period is half of the sentence or ten years, whichever comes first, unless the defendant is.

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Despot definition is - a ruler with absolute power and authority. How to use despot in a sentence Kerala is a state in the Republic of India.It is in the south-west of the country. The west coast of the state is on the Arabian Sea. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are to the east. Recently, a newly described tardigrade (water bears) species collected from Vadakara coast of Kerala named after Kerala State; Stygarctus keralensis. The capital city of the state is Thiruvananthapuram, even though the. provincial appeal court, they retain broad discretion. The short sentences imposed in some cases of impaired driving causing death or bodily harm, the generous credit given for pre-conviction imprisonment and the fact that many of these offenders are paroled after servin A young man from a small provincial town—a man without independent wealth, without powerful family connections, and without a university education—moves to London in the late 1580's and, in a remarkably short time, becomes the greatest playwright not of his age alone but of all time. Short sentences need not be dull or simple. The Ontario Parole Board (OPB) makes parole decisions for applicants serving a sentence of less than two years in a provincial correctional institution. The OPB also decides applications for temporary absences from a correctional institution for greater than 72 hours

Serving Time. CSC oversees an offender's correctional process through several stages, from sentencing until Warrant Expiry Date (the end of their sentence), and beyond for offenders subject to a long-term supervision order. During the sentence, an offender has access to various programs and services designed to complement their correctional. Think short-term and long-term. Jails are usually run by local law enforcement and/or local government agencies, and are designed to hold inmates awaiting trial or serving a short sentence. Often short is designated as a misdemeanor conviction versus a felony, so in some instances where misdemeanor sentences are run consecutively, one may. Jails are operated at the state, county or municipal level and house individuals awaiting trial and those serving short sentences. In addition to jails and prisons, individuals are incarcerated in Indian Country jails, juvenile detention facilities, military prisons, civil commitment centers, prisons in U.S. territories and immigration. People awaiting trial; people sentenced for a short duration, typically less than a year. Not normally used in UK. People convicted of crimes; sentenced for a longer term: Jurisdiction: In the U.S.A : Run by the county sheriff's department. In Canada, run by provincial governments

A simple sentence is built from the minimum of a subject and a main verb. It can be very short in length but doesn't have to be. There are several reasons for using simple sentences. For example. hesitant meaning: 1. If you are hesitant, you do not do something immediately or quickly because you are nervous or. Learn more

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Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 9 Civics Chapter 3 Constitutional Design with Answers Pdf free download. MCQ Questions for Class 9 Social Science with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. We have Provided Constitutional Design Class 9 Civics MCQs Questions with Answers to help students understand the concept very well A comprehensive database of more than 32 language arts quizzes online, test your knowledge with language arts quiz questions. Our online language arts trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top language arts quizzes A Jail Sentence will be served in either a Provincial Jail if there is less than two years left to serve on the day of sentence, or in a Federal Penitentiary for any sentence of two years or more. The current system allows for automatic parole after two thirds of the sentence is served

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Provincial Jails were first established in 1910 under the American Regime. At present, who supervises and controls the said jails? A. BJMP. Which is a place of confinement for persons awaiting trial or court action and where the convicted offenders serve short sentences or penalty of imprisonment? A. Jail. B. Lock-up provincial disparity with natio nal culture on one to one basis, it does n ot affect the results on aggregate basis. Hence the national culture remains a true representation of the coun try

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But across world literature, we find great long opening sentences in many novellas and short stories too. Indeed, something about these shorter forms - self contained, covering brief spans of time, often displaying a heightened subjectivity, amorphous and experimental and drawing from the fantastical, the philosophical, and the forms of.

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  1. Misusing In A Sentence Learn how to use Misusing in a sentence and make better sentences with word `Misusing` by reading from 58 Misusing sentence examples. Use search function to find more simple sentences of Misusing
  2. ing and natural language processing.At present, many scholars have focused on product reviews and sentiment analysis of micro-blog (Hu et al. 2013).For instance, we can obtain the sentiment state of a text by analyzing a word, a.
  3. The Provincial Letters. Ellen Wood 94073 People read Update time:2021-07-29. The Provincial Letters Introduce: glad to borrow his recipe for appearing then so to range the whole scale of the senses. What was it that enabled him, short of being a monster with visibly.
  4. The key piece of legislation is the Provincial Offences Act. See also Provincial Offences Act Rules and Regulations. Ontario regulations under the Provincial Offences Act set out the: Short-form wordings for offences to be used on the offence notice (R.O. 1990, Reg. 950 for Part I offences and by R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 949 for parking tickets)
  5. Conditional Sentence - This is where you serve your time in custody within the community. If you don't follow the conditions the judge orders, you may end up serving your time in custody. Custodial Sentence - This where you serve a period of time in jail - either a provincial correctional centre or a federal penitentiary

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• tends to rely on short, simple sentences • has a beginning and middle; includes an ending sentence that does not actually end or resolve the story • identifies the characters and problem at the beginning of the story, but provides little context inconsistent punctuation and capitalizatio List of Canadian Provinces and Territories including capital Guns and drugs yield maximum provincial sentence. 2017 after he was seen driving around the city and making short stops at the homes of what police alleged were known drug dealers in the city. While the federal Cannabis Act regulates the production, possession, distribution and sale of cannabis across Canada, including criminal driving offences, each province and territory is responsible for developing its own regulations regarding the sale and distribution of cannabis. They can also add additional restrictions to the federal legislation, for example increasing the age of access. Provincial Court of New Brunswick Docket 25 July, 2021 - 07 August, 2021. File Number Charge Date Time Name Courtroom Floor Appearance 35451501 CC (264.1)(2)(b) Monday, 26 July, 2021 09:30 AM Costard, Jenna 5 3 Plea 35523801 CC (266)(b) Monday, 26 July, 2021 09:30 AM Criminal Matter - Publication Ban 5 3 Ple

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  1. als behind bars, warns P.E.I.'s chief provincial judge. There's some individuals we.
  2. The federal and provincial governments shall immediately launch training programmes and short certificate courses on forensic mental health assessment for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists.
  3. For being found with several grams of cocaine in February, a Garson man has been given a short conditional sentence
  4. Used for reviews of sentences/dispositions only, upon an application being filed. SCA. Summary Conviction Appeal Hearing. S. Used for a hearing of an appeal on a Provincial Court conviction/sentence. SNT. Sentence Hearing. P/S. Used after a finding of guilt when the case is adjourned for sentencing. TCH. Trial Confirmation Hearing.
  5. 105 (1) The provincial director of the province in which a young person on whom a youth sentence under paragraph 42(2)(o), (q) or (r) has been imposed is held in custody or, if applicable, with respect to whom an order has been made under subsection 104(1) (continuation of custody), shall cause the young person to be brought before the youth.
  6. Absolute Phrases. An absolute phrase has a subject, but not an action verb, so it cannot stand alone as a complete sentence. It modifies the whole sentence, not just a noun. Examples are: His tail between his legs, the dog walked out the door.; Picnic basket in hand, she set off for her date.; The guys attacked the pile of nachos, their fingers getting the last bit of cheese off the plate

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  1. 'short-sighted eyes' 'To a short-sighted person, distant objects seem blurred, while near objects can be seen more clearly.' 'Heavy computer use could be linked to glaucoma, especially among those who are short-sighted, fear researchers.
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  3. Just like affidavits, exhibits must be short and to the point. The judge can only look at what's relevant. If you have a long document, find the most important part and just refer to that. If you have more than one exhibit, mark them A, B, C, etc., in order, and arrange them alphabetically. Number the pages of each exhibit starting from page 1
  4. This article explores the purposes of providing post-release supervision for short sentences, firstly exploring a previous attempt to reform short sentences, the now defunct 'Custody Plus.

Sentences can be: Concurrent - Multiple sentences will be served at the same time (i.e., sentences of 10 years, 8 years and 2 years - to be served concurrently - equal a total effective sentence of 10 years.) Consecutive - The sentences are served back-to-back. The same example above would equal a total effective sentence of 20 years A young man was sentenced Thursday to a short, sharp stint in jail for stabbing a man with a screwdriver during an incident this past summer at a First Nation near Sarnia. This advertisement.

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LAHORE - The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday converted the death sentence of two mentally-ill prisoners into life imprisonment.. The court converted the death sentence of Imdad Ali and Kaneezan Bibi into life imprisonment and ordered the Punjab government to shift them to Punjab Institute of Medical Health for treatment and rehabilitation as per prison rules in view of their mental. DENVER (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Tiger King Joe Exotic should get a shorter prison sentence for his role in a murder-for-hire plot and violating federal wildlife laws. Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced in January 2020 to 22 years in federal prison after being convicted of trying to hire two different men to kill animal. The former party chief of Shaanxi province has been given a suspended death sentence for his part in a major corruption scandal.Zhao Zhengyong, 69, was found guilty of receiving bribes of 717 million yuan (US$102 million) for approving construction projects, business operations and appointments to government jobs, according to the official website of the Tianjin No 1 Intermediate People's. The appeal period for offences against provincial law is generally 15 days from the date of conviction or sentence. To make sure your appeal is filed on time, you should put in a Request Form addressed to the Clerk of Records right away, staff will assist in redirecting it for you (see Requests)

Provincial. Provincial legislatures are bound only by the national Constitution and by their own Constitution, if they have one. The legislative authority of provinces as vested in provincial Legislatures gives them the power. to pass a constitution for the province, or amend any constitution passed by it (sections 142 and 143 of the Constitution) key idea. When a vowel comes before just consonants, the vowel usually does not say its name. It makes a short vowel sound instead. The letter o is a vowel. When o comes before just consonants, o does not say its name. Instead, it makes a short o sound (/ŏ/), like in pot or ox. pot New Hampshire State Papers. WARNING: These volumes are large files and may take a long time to download depending upon your internet connection. The size of each volume is indicated in parentheses (). Index to the New Hampshire State Papers (4.17 MB) Volume 1 (19.7 MB) Volume 21 (25.7 MB) Volume 2 (22.7 MB

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These three short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our. current government and cultural environment: 1)We are advised NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few. lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a. few lunatics. Funny how that works Sentence dictionary online - Good sentence examples for every word! caldwell in a sentence (30+1) 07-15. new-rich in a sentence (6) 07-15. Laplace transform in a sentence (27) 07-15. tomentum in a sentence (6) 07-15. omdurman in a sentence (5) 07-15. stress-strain in a sentence (56) 07-15. cotton rose in a sentence (13) 07-14

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Updated November 04, 2019. In phonetics, rhythm is the sense of movement in speech, marked by the stress, timing, and quantity of syllables. Adjective: rhythmic . In poetics, rhythm is the recurring alternation of strong and weak elements in the flow of sound and silence in sentences or lines of verse The average time to disposition will fluctuate more than the Provincial Court average and short term changes may not be as meaningful due to the much smaller base of cases. The most serious criminal cases are heard in the Court of Queen's Bench. This includes first or second degree murder cases and all matters heard by a jury for example

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On June 27, 2021, an appeals court in Annaba, in northeast Algeria, issued Mustapha Bedjama, editor-in-chief of the local independent news website Le Provincial, a two-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 20,000 dinars (US $150), according to news reports and Bendjama, who spoke to CPJ via messaging app. The case stemmed from harming.. The provincial government adds a victim fine surcharge (VFS) to every non-parking fine imposed under the Provincial Offences Act. It is deposited into a special fund to help victims of crime. The amount of the VFS is usually 20 per cent of the imposed fine. For example, a $100 fine would result in a $20 surcharge The lines are very short, terse, compact, muscular. He remembers getting a short, terse note from the playwright. Ms . Avins'own contributions are terse and often illuminating. He has a stolid demeanor; he is helpful but terse. It's difficult to see terse in a sentence . Bush issued a terse statement referring to it as just that 153 examples to use Subdivided in a sentence: Map subdivided according to the historical divisions and municipalities . This part of geologic Length: - Search Exact Match Search Broad Match Show matched sentences first Show short sentences first Show long sentences firs LOGIC AND IQ. Logic questions include: Sentence Logic. Syllogisms. IQ Questions Include: Analogies (mathematical and verbal) Pattern driven (spatial and mathematical) Classification. Visual

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I WON'T BE GOING BACK TO QUETICO PARK ANYTIME SOON. NOT AFTER WHAT HAPPENED TO A GIRL NAMED FRANCIS BRANDYWINE. Written by novelist & screenwriter Dave Eggars, for the ever-popular radio show This American Life, animated film Francis is the tense tale of the unexplained happenings on a lake in the middle of an Ontario nature reserve. HER MOUTH WENT DRY Factors Affecting Learners' Inaccurate simple sentence structure writing: Case of Nampula Secondary School, Grade 12 Realito Adamugy Ussene Momade Department of Language and Culture, Faculty of Social and Human Science E- mail: rmomade@unilurio.ac.mz / realmomade15@gmail.com Contact: 844873140 Abstract This paper is a research on Factors Affecting Learners' Inaccurate Simple Sentence. Only a short ferry ride to Kingsville or Leamington, Pelee Island is the southernmost point in Canada 41. Situated on the same latitude as some of the world's top wine-making regions, it makes sense that Pelee Island is home to a popular tourist destination - Pelee Island Winery