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Unfortunately for horsepower lovers, the LML came with the most restrictive Garrett VGT offered on a Duramax. While its 11-blade 60.6mm inducer compressor wheel is sufficient enough to get you into 500rwhp territory on tuning alone, the turbine vane height on the exhaust side is a significant limiter An important thing to be aware of when buying any diesel truck made after 2007 is the more complex emissions systems than earlier models. EGR became standard equipment on Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesel trucks in 2003 and then later on 2004 GM trucks with the LLY Duramax When compared to all the other stock Duramax engines, the LML has the strongest and lightest rotating assembly. The pistons are made from cast aluminum with a steel ring land and the design has been updated to make them stronger and less prone to cracking than the LBZ/LMM design Due to these advanced emissions systems, the LML had the longest production history of the 6.6's to-date, lasting until 2016 after which it was replaced with the L5P. At 400hp and 765tq, the LML is also the highest power producing Duramax made to-date, up until the L5P. Duramax LML vs. LMM Improvement

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Thanks for all the support watching the channel! Its time for some new badass content!! Buying a Duramax 2500HD Sierra! GMC. Lift kit diesel drag race lmm si.. The 6.6l RPO LML (VIN code 8″) is the latest version (2011 - 2016) of the Isuzu/GM Duramax V8 diesel engine and actually a further advanced version of the LMM engine with the majority of the changes addressing a required drastic reduction in engine emissions. Some mechanical aspects of the engine, such as piston oil flow design for. The new 6.6L Duramax LML is the cleanest and most powerful Duramax engine to date, loaded with state-of-the-art engineering. Based on a theoretically ideal 90-degree V configuration, it combines a cast iron block with aluminum cylinder heads, operating at a 16.8-to-1 compression ratio

Duramax Life Decals for sale $10click herehttps://www.ebay.com/itm/283109232022 What to look for when buying a Used Duramax *must watch*New T-shirts and ho.. Looking to buy a duramax I have been in love with duramax for awhile now and I finally getting to the point where I am ready to buy one. I would like a 2500HD because I work in a boat yard, and people often offer me money to back up their trailers for them, and I work landscaping with one of my friends

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  2. LML Forums. Duramax 6.6 Technical Duramaxdiesels.com was founded in 2006 and created a site which houses some of the best known Duramax tech you can find. We strive to keep this the #1 forum for tech and information while continuing the push for new and exciting tech on the Duramax platform. to 2000hp sled pullers and all the way back.
  3. If you have a truck with the 2011 to 2016 LML Duramax, you must know that it just does not reach its full potential in horsepower and fuel efficiency. Now, what can a person do to gain that performance back, which you know is possible? The answer to that question is a tuner and if you are reading this article, then you must know what a tuner is
  4. The LLY Duramax gets a bad rap because of a reputation for blowing its head gasket. But Duramaxtuner's panel of experts say not every LLY has that problem. I..

The Bosch CP4.2 injection pump on the LML Duramax is coined a Ticking time bomb by many people familiar with the LML platform. It's extremely susceptible to failure from bad diesel fuel or lack of lubrication. When it breaks, it often takes the injectors out with it. The LML Duramax also didn't come with an OEM lift pump For the big finale of our Budget Diesel Mods series, we're delving into the LML Duramax. Offered in Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra HDs from '11-'16, the LML retained the same overall architecture of the LBZ and LMM mills ('06-'10), yet debuted several technological advancements. Coinciding with the '11 HD's higher payload and tow. Duramax History, Lesson 5: LML. December 21, 2018. Story By. Mike McGlothlin. In order to meet ever-increasing emission standards and keep up with the Joneses (at the time, Ford's upcoming 6.7L Power Stroke), GM amended the Duramax once more for the 2011 model year. The fifth generation common-rail V8 was given the RPO code LML The LML features a torque rating of 765 lb ft which is a 16 percent increase over the previous LMM model (660 lb ft). This was a large power increase and was well received among heavy haulers. The respectable torque of the LML carried the Duramax for 6 years before the heavy hitting L5P was released. When the L5P was released in 2017 it brought. Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML, L5P Explained! Send me cool stuff! Mail time ever month!Truck MasterP.O. Box 525Perry, MI 48872Channels to check out:Backroa..

My LBZ Duramax! What To Look For When Buying A Used Duramax 169k Miles and never drained the Transfer Case Oil *Duramax*Fixing a duramax losing prime REVIEW: Everything Wrong With A 6.6 Duramax LB7 How-to replace \u0026 rebuild the diesel fuel filter head on a Duramax engine. LML Duramax oil pump replacement! 6.6 Duramax The very best remove receiver for the Duramax LML EZ-Lynk AutoAgent. If you require more capacity from a tuner, or if you want a tailored tune to press the most out of your Duramax and also it's transmission, look no further than the EZ-Lynk. This little man takes the adjusting of your Duramax to an entire new level

Before you invest a decent amount of money into a tuner, make sure it will fit your vehicle. 6.6L LML Duramax engines are not the most common model on the market, so it is especially important to be conscientious when shopping for a tuner for this kind of engine. GM only make 6.6L LML Duramax engines from 2011 to 2016 6.6L (LML/L5P) & 6.0L (L96/LC8) Tech ; Should I Buy a New Duramax I'm gonna tell you what you know you want to hear..buy the Duramax. Even if it's once a month, you'll love towing with it and will look forward to the trip. Even when not towing, the Duramax is such an enjoyable truck to drive I doubt you will question the decision.. Hey Guys, I'm looking at buying a Duramax, GMC or Chevy doesn't really matter. I'm looking for something with about 30k - 80k miles, seems to put me around 2013 - 2016, maybe a few older and newer here and there. My first question is, will a 2011 with 50k miles be much different in terms of.. GM Duramax LML. Since the initial release of the Duramax equipped heavy duty GM's back in 2001, they have had to perform minimal changes to this engine in order to keep up with the competition and in order to comply with ever changing emissions standards. The truck is still a 6.6L, common rail fuel system, Allison transmission backed work horse

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  1. 500 RWHP 6.6L Duramax. When it comes to 6.6L Duramax engines, there are tons of designations to choose from. There are LB7s, LLYs, LMMs, LMLs, and even the new L5P. While there have been a number of upgrades available for these powerplants over the years, the basic architecture has remained the same, which means all models respond to tuning and.
  2. Hi guys, I'm at 360k km (=225k miles) on my 2nd Duramax. Love the truck. It's an '08 LMM and I've removed the DPF and chipped it - run it on level 2. I never saw the change in economy like many people reported here, but it's always been a strong, efficient truck. It's scary just how..
  3. LML's are completely different animal than their prior motors (lb7,lly,lbz, and lmm). Your first start will be is getting a cp3 conversion to take the place of the LML cp4. Cp4's are the biggest issues on the LML. Get Efi Live. Get a modded fleece cp3 pump 10mm 13mm. Put a fass 150 lift pump on. Built trans. 68stg2r single charge
  4. Looking at buying a used Chevy/GM Duramax to tow a future toy hauler we plan on buying. Toy hauler will be in the 30'-36' range. I'm partial to the 99-06 body style, but I'm open to something a little newer if necessary. 2011 LML here and is used exactly how you describe your usage - towing the toyhauler on family vacations

The LMM and LML motors were used for a long stretch in the mid 2000s to promote the turbocharged four-valve design. Vehicles like the Topkick, Savana and Sierra received the bulk of installations of the LMM 6.6 Duramax engine. 5. LG The Duramax L5P was introduced in 2017 as a replacement for the LML.Featured in the Silverado and Sierra HD work trucks (2500HD/3500HD), the L5P uses the same 6.6L turbo-diesel powerplant that has been in use since the LB7 since 2001. While the engine uses the same 6.6L design, many major engine components were completely refreshed in order to create comparable power levels with its. Description. S&S Diesel Motorsport, the world leader in common-rail diesel injection has developed a solution for CP4.2 high-pressure pump failures that have plagued the LML Duramax engine.The S&S solution is to remove the problem before it becomes a problem, by replacing the CP4.2 with a tried and true, bulletproof CP3 high pressure fuel pump I would look until you find one around 150k or less tho. Get a carfax, check fluids, check for rust on body and frame, inspect balljoints/bushings, look for any major leaks. If 4x4 inspect fluid and test 4x4. My dad had an 06 duramax and he traded it in with 380k miles and it didnt miss a beat and he really took care of it The Duramax engine is a joint venutre of GM & Isuzu. LB7 (VIN 1) Engine was installed from 2001-2004. LLY (VIN 2) Engine was installed from 2004-2005. LBZ (VIN D) Engine was installed from 2006-2007. LMM (VIN 6) Engine was installed from 2007-2011. LML (VIN 8) Engine was Installed from 2011 to current

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LML Duramax Performance. The LML Duramax shocked its rivals when it was revealed, offering 397 horsepower and 765 lb-ft of torque while simultaneously lowering emissions and improving fuel economy. A new, improved engine block casting was used. GM increased oil film thickness by changing the main bearings' profiles Such specifications also serve as the 2014 Duramax 6.6 oil type, 2015 Duramax LML oil type, 2005 LLY Duramax oil type, 2017 L5P Duramax oil type. Oil for Duramax - Buyer's Guide Here are a few additional things that may intrigue you

Duramax is a family of 6.6L diesel engines designed by General Motors. They are produced by the Ohio-located diesel manufacturer DMAX, which itself is a joint venture between GMC and Isuzu, a Japanese vehicle and diesel engine company. An LML Duramax engine. Did you ever notice how much an engine look like a heart Before you go out and buy a vehicle with a Duramax engine, or the oil for it, let's take a quick look at some of the most important things which you need to know. 5W-40 vs 15W-40 Oil for Duramax The thing you have to be aware of here is that the Duramax diesel engine is compatible with both 5w40 and 15W-40 motor oils You'll find parts for the 2011 to 2016 6.6L LML Duramax as well as parts for the 2004 to 2005 6.6L LLY Duramax engine. +Read more. If you own a Chevy or GMC diesel truck made after 1982, you'll find the aftermarket Duramax parts you're looking for. High-performance diesel truck parts will make your Chevy or GMC truck run like new So let's look at some of those changes, and see how a Duramax 6.6L Cold Air Intake from AIRAID can help you turn up the power even more. The LML Duramax 6.6L Diesel In order to crank up the power without sacrificing reliability, General Motors went back to the drawing board to create their all new heavy duty diesel

If you're looking to purchase a GMC Sierra 2500HD, you can expect between 14.5 and 15 miles per gallon. This is the best fuel economy you'll find in a vehicle equipped with the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel. Year What Should I Look For When Buying a Tuner For a 6.6 Duramax? The Right Tune For You. There are many different tuners on the market, but the tune itself determines how well your truck is going to run, as well as how much power you're going to gain. Tuners with preset tunes are great in terms of performance, extensively tested, and cost-effective

Chevy Duramax 6.6L Turbocharger. The Duramax is the General Motors diesel engine for trucks which features a turbocharged engine. In case you're wondering where to buy a turbocharger for Chevy Duramax, look no further. At Taylor Diesel, we offer a rebuilt stock turbocharger that fits the 2001-2003 Chevy Duramax 6.6 L pickup We see lots of these hoses get damaged during service or during performance upgrades. This is an actual OE regulated injector return line assembly. Services both banks and includes regulated return valve. Buy with confidence! Fitment: 2011-2016 Duramax 6.6L LML LGH. Details. SKU: 12639000 - Z. Stock #: 12639000 Things to Consider Before Buying 6.6 Duramax Tuners. When you're thinking about getting the best tuner for Duramax, you need to look at features that will make a change in your vehicle performance. Each model of tuner comes with characteristics that are very different from each other GM LML Duramax replacement & upgraded CP3's, Air Dog & FASS lift pumps, Injectors & Nozzles, and fuel tanks, WIF plugs, banjo bolts, and much more! Click below to find what you're looking for or give us a call or chat for assistance. We are customer driven, so we are here for you 2011 - 2016 Duramax EZ LYNK LML Switch Installation Guide Tools needed for installation Flashlight Flathead Screwdriver Snips 5 FT of wire to fish the switch wires through the fire wall Zip Ties Electrical Tape 10mm 3/8 Socket 13mm 3/8 Deep Socket 1/16 Drill Bit Unibit #1 or 3/8 Drill Bit 1/8 Drill Bit.

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This unlocks the BASIC TUNING function for initial tune download on 2011+ GMC/Chevy Duramax 6.6L LML vehicles ONLY. If you're looking to release the vehicle lock from your tuner, then purchase the VIN UNLOCK code instead. DO NOT purchase this code unless your tuner specifically asks for it.If your tuner does not prompt you to enter this code (mentioning part number# 111006) during the first. 01-15 GM 6.6L Duramax Bolt-On Passenger Side Up-Pipe by Rudy's Diesel Performance part number DP0057-LB7. If you are looking for a replacement passenger side up-pipe due to a blown out bellow, Rudy's new up-pipe is your solution

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I'm looking to buy a GMC Duramax Denali but would like to know what options it has. The dealer website isn't that helpful and would like to know what all is on there for the kids before I purchase. Is there a site to look up a build sheet This engine, the aluminum-headed 6.6L Duramax V-8 hit the market in 2001 with a very impressive 300 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque, a vast improvement over GM's unimpressive line of Detroit Diesel engines that preceded it. Current Version. The current version of the Duramax, known as the LML, produces 397 horsepower and 765 lb-ft of torque

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ShowMeTheParts is changing how the world finds replacement parts for their vehicles The LML Duramax is compliant with tough new federal emissions regulations that take effect on Jan. 1, 2010. In 2007, GM invested $69 million in the DMAX plant to build the new engine. Why would. The 6.6-liter LML Duramax Engine is produced by DMAX, a joint venture between GM and Isuzu in Moraine, Ohio. The Duramax Engine was released in late 2001 into the Chevrolet and GMC chassis vehicles. The LML Duramax Engine was replacing the old 6.5-L Detroit built engine which was a big jump forward in technology Based on 2010-2017 LML and LGH code production engine block. Similar to all first-generation Duramax 6.6L engines, including LB7, LLY, LB2, and LMM. Cast-iron foundation with induction hardened cylinder walls. Deep-skirt design and four bolts per main. 1030mm x 990mm bore/stroke capacity The AFE 42-14021 DFS780 Fuel System with Full-Time Operation for your 2011-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax LML offers you a complete fuel system solution for your Duramax pickup. The fuel in your truck contains contaminants, water and air/vapor which reduces power and can cause damage to your injectors

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575 hp*,Turnkey, and There's Not a Used Part In It Till now, if you wanted a Duramax V-8 in anything other than the fullsize GM truck it came in—your best option was to buy a complete '01 to. EARLY BUS Aluminum Air Bleeder Screw for GM 2001-2017 Fuel Filter Housing Compatible Replacement (6.0/6.6L) Duramax Diesel LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML (blue) 4.5 out of 5 stars 77 $10.99 $ 10 . 9 The Duramax engine is made for the long-term user. Many people buy these trucks to keep for hundreds of thousands of miles or buy the trucks with over a hundred thousand miles. When that happens and we see what starts to fail and why the coolant tank on the Duramax engine is one of those failure points aFe POWER ATLAS 5 inch Aluminized Steel DPF-Back Exhaust System for 2007.5-2010 GM Duramax LMM. (0) Reviews: Write first review. Condition: New. Item #: 49-04040. Price: $468.99. Qty: Add to Cart. See Details. aFe POWER ATLAS 5 inch Aluminized Steel DPF-Back Exhaust System for 2011-2016 GM Duramax 6.6L LML

SDP 2011-2016 LML 3 Drivers side Intercooler pipe. *These are now a 2-piece design for much easier installation. We are currently designing a 'brace' which will be an add on to the current product, it will keep the upper pipe from potentially sliding out of the upper boot when over 50psi which some have been noticing Looking to sell 6.6L LML Duramax Injector core? DieselCore is currently buying Chevy / GM 6.6L LML Duramax 2011-2013 injector cores. Set up your personal account and get paid today What To Look For When Buying A Used Duramax 169k Miles and never drained the Transfer Case Oil *Duramax*Fixing a duramax losing prime REVIEW: Everything Wrong With A 6.6 Duramax LB7 How-to replace \u0026 rebuild the diesel fuel filter head on a Duramax engine. LML Duramax oil pump replacement! 6.6 Duramax Crank no start GM Chevy GMC - Tech Tips. If we wouldn't put it on our own trucks, we won't put it on our site for you to buy. Take a look at the lineup of 2011-2016 Chevy Duramax performance parts we have. Earn free shipping on all orders over $99. If you have questions about the parts, send an e-mail or give us a call. We're the guys who answer all the inquiries

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Edge Evolution CTS3 Tuner 2001 - 2016 Duramax 6.6. Introducing the next generation Evolution CTS3: all-new, full-Color Touch Screen CTS3. The CTS3 will continue to include all the great features, benefits, and extended coverage from the CTS2 product line, all while adding a sleek, new exterior and cutting-edge screen Series of injector cores for Duramax engines include: LB7 2001-2004.5. LLY 2004.5-2005. LBZ 2006 - 2008. LMM 2008-2010. LML 2011+. DieselCore is currently looking to purchase Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD Duramax injector cores and other components. Cores we are currently looking to purchase for Duramax diesel engines, include 01-04 Chevrolet Duramax LB7 04.5-07 Chevrolet Duramax LLY LBZ 07.5-10 Chevrolet Duramax LMM 11-16 Chevrolet Duramax LML. Content (36) Cylinder Head Studs (Longer) (8) Cylinder Head Bolts (Shorter) (36) Cylinder Head Stud Nuts (36) Cylinder Head Stud Washer 6.6L Duramax LML Duramax LML Specs & Info. The LML Duramax was released for 2011 model General Motors & Chevrolet HD trucks. The latest version of the 6.6L Duramax requires advanced emissions equipment, including the use of diesel exhaust fluid injection, to reduce nitrogen oxide emission levels by 63 percent over LMM powered trucks LML Duramax emissions successfully reduce NOx emissions by 63% over the LMM by using the SCR system. The usage of DEF has actually helped increase fuel economy as well. More LML Duramax Information. For more information about the LML Duramax you can visit our LML Duramax specifications page. We break down all the nitty-gritty details about the.

Looking for first hand experience from guys that have had both the LML and L5P and what they think or guys that have or have had an L5P. My dad is possibly looking to upsize. Truck will stay bone stock and will only be used to tow a 5th wheel and city driving in Phoenix, AZ and Oregon. Looking for the pros and cons of LML and L5P DFC Diesel Remanufactured Long Block Crate Engine $ 8697.32. The DFC Long Block Crate Engine is a great option for the diesel enthusiast looking to replace the tired and damaged engine in their 2011-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax LML/LGH. DFC makes critical improvements to your engine to maintain reliability, even in applications with additional horsepower Diesel Power Products Classic Black and White Logo T-Shirt $17.95. Shop. Fleece Performance Cummins T-Shirt $20.00. Shop. Diesel Power Products Gift Card $50.00. Shop. Fleece Performance Duramax T-Shirt $20.00. Shop. Fleece Performance Innovating T-Shirt $20.00 Vehicle Accessories | 2011-2016 GM 6.6 Duramax LML. or just about anything else, we can help! As always, if you don't see what you are looking for, or would like some assistance in deciding what's right for you, don't hesitate to give us a call, or send an e-mail to [email protected] and we would be happy to help The Bilstein 25-218206 5160 Series Shock Absorber is the best shock to get your 2011-2019 GM 2500/3500 4WD farther off-road. This shock features a self-adjusting disc valve that rapidly reacts to changing road conditions to give you truck supreme handling on and off-road, and the monotube shock design is filled with high gas pressure for longer life

The 2011-2016 Duramax suffers from a high pressure fuel pump issue unique to this year range. Failure of this CP4 pump is usually catastrophic, causing instant contamination of the entire fuel system with metal particulates. Chances are, if you're looking at this page, you're well aware of the problem. Below we will discuss the reasons for. 2015-16 LML Duramax Parts Vin Code 8. First introduced in 2011, the newest version of the LML Duramax not only exceeds mandated federal emissions requirements and is the cleanest Duramax to date, but is also the most powerful with 397 horsepower and 765 lb-ft of torque. MadJack Diesel is happy to provide you with a huge selection of the.

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LML/LGH DURAMAX 6.6L INJECTORS. We understand that when looking for replacement injectors for your truck it can be very confusing. From our experience in the diesel repair and performance industry we feel that the best injector you can purchase for your LML/LGH Duramax is the Genuine Bosch Injector.. NEW vs REMAN EXPLAINED Duramax LBZ Guide to Performance & Cold Air Intakes If you had the 8.1 Vortec engine in your truck instead of a Duramax, I'd probably be telling you an intake is a waste of money. However, for turbo-diesel engines it's one of the first mods we recommend for people just getting started

The Duramax engine is made for the long-term user. Many people buy these trucks to keep for hundreds of thousands of miles or buy the trucks with over a hundred thousand miles. When that happens and we see what starts to fail and why the coolant tank on the Duramax engine is one of those failure points Not sure which Duramax Diesel you have? If your 8th digit in the VIN number is a 1, you have a LB7, if its a 2 or 3, you have a LLY, if it is a D, you have a LBZ. LMM engines are only found in the new 2007.5+ GMT900 new body style trucks. 2011+ trucks run the LML engine, which features DEF S&B 75-5080 Cold Air Intake For 2006-2007 Chevy/GMC Duramax LLY-LBZ 6.6L. The 75-5080 model from S&B was developed for an earlier series of Duramax diesel engines. You can use it as the best cold air intake for Duramax lb7 and similar models. Much like its successors, this model also had a silicone body The all-rounder best DEF fluid for Duramax is the Prestone Command Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It comprises 32.5% urea (the rest is water) which is a safe amount. This is also compatible with all SCR-equipped engines, including the Duramax V8. The Prestone Command DEF can work in conjunction with other DEF or AdBlue as well