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Supplies you need to make a paper dragon puppet craft. 1. Toilet paper roll. 2. 2 A4 papers (We used pink and blue) 3. Pencil and ruler (If you don't want to draw, you can use the printables we have provided. You can access our printable library by signing up for our newsletters below.) 4. Scissors Make the paper dragon puppet's spikes and tail. Now it is time to make the spikes, as well as connect the head to the body. Cut two red strips of paper and one slightly wider yellow strip of paper. Ours were approximately 15cm x 1.5cm - but it is a question of preference. Work with the off cuts you have, rather than cut into a new sheet of.

Paper Puppet Craft Instructions. The first set of pictures represents toddler or young child sized paper dragon puppets - it fits their smaller hands better. Tri-fold the paper and remove one section on the long edge. For a large version, lightly fold the paper in half to find the center. Then fold each edge into the center and secure with tape How to make a dragon puppet from paper cups. ©2016 - www.daniellesplace.com - Make a great craft for the Chinese New Year lesson. For written directions and. Paper crafts are one of our favorite craft activities for kids, and perfect for at home learning to spark creativity! These dragon puppets are cute and silly, so kids will love creating their own character with different colors and expressions. Once the DIY dragon is assembled, it can be used as a puppet! This inspires imaginative and dramatic.

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  1. How to Make a Dragon Puppet.: UPDATE: January, 2018 - My instructable won first prize in the Fibre Arts Contest!!! So many thanks to Instructables.com and all of the people who visited my instructable. I was so excited to receive my grand prize in zip time and can't wait to t
  2. In this video I will show you how to make a hand puppet from one sheet of paper. This animal hand puppets DIY is very easy and is a perfect project for kids...
  3. Click on printables and print out the dragon parts. Color if you choose and carefully cut out the parts. Using the crafting brads, attach the ears to the head. Then assemble all the legs, foot over lower leg, lower leg over upper leg. Place the head behind the neck. The neck behind the body with one leg in back, and the leg with the claw in front
  4. How to Make Paper Puppets | 5 Easy Paper PuppetsI hope you have enjoyed this easy kids craft and if you like what you see don't forget to subscribe and click..
  5. RELATED READING: PAPER DRAGON PUPPETS. This week, there was a special request from my youngest for a dragon puppet. We'd made paper dragon puppets in the past, but she wanted something different than before. We came up with this fun, new design for a dragon puppet that even allowed us to talk a bit about hinges. Let's get started
  6. Hi Guys, I'm back with another easy-awesome DIY video! I love Dragons so I made my own Flapping dragon with just some coloured paper and straws. There should..

How do you make a easy paper puppet? There are definitely ways to make this easy for smaller children. Simply cut the dragon puppets out for those children and let them color. Also, just cutting out the head of the dragon allows them to color and you can attach a popsicle stick or straw to it Dragon Sock Hand Puppet. 4. Tiny Pink Dragon Puppet. The body of the dragon, especially the belly can be elongated. Extremely light, you can make such dragons in any color of your choice. Paper Dragon Puppet DIY. The tutorial is the same as the above but the color of the dragon is changed. Articulated Dragon Puppet. 5 Fold the strips of paper into an accordion pattern, and glue them together. We have two ways to make the dragon puppet. You can glue the head, body and tail together and tape on the stick ( I used a straw from Roylco's R6085 Straws & Connectors) at the back of the head and tail. Please see the picture below These paper plate dragon puppets are simple to make and lots of fun to play with. Toddlers and preschoolers will love celebrating Chinese New Year with their very own puppet. We used a simple painting technique and had fun bending and twisting our dragon to make him dance

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This craft is most appropriate for ages 4-8. Chinese Dragon Paper Puppet. You will need an additional piece of construction paper to create the accordion folded dragon body, plus wooden kebab skewers to make it into a 'puppet', like shown above. Printable Dragon Paper Craft 2-3 years ago, I was at a craft fair and saw some simple Chinese New Year craft colouring sets - one was one of the paper dragon puppets.. I thought I could make one of those and create a Chinese New Year Printable for you. Only 3 years later, I have finally gotten around to drawing my own free DIY Dragon Puppet printable for you.. Chinese New Year 2021 falls on Friday 12th of February. HOW TO MAKE A SOCK PUPPET DRAGON! Using one sock & any craft materials you might have, learn how to make your very own fun Sock Puppet Dragon! This is a workshop for all ages, but there will be SEWING and HOT GLUING so definitely have an adult helping children - Big people, make sure you work together with your Small people, Small people, make sure you have your Big People right there PDF Template paper model of a Owl. This product is designed for digital download to make your own sculpture out of paper. Template to print (PDF) contains 15 pages of A4: ☆Manual - 6 sheets ☆ Details in white - 1 sheets ☆ Details in yellow - 1 sheets ☆ Details in gray - 7 sheets You will need: ☆Printer ☆White / color cardboard (160-300 gsm) ☆Scissors/craft knife Glue SIZE.

Print out the puppet, preferably on heavier print paper (especially if you will be coloring the dragon puppet with markers), or use regular print paper. Time to color! On the sheet with the puppet, color in the middle third of the design Print out the two A4 pages of the Dragon Sock Puppet Pattern and cut out the individual shapes. Lay the pattern pieces on to your chosen felt colours and cut out. (You can pin them on first if you like but I didn't find it necessary.) Glue the layers of tongue, eyes and nose together and allow to dry. Fold a sheet or two of the newspaper so. Paper bag puppets are such a fun craft. They're simple and inexpensive to put together, but still make a great functioning puppet. And, as I've mentioned before, my boys love dragons. I put together a dragon paper bag puppet template for them. This was a nice, easy craft that only took about 10 minutes to do. This post contains affiliate links

Nov 21, 2020 - Explore Mindy Owen's board Dragon puppet, followed by 256 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about dragon puppet, dragon, dragon art Paper crafts are one of our favorite wooden crafts for kids, and perfect for at home learning to spark creativity! These dragon puppets are cute and silly, so kids will love creating their own character with different colors and expressions. Once the DIY dragon is assembled, it can be used as a puppet How to make a paper plate dragon puppet: 1. Gather your supplies. 2. Cut one plate in half and fold the other in half as pictured. 3. Cut the end of the egg carton off, these will be the eyes. 4. Staple the plate edges together around the edges and glue or staple egg carton section on top. 5. Paint brightly in your favourite colours How to Make the Dragon Paper Bag Puppet: Print out pattern page and color. Cut out all the pieces. Fold mouth in half along grey line. Cut slits along the dark black line guides. Push against fold of slit to create a stair inside the dragon mouth. Tape or glue the flames to the top of the stair.. Arrange paper bag so bottom fold is. On a piece of paper, draw the dragon's head using a pencil. It's okay if the pencil lines overlap, since you'll erase them later. Major dragon parts are it's whiskers, hair/mane, big lips, bushy eyebrows, sharp teeth and big eyes (Pic 1). Once you're happy with the head, outline the lines you need with a pen (Pic 2)

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Easy Paper Dragon Puppets kids can make on their own (inspired by How to Train Your Dragon) Article by Sarah, Ruffles and Rain Boots. 1.7k. New Year's Crafts Paper Crafts For Kids Fun Crafts Arts And Crafts Simple Kids Crafts Older Kids Crafts Puppet Tutorial Dragon Puppet Paper Puppets Step 2: Make the PVC Skeleton. The basic framework of your dragon is going to be made of PVC pipe. The easiest way to do this is by making a sort of teeter-totter structure. The base of your structure can be any shape but we opted to make it a half-cube of 1 1/4 inch w PVC. The main up/down pivot is made by screwing in the smaller pipe (1/2. Welcome and celebrate the new lunar year with this awesome Chinese Dragon Puppet (complete with dragon puppet template!)This dragon craft is sure to capture your child's imagination! It's such a simple but fun way to explore the mystical world of dragons and welcome the new lunar year

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When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Directions for Dragon Puppet. Glue 2 same color pom-poms to the cup at the end near the bottom, on the side of the cup. Put eyes close together. Add 2 plastic jiggly eyes to the pom-poms. Put another pom-pom at the other end of the cup parallel to the eyes near the opening of the cup. Glue two silver disk sequins on the nose for nostrils

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took one sheet of paper and cut it by the middle making two strips of paper. then paste the it to make a long strip (I used two sheets of papers at this point, but in the end I cut off one). now begins the origami part: (plase look the photos to make a good idea) 1: with the long strip, fold it by the middle as long. 2: then pleat it in by the half and the half of the half and the half of the. HOW TO MAKE A DRAGON PUPPET. STEP 1: Print the dragon template above. STEP 2: Color your choice of dragon and cut out. STEP 3: Use the rectangle to cut out 8 pieces of colored paper. This design works best if you alternate two colors. STEP 4: Glue the ends of two rectangles together as in the photo below. STEP 5: Fold the bottom piece over the. Chinese Dragon Puppet - Method: Cut one of the paper plates in half. Fold the other paper plate in half so that the outsides are concave. Next, stick the two halves to each side of the folded plate, in order to create the dragon's mouth. You may like to cut out a small slot on one side to make it easier to slot your hand in when using the. Make this dragon head with some basic paper mache material supplies and make this wonderful dragon head. How to make Chinese Dragon Paper Mache. 3. DIY Paper Mache Dragon Sculpture (Video Tutorial) If you want to craft and create a big dragon then this video tutorial is the right one for you. The finished product looks amazing

MAKE YOUR OWN DRAGON SHADOW PUPPET: RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 3 TO 6. 1. Draw out in pencil your own design of a dragon, (or anything you want to be your shadow puppet). 2. Use scissors to cut out your drawing. 3. With a pencil, trace your drawing onto a black piece of paper. 4. Cut out your drawing from the black paper This duck paper bag puppet craft is one of the easiest crafts for kids to make and play with. Make it your own by choosing your own colors! This adorable cow paper bag puppet craft is made from simple brown paper bags, making them easy and inexpensive crafts for children. It's also a huge hit in the classroom Mar 19, 2018 - How to Make a Dragon Puppet.: UPDATE: January, 2018 - My instructable won first prize in the Fibre Arts Contest!!! So many thanks to Instructables.com and all of the people who visited my instructable. I was so excited to receive my grand prize in zip time and can't wait to t During the late Qing Dynasty, the dragon was even adopted as the national flag. Today the dragon is an essential part of Chinese celebrations. In the dragon dance it is believed the dragon scares away evil spirits and brings good luck. The dance is performed with a team of dancers carrying a large dragon puppet Once dry, decorate the head using the paper flowers, buttons, and eyes. To create the golden flames from the mouth, cut lengths of ribbon and attach them together before gluing to the inside of the dragon's mouth. Connect the body pieces using brads. To make a puppet, use scissors or a craft knife to pierce a small slic

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Make a lump of mache in the middle of the inside. This will give you a place to attach the stick later. On the outside you can make some bumps for your dragon if you want. This is his back. Make sure you tape down your bumps with strips of paper mache that overlap onto the main section otherwise your bumps will just fall off How to make your dragon finger puppets: Cut out template on card stock, pin it to the felt and cut out. Once the body has been cut form a loop with the two strips between the arms and legs of the body piece. Secure with hot glue. Next cut out the eyes using fun foam; green eyes for Toothless and blue eyes for light fury Cut paper 5 inches x 4 5/8 inches, then cut one piece in orange felt. Pattern three: Cut one paper pattern 1 inch x 11 1/2 inches which will serve both handle and dragon smile, for smile pattern make a mark at 8 inches. To make a handle cut one rectangular piece of orange felt 1 inch wide x 11 1/2 inches long. Pattern four: make a dragon smile

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  1. Make a Dragon Puppet! In honor of the Museum's Children of the Dragon celebration, an event celebrating Vietnamese culture, we will be making a dragon puppet. The dragon is an important symbol in Vietnamese culture. Dragon dances are performed to scare away evil spirits and to bring good luck, health, and prosperity
  2. Draw the dragon figure and cut it out and glue the paper dragon on the card and stick on the wiggle eye. Scrap Dragon Arts and Crafts Group has 2881 members. Chinese Dragon Mask - Free printable Chinese dragon mask to color and make into a wearable paper mask. Create a fire-breathing dragon with leftover toilet paper rolls
  3. Learn how to make a Fire Breathing Dragon puppet with our resident puppet builder, Handy Dan the Handy Man! You'll need a toilet paper tube, colored paper, scissors, glue, a marker, tape, and a drinking straw or chop stick. Be sure to share a picture of YOUR finished Fire Breathing Dragon with us
  4. Step 8. You can turn these paper puppets into anything - characters, animals, etc. We used markers to decorate the faces and glued construction paper strips as the tongue and ears. You can also use cotton balls, pom poms, pipe cleaners, or anything you can dream up to add details to your puppet
  5. To create such a dragon, you need a double-sided square sheet of colored paper and a little time! Putting a simple crane. Fold the sheet diagonally, vertically and horizontally. On the planned folds, fold in a double square. The next step will be a fold to the center of the side edges of the square
  6. Animal - Weasel Paper Bag Puppet. Use this 'Paper Bag Puppet: Animal - Weasel' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Paper Bag Puppet: Animal - Weasel'. Make paper bag puppets with this simple weasel pattern

Make this delightful paper dragon puppet for Chinese New Year! These paper dragon puppets are fun and easy to make and are a great classroom decoration and paper toy that all the children can get involved in. Fun Dragon Printables for kids. We love Paper Puppets all year round.This project can be si Hey DIY-ers! We have a super fun project for you today: puppets! We've found you 40 DIY puppet projects to try - whether you are a brand new beginner or a more advanced DIY-er. One of the best things about being a crafter or DIY-er is being able to make things for your family and friends. Here you can make puppets that will make your kids and grandkids grin from ear to ear How to make the Handprint Chinese Dragon Puppet: I thought it would be fun for my preschooler to stamp her dragon puppet instead of using a paintbrush. We used 2 different stamping cubes from our Melissa & Doug clay play set. I placed red paint on a small paper plate for her to dip the stamp in. After she covered her paper bag, I poured gold. Kids can craft this dragon puppet from recycled cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes. 2 of 15 View All. 3 of 15. Save Pin More. Facebook Tweet Email Send Text Message. Sock Creature Puppets

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Dec 3, 2015 - Patterns and tutorials for 83 lovable puppet pals are waiting make friends with your kids. Learn how to make a puppet for free Paper Bag; Directions to make Chinese New Year Paper Bag Dragon: (This one is super easy to make.) 1. Color in your pieces. 2. Cut them out. 3. Glue them onto your paper bag. (Chuck's arm is pretty small, so I cut the paper bag so that it was shorter.) Now you're ready to perform your own dragon dance How to make a Blinking Dragon Puppet - YouTube. mrtm 7 Eylül 2019 puppets diy Leave a comment 329 Views How to Make a Paper Dragon Head how to make a paper 5cm gundam like model V4 tutorial. Amazing T-Rex Illusion! Chinese Mountain Pattern Armour Part 1: Scales and Dragon Heads Shinlong - Money Origami Origami Dragon (Jo Nakashima) Make your own 3D paper dragon illuson The Paper Dragon Dragon Mask 2.0 - A Better Way DIY 3D Paper Dragon Hea But today we're rectifying that mistake. Last year we made these 2 really easy dragon puppets. (Definitely check them out because they were super cute and super easy. Plus, I included free printable templates!) This year we're keeping with the dragon theme and making this Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet from recycled cardboard! It's an upgraded.

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First published in Dec 2017. A wonderful Chinese New Year Printable for Preschoolers! We have adapted our Paper Dragon Puppet to fit our Paper Plate twirlers.. and if I say so myself, I think they look fabulous. I can just see a family of Paper Plate Dragons hanging from the ceiling in reds, greens and yellows Materials. Paper - regular printer paper worked best for this project. Pieces of strong cardboard. Yarn or string. Hole punch. Tape. Click here to download the free printable dragon marionette puppet template. If you are a teacher and are unable to access the printable in Google Drive due to your district's settings, just email me at ellen.

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  1. You can see more about this T-Rex and how Camo made it right here: Making a T-Rex for stop motion. Okay, the first thing you need to think about when making a stop motion puppet is the size and scale of it. This dragon will be inside a temple so I have placed an early form of it into the temple so I can get a sense for the proper size and scale
  2. Note: I'm going to use images from our popular paper dragon puppet tutorial because the process is the same. For younger, child-sized paper Pokémon puppets, follow the instructions here. For a larger version, lightly fold the paper in half to find the center. Then fold each edge to the center and secure with tape
  3. Paper Dragon Puppet. 1-2 nd grade [6-8 years old]. Art 207-08, Group 1. Kevin William Schauer, Jennifer Lynn Rich, Karisa de Jong, Kieran Griffin. Date of Presentation: 4/29/04 . Objectives: · Students will learn about Chinese New Year/Chinese culture · Students will incorporate drama/theatre into art · Students will learn a little about Chinese mythology and puppets
  4. Here is the full sized version. Print on 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and fit together to create the full sized dragon pattern. Cut out the pattern. Trace the pattern on to the white foam board. Cut out the design with a craft or X-Acto knife. Paint the head and the tail with colorful acrylic paint
  5. Make adorable puppets from styrofoam trays and drinking straws. An easy way to make a dog, panda, raccoon, pig, cat, frog, or mouse puppet. A butterfly puppet made from two paper plates. Your fingers are the legs of these simple paper puppets. Make dinosaurs and nursery rhyme characters
  6. To make a simple paper puppet, start by folding a piece of construction paper in thirds lengthwise. Then, glue down the top fold so the paper looks like a long rectangle. Next, fold the rectangle in half so the 2 short ends meet before folding each flap down so the edges meet the center. After that, glue down the 2 outer flaps, and decorate the.
  7. If making a prince, double the paper and put a large V shape from the wide edge to form pants. Glue this to the bottom of the roll, about 2 cm away from the edge. Cut another piece of coloured paper so that it fits on the top half of the roll and glue into place for the top. THE DRAGON PUPPET

To celebrate here's another collection of free puppet patterns from around the web. This time the focus is on marionettes. Enjoy! 3D Paper Skeleton Marionette. 3D Paper Skeleton Marionette. Here's a spooky friend to make before Halloween. This skeleton is cleverly crafted from printed paper, thread, scissors and glue Make your own Dragon hand puppet from paper, card stock, or cardboard with this PDF template! Note: Dragon puppet does not breathe fire. Although it would be awesome if you rigged something up to make that happen. I'd love to see that. Puppets just slip over the hand and open and close with your fingers and thumb How to Make a Dragon Marionette Kids can craft this dragon puppet from recycled carboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes. FamilyFun Magazine. Puppet Play: Friendly Puppet Crafts. Careta de dragón chino para disfraz infantil, hecha con caja de zapatos y tapa forradas con papel verde, y a la q fuí añadiendo elementos . El resultado fue. 10. Punch another hole into a cup toward the end of the dragon's body. (About 4th from the end) 11. Attach string from the holes to either end of the stick. Use the stick to manoeuvre the dragon puppet. Use a photocopier to enlarge or shrink the dragon headsto fit your cup size. This craft is reprinted courtesy of Jellyfish Jelly

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Fold a piece of paper in half length wise. Fold a second time as shown. Step 6. Cut the corners off all four corners of this long piece of folded paper. Step 7. Accordion fold the paper as shown. This will become the body of the puppet. Step 8. Glue one of the wood craft sticks painted in Step 4, to the head as shown If your kids like this interactive dragon craft, they will love the Chinese New Year dragon puppet craft. Imitating the dragon seen during the dragon dance, the dragon puppet has multiple sections and can move! Have fun blowing into the cardboard tube and make the dragon blow fire You may make any kind of shadow puppet from a jumping kangaroo to a beautiful princess. But my example will be a water dragon! First you want to draw out your puppet on your paper/cardboard. Now you add your designs and colors to it. Also cut out your puppet. If your want your puppet to be able to move, simply punch holes where you want it to move Make it: 1. Paint 2 paper-towel tubes and 1 toilet-paper tube green. 2. Cut 4 1 pieces from first green paper-towel tube for the tail segments. Keep remainder of tube for dragon's body. 3. Wrap. Chinese Dragon Puppet. You will need: Craft foam Wiggle eyes Decorative ribbon Glue 2 popsicle sticks. Instructions: Cut out a dragon head from the craft foam. Decorate with wiggle eyes and other pieces of craft foam. Use our photos for guidance. Cut out and make a tail from craft foam too. Glue the head to one end of the ribbon and the tail to.

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Make a black bat sock puppet for Halloween or anytime. Dinosaur Sock Puppet. All Kids Network Dinosaur Sock Puppet. Make a dinosaur sock puppet. Rainbow Dragon Sock Puppet. Buttonbag Sock Puppets. Make a dragon, zebra and/or monkey sock puppet. Link has pdf instructions for each to download for free. Sock Puppet Zoo From dragon puppets to paper lanterns to paper plate hand fans here are The 11 Best Chinese New Year Crafts! 11 How to Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet Click to Make It Made with Happy . 10 How to Make Chinese Lanterns Click to Make It Nurture Store . 9 Chinese New Year Drum Craft for Kids Click to Make I To make your dragon bookmarks you will need: White card/ paper; Red card/ paper; Colouring pens/ pencils; Scissors; Glue stick; Either make use of our free Dragon Printable Puppet here and adjust your printer settings to make smaller dragon printables OR head over to our Teachers Pay Teacher's store for a set of Printable Dragon Bookmarks, including the Chinese Happy New Year bodies Creation Process of the Person Puppet. Even though we've been designing animal hand puppet patterns since 2014, it wasn't until 2019 that we designed a human type puppet pattern. Up until then, we focused on animal hand puppet sewing patterns. In all honesty, it took me that long to figure out how to create a human puppet pattern Use this lovely teaching resource to make your own 3D Chinese New Year paper fortune teller puppet that looks like a colourful dragon. It's easy to make and comes with a visual step by step guide. This resource is great to use during your Chinese New Year lessons and your children will love making these dragons

Dragon Puppet - Made to Order - Movable. Madi2theMax. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) $160.00. Add to Favorites. Folkmanis green dragon puppet Folkmanis 22 Full Body Sky Dragon Hand Puppet Blue Green. Condition is Used. StickySituationOK Make the body of the dragon by cutting a paper plate in half. If you have small children, ensure you do the cutting for them, or supervise them while they're using special child-friendly scissors. Your kids can decorate the body however they wish but a really good idea is to dip a sponge in paint to get a scary, scaly effect

Now we can start to add sheets and pieces of foam to flesh out the body of the dragon. There are a lot of different ways to attach it all together and for the most part what I do is to use a hot glue gun to attach the foam to the wire armature then I use a spray adhesive to attach the foam sheets together Cut heavyweight paper into 4- by 5-inch pieces. Mix paste to a creamy consistency. Poke holes in the bottom of an upside-down box and insert dowel sticks. How to Begin. Forming the puppet head. Explain to the children that they will be making puppet heads with papier mâché, a process using paper and paste Mar 31, 2020 - Compilation of 7 DIY Paper Mache Dragon with Step-by-Step Instructions to make some creative dragons. Do-it-yourself today! Pinterest. Today. Sea Dragon Dragon Art Green Dragon Dragon Crafts Dragon Puppet Dragon Head Fantasy Dragon Fantasy Art Fantasy Creatures. More information..

Take the piece of gold card and draw the head and tail of a dragon on it. Cut the head and tail out. Using crayons, glitter or whatever you like, decorate the head and tail. Using glue or sticky tape, fasten the red card to the back of the dragon's head at one end, and the back of its tail at the other end. It should look a bit like this when. Learn how to make a fun origami fox puppet! You can open and close the origami fox's mouth. This origami puppet can also be turned into a dragon or other pointy nosed animal! We recommend using larger paper for this origami fox puppet, as long it's square. To fit a child's hand the paper would need to be at least 17 x 17 cm Paper Dog Hand Puppet - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids easy & fun. Easy peasy and oh so fun Paper Dog Hand Puppet. Love how quick and easy these paper hand puppets are to make!!! Great Dog Craft for Kids. Easy and quick. Article by Red Ted Art. 71 Puppet crafts encourage imaginative play in kids which help in improving creativity and language skills. If you love puppet crafts, check out our accordion dragon craft which is yet another fun puppet craft to make with kids. We also have more summer crafts including this beautiful ocean themed paper chain Jellyfish craft and 3d rainbow fish craft Spread glue onto the inside edge of the horse's head from its forehead all the way down the neck, and stick on the felt rectangles. Put glue all the way round the horse's head shape spreading it on top of the felt. Take the second horse's head shape and place it on top. It should stick down well and the two halves should fit together exactly

Marionette puppets are fun to make and to use in puppet shows. Although professional marionette puppets can be costly and complicated to make, children can create their own marionette puppets using simple materials, such as paper and yarn. Everything needed to create a paper marionette puppet can be purchased at any craft or art supply store In order to make a puppet out of a paper, you will need the following: a paper bag, glue, eyes, markers, cotton balls, sock, and yarn. With the fold up the small paper bag facing you, on a flat surface, glue the eyes on to the folded portion of the bag. Glue the cotton ball on for the nose. Draw the mouth with a marker. Allow the glue to dry Here's a spectacular Chinese dragon puppet craft for Year of the Dragon and Chinese New Year. The dragon's face is made from a paper cup and although he looks complicated, even the youngest children will manage a beautiful dragon with this craft. You will need: 2 Paper cups Paint Glue Wiggle eyes Decorative paper and card Tissue paper Sticky tap

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Make a dancing snowman puppet. Have a blast with puppeteer John Kennedy in this how-to video, as he shows you how to create the coolest guy in town, Dancin' Snowman! He'll dance his way into your heart in no time. You will need white felt, 1 six foot feather boa, 6 paper plates -2 small, 2 medium, 2 large, 2 dowel rods - 36 x 1/2, 36 x 5. Take the piece of cardboard that you cut out for the window. You will use this to make your Puppet Theater sign. Cut the piece of cardboard to about 20 wide and 9 tall. Cut the top in a half round or scallop type pattern. Base paint the sign with a solid light color, and then use a small brush or markers to create the lettering

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