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Fast, Free Shipping on Orders Over $40. Expert Gear Advice From Riders 581. $50.15. $50.15. Universal Motorcycle Cruise Control Throttle Lock Assist Aluminum Wrist/Hand Grip Lock Clamp with Silicone Ring Protect Throttle Grip,Throttle Control System. 3.8 out of 5 stars. 751. $9.99. $9.99. Sound Off Recreational Vista Cruise Throttle Clamp MCVICY-P Vista Cruise is one of the most practical and affordable throttle locks out there. Great way to free your throttle hand while riding a motorcycle. Activating the lever locks the throttle in whatever position you had it in, allowing you to relieve hand cramps or use your hand briefly for something else. Super-easy to install So I decided to replace the grips and install a Vista-Cruise Throttle Lock. This universal motorcycle cruise control is a product that I have used before on 2 other motorcycles not for pain relief but mainly for long distance riding and for riding no handed and other fun stupid stuff

VISTA CRUISE A compact cruise control designed to fit between the grip and the throttle housing. Made of glass filled Zytel nylon for years of service. Model # MCVICO - Fits many Honda motorcycle with 7/8 handlebars. Model # MCVICY - Fits many Yamaha (single or dual cable) with 7/8 handlebar Vista Cruise Motorcycle Throttle Lock Cruise Control 1990 up Harley. New New New. $38.95. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 12 watchers 12 watchers 12 watchers. Top Rated Plus seller Top Rated Plus seller Top Rated Plus seller. Motion Pro Nylon Throttle Tube Sleeve Honda XR200R CRF230F XR250 XR250L XR350R vista cruise i have one on my 1500 classic and it works great. it is a pita to install and the instructions are piss poor. one thing you will nedd to watch carefully until you are use to how to fully adjust it is that if the allen screws that go around it are too tight it will stick or hesitate to release. -vista throttle lock-v&h big shots. - The Vista Cruise Throttle Lock FOR YAMAHAS -- Can be purchased at Cycle Gear as well as almost all touring/cruiser shops, and online shops. Look for the YAMAHA one that is similar to mine in the pictures. This is the one you want. Should be aprox. $24.99. - A small Flathead screw. Smaller is best

Mounting a Vista Cruise on an FJR1300. This page shows how I mounted a Vista Cruise throttle lock on my 2003 Yamaha FJR1300. The model I bought is a generic one for Yamahas, as shown in the photo below. The FJR uses a dual cable BTW Motorcycle Cruise Control and Throttle Lock. If you're here looking, you have probably experienced a long day on a motorcycle and are familiar with the need for something to act as a cruise control to give your right hand a break. Maybe you have looked at the current abundant throttle lock options or have had experience using them in the past 4.5 out of 5 stars. 36 product ratings. - Vista Cruise Motorcycle Cruise Control Throttle Lock for Honda Kawasaki MCVICO. C $32.65. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. List price: Previous Price. C $33.86 4% off $100-$150: Motorcycle throttle locks in this category have a cruise control feature and don't simply lock the throttle. They can automatically adjust a bike's speed for wind and hills I installed the Vista Cruise throttle lock as discussed at H. Marc Lewis' site. I also weather sealed the drilled hole by putting some silicone calking into the drilled hole and then locking down the VC with the set screw. I then reinstalled the grip. Installation Showing Vista Cruise, BMW Sport Grips, and Custom Bar Ends.

The ATLAS Throttle Lock is another semi permanent solution if you're looking for an affordable motorcycle cruise control. It's designed to attach to the throttle and lock it in place through the built-in mechanical system. The ATLAS Throttle Lock mounts to the plastic throttle tube on your motorcycle handlebars Universal Vista Cruise Control InstallThis is the universal vista cruise control that fits the 7/8 inch bar. At the price point of $37 this is a very good p.. KLR650 Universal Vista Cruise Throttle Lock. Discussion in 'Equipment' started by RedKLR, Dec 3, 2006. RedKLR, Dec 3, 2006 #1. RedKLR Been here awhile. Joined: Apr 20, 2006 Oddometer: 276 Location: Austria until 2012. Hi all. I put this question up at dotnet but have had no luck yet. Maybe there's more eyeballs here VISTA-CRUISE THROTTLE LOCK INSTALLATION This is a relatively straight-forward procedure, but can be difficult to visualize if you've never seen or used a throttle lock. With the following pictures and accompanying text installation should be easily accomplished in 1/2 hour or less. This throttle lock is a great thing for long distance traveling.

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  1. I went with the Kuryakyn 6218 Thumb/Throttle Cruise Assist Premier from eBay for $30. I had the Vista Cruise universal lock on my previous bike, but I never liked it appearance. This one has a more sleep appearance. Installation went well. There is a little chrome flare piece on the inside of the throttle grip
  2. The ATLAS Throttle Lock is the most intuitive cruise control alternative ever built. When engaged, the ATLAS holds your throttle in place with friction so that you can relax your grip, shake out your hand, adjust your jacket, etc. Calling it a throttle lock is a little misleading because it doesn't actually lock the throttle of your.
  3. An easily operated and adjustable thumb lever holds and releases the throttle. Tools and shim material are provided. The Vista Cruise comes in 7⁄8-inch and 1-inch models and fits many BMW, Honda.

Kyle Bradshaw of www.CruiserCustomizing.com shows the installation of the Vista Cruise Universal Cruise Control. This unit fits all metric motorcycles and in.. Vista Cruise throttle lock. Forum rules Please post a concise description of the product in the subject line so other members will have an easier time locating the info they seek. No Hijacking or off topic discussions will be allowed to keep the info short and to the point. All opinions are welcome from members having experience with the. The vista nor the Kaoko are cruise control.I treat them only as a means of a short rest for the right hand on a long stretch,just wriggle the fingers/sit the hand on the tank for a spell and they roll off easily when locked,those clip on $5 rockers are dangerous

The Vista Cruise Control is another throttle lock system similar to the Breakaway. However, it does not dis-engage at the front brake usage. It does have a thumb switch that appears to be readily accessible vista-cruise throttle lock installation This is a relatively straight-forward procedure, but can be difficult to visualize if you've never seen or used a throttle lock. With the following pictures and accompanying text installation should be easily accomplished in 1/2 hour or less

Universal Vista Cruise type own-er-adapted to BMW R1200R. Owner modifications include: 1. Throttle housing cover modified to provide stationary attachment point via custom steel plate, flush set-screws and JB Weld epoxy. 2. Friction ad-justment screw modified to be adjustable without tools. 3 The ATLAS Throttle Lock was designed to be used with friction pads. Friction pads can last anywhere from 3,000 miles to 40,000+ miles. The wear depends on how often you rotate the throttle while it is engaged and if your throttle housings has sharp edges that rub on the friction pad

Universal Motorcycle Cruise Controls (Assists and Throttle Locks) Motorcycle riders can avoid discomfort in their wrists, arms and hands by using a cruise control when riding. These devices help the rider to avoid that burning and cramping sensation that's usually experienced when riding a bike for a long period of time Discussion Starter · #13 · Apr 11, 2020. Bookem said: I have the Kaoko throttle lock and it works like a charm (I've got an 18 ATAS). The quality is solid - I had one on my KLR for about 7 seasons with no issues, and have no reason to think it won't last as long A shopper on May 25, 2018. BEST ANSWER: Thanks for the question! Yes, The Universal Vista Cruise is a made to fit handle bars with a diameter of 7/8. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by contacting us by email at Sales@bikebandit.com, Live Chat or by phone toll free at 1-888-339-3888 The best, IMHO, cruise control or throttle lock for any bike is the Universal Vista Cruise (Vista Cruise Universal throttle lock 074043). Mine has been with me for nearly 10 years and has been through three motorcycles. It is now on NightMare and she's happy with it

1. Over the years, I've had several different devices to hold the throttle, simple clamps, bar-end friction locks, even a fully electronic automotive-style cruise control. My favorite has always been the Vista-Cruise thumb actuated friction lock. Simple, easy on-off, reliable. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a model specifically for. Vista Cruise Throttle Lock Question. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. P. Pappy · Registered. Joined Jul 5, 2004 ·. Motorbike (s): '02 ZX9R / '17 Ninja1000 ABS. #1 robsalvv, Feb 23, 2006. Just installed a Vista Cruise throttle lock to the 9R. I'm not entirely impressed. For one it needs a lot of pre-load tension to ensure that it grips solidly when locked on, and the preload interferes with normal throttle use. Second thing is that at highway cruising speed.

I too use a throttle lock, a Vista Cruise that had to be modified a little. It works well enough for my needs most of the time. A c/c would be really nice on the boring flat & straights on longer trips east toward the coast Motorcycle Cruise Control throttle lock for Harley-Davidson, Victory, Can-Am Spyder, Indian, Boss Hoss, Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles. 877.642.3722 HOME Products > > ABOUT CONTACT FIND A DEALER INSTALLATION MORE Check out our HERO RINGS, crafted one at a time using 100% Made in. Explore the Advantages Throttle Stabilizers from Kaoko. Do you want to reduce Fatigue from the Long-Distance Riding? Buy Throttle Stabilizers Online

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Does anyone have or know of a good cruise control or throttle lock for the throttle on the 500R. Mine is a 2009 model and I would like one for long distance riding. I plan on doing some rides with a cruiser buddy of mine as soon as he heals up from surgery. We will probably be doing 200-500 mile rides A little fancier version of the Vista Cruise, is a brakeaway throttle lock. RB . twist. Joined Mar 16, 2008 Messages 452 Reaction score 0 Location Utah First Name Ken Apr 1, 2010 #1 The cruise control works by counteracting the throttle spring tension. It is activated with a simple flip of the thumb lever. This gives you a positive speed control at any setting with no throttle creep. For safety's sake the cruise control can easily be overridden with a twist of the hand or disengaged by flipping the thumb lever up..

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465. Location: Cincinnati, OH USA. I looked at the various options for a throttle lock and decided on the Vista Cruise knowing that it would take some modification on the throttle to make it work. Price was also a factor. I bought the Vista-Cruise for single and dual cable throttles, 07-4044 for $23.50 from Sport Tour People just assume screw removal is the way to go and do it without checking first. The Universal Vista Cruise is clamped over the grip, not the throttle tube beneath the grip. The bar end weight does not need to be removed to install the unit. The 7/8 measurement is about the bar clamp on the left, not the throttle grip clamp on the right

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I had the Vista Cruise. You'll find for use beyond a few seconds the road needs to be flat. Over the years of owning my bike, I have not found myself using this throttle lock much. Maybe once or twice a year on average. But I do not ride more than 1 hour at a time so I am not a good sample. VTX 1800C. Reactions: rangers4u and Fithamoto A Vista Cruise throttle lock can be bought at most motorcycle shops. It mounts on your handlebar right next to your throttle grip. You can flip up a lever while riding and it will hold your throttle in that position so you can release the grip and rest your hand or adjust your mirror. It is very handy and costs about $30 - $40 3,844 Posts. #3 · Sep 11, 2008. I have the UNIVERSAL Vista Cruise on one of my KLR's and the standard one on the other. The Universal is very simple to install with no need to remove the grips. The standard unit is a little trickier as it requires you to drill and tap a small hole in the throttle assembly. You also have to remove the grip

40 Posts. #8 · May 2, 2019. Was about to ask if anyone uses a throttle lock on the 300x but dug thru the threads and found this post. Ordered the Go Cruise. Thanks. Have had numerous throttlemeisters and one kaoko but this should do the trick The other end of the arm connects to a clamp that attaches to the handlebar between the throttle housing and the switch housing. NEW Vista Cruise Control Throttle Lock for Suzuki GZ250 with 7/8 inch handlebars | eBa new vista cruise motorcycle throttle lock cruise control 7/8″ handlebars bars Apply, push switch down with thumb. to release flick the switch up. Available in Vista Cruise Control 1″ and 7/8″ handlebar sizes: Visit Produc

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The problem is that the Vista cruise will not stay engaged. I thought I adjusted it correctly with play in the throttle and it locks the thottle for a minute then just pops back. I did not put a hand grip on the throttle housing yet. I want to make sure this thing works. thanks in advance Vista Cruise I do about 60 miles a day commuting on my R6, so I had the same need. I picked up a Vista Cruise throttle lock, and installed it. Was fairly easy to install, though you will need to trim down the height of the handgrip where it flares up next to the starterbox on the clipon Adding a Cruise Control What you do is get the Vista-Cruise throttle lock with the long extension that is supposed to go to the cables or something. You want the long one so you will have material to work with. The 'wide view' picture shows the throttle lock in place from the bar end. The upper arrow (A) points to the thumb control. Be careful.

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The standard vista cruise throttle lock is designed to utilize a clamp on the handlebar between the brake reservoir and the switch housing. On the Ninja 500 and the Concours 1000, there is not enough room for this clamp. I previously was able to install the vista cruise on the ninja by grinding.. Alternative DIY for Vista Cruise Throttle Lock. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. AlmosN8kd · Registered. Joined Feb 3, 2008 · 744 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 22, 2008. You can order. Sound Off Recreational Universal 1 in. Clamp Vista Cruise - MCUV01-P. Fits most Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory and Suzuki cruisers and touring bikes with 1 in. handlebars. We make all of our cruise controls to the same standards as our first one in 1976 - functional, affordable, durable, and rider installed Here is a throttle lock that I have ridden with on a 2009 FZ1. It is the Kuryakyn Universal Econo-Throttle Assist. It's only $26.99 at Motorcycle Superstore. This is the one I was thinking of earlier. I don't like the look of it on the FZ1 and it takes up a significant amount of inner grip space. Too much for me NEW Sound Off Recreational inc. Vista Cruise™. Throttle Lock / Cruise Control. Constructed of durable long lasting DuPont Zytel nylon. FITS: Many dual throttle cable models; such as Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models with 7/8 handlebars. This lock does not fit on the grip, so it does not matter if your grips are stock or aftermarket

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Check Out Great Offers On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today I installed a Vista Cruise Universal throttle lock on my CB500FA. I had to move the front brake perch about 1/4 away from the throttle assy. to make room for the mounting block. As in the photo, I mounted the horizontal bar just below the engine kill switch. There is room so as to not block..

I have just finished my Throttle Lock Mod on my 2012 R1. I used a Sound Off Recreation Vista Cruise MCVICY-P kit, ($25 on Amazon). It would have been nice to just install this throttle lock right out of the package but that wasn't going to happen. It did come with a few brackets none of which I could get to work. So I decided to fabricate my own Vista Cruise Throttle Lock Part Number Discussion in '5th Generation 1998-2001' started by Skifreak, Mar 10, 2013. Skifreak New Member. Country: Joined: Aug 16, 2012 Messages: 235 Likes Received: 16 Trophy Points: 18 Location: Washington State Map Vista Cruise Universal. There's really nothing better for the price. These run about $35. While it isn't as pretty as the Throttlemeister, Leon prefers the way it works. The thumb lock for the throttle seems easier to use. One thing to remember is that the regular Vista Cruise won't work without some modification I`ve read a few and watched a few reports on the generic Vista cruise control. I have had a Vista throttle lock on my bikes for 15 years. Brilliant, wouldn't be without it. Reply & Quote. Vertical C. Member. Nov 10, 2007 8,316 1,931 Sydney, Australia State NSW Motorbike(s Vista Cruise, Throttle Lock, Cruise Control, Throttle Control, Throttle Rocker, Vista Cruise with Dual Throttle Cabl

Throttle Lock Levers for Hondas <---small flip lever under the throttle. Requires tap tool. Lower cost, but does require a little handy work. Vista Cruise Universal Cruise Control (Metric) <--- Vista cruise control, very popular among several brand bikes. Make sure you get the 7/8 model and not the 1 I own an 03' blackbird and wanted to find an easy-to-operate throttle lock system for highway rides. I checked vista cruise and their model wouldn't work on my bars. I searched the internet for about a month and decided to go with the version made by throttlemeister and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with its operation Has anybody installed the Vista Cruise Universal (7/8 & around $30-35) on a pre-2007 Burgman 400? This Burgman has a clip-on plastic covering for the handlebars that extends right up to the throttle/switch assembly. Is there room,without cutting the plastic, to get that clamp onto the bars to the left of the throttle/switch assembly I've had a Vista cruise throttle lock for over 2 years now and love it but my friend really wants cruise control for his bike. Can it be done? He first had me looking at a add on package he saw from Harley but it was for the road king which I assume is tbw. Could any ecm do it or are they..

Motorcycle Throttle Lock Cruise Control 7/8 Handlebar Vista Cruise, UNIVERSAL VISTA CRUISE, Holds throttle at desired speed, All while providing service from industry professionals fully dedicated to our industry and your needs,Throttle can always be manually operated even with the vista cruise in the on position.Handlebar Vista Cruise. These motorcycle cruise control throttle locks come has complete kits for easy installation. Browse our motorcycle throttle assists at Bob's Cycle Supply! Vista Cruise Control 1In C - 1 Inch Clamp For 590295 . Retail price $6.95. Bob's Price $6.49. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. This throttle lock takes a little more work, but I agree, it looks like it belongs there. The Vista Cruise takes about one eight inch of grip real estate, which is important to me, as I have large hands. BTW, I drilled and tapped a 6-32 hole and used a stainless steel socket head cap screw for the stay. B A Vista Cruise throttle lock sort of helped for a while, but I wasn't happy. In August'96 I fitted a K-Mart cruise control to my Nissan car and went to Queensland for a holiday. I got 13.8kms per litre instead of 9.8k/l, didn't get booked and enjoyed the trip much more than expected I was going to suggest a Vista Cruise, about $25. Pretty much the same construction as an NEP. Fwiw, my kid's S40 would make my hands buzz like crazy at 60 MPH. 70 MPH (which was probably 65 MPH actual) was better; it seemed to be a resonant frequency issue more than anything else

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Buell Motorcycle Forum » Big, Bad & Dirty (Buell XB12X Ulysses Adventure Board) » BB&D Archives » Archive through June 14, 2009 » Vista Cruise Throttle lock on XT with heated grips « Previous Next Joined Aug 29, 2011. ·. 46 Posts. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 6, 2011. I was wondering if anyone had ideas, stories, good bad of ugly thoughts on this subject. Obviously electronic cruise is the best but cost a lot. My local shop had good bad and ugly's about vista cruise throttle locks Holds throttle at desired speed. Easily installed - requires no grip removal. Relieves arm and wrist strain. Helps economize on fuel. Attractive - Looks like it belongs. Throttle can always be manually operated even with the vista cruise in the on position. Molded from durable glass filled zytel nylon Purchase the Sound Off Recreational Universal Vista Cruise at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a Sound Off Recreational Universal Vista Cruise (part number MCUV01-P) from J&P Cycles A few friends have picked them up and are liking them so far. GO CRUISE 2 Universal Throttle Control System - Black. Ivan's ECU Tune. Baron Front Pulley (BA-6574-00) Cobra PowrFlo Air Intake (06-0467B) Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered Exhaust w/ Quiet Baffle (48397) (21899) Memphis Shades Speed Demon Sportshield w/ Lowers (MEP5421) (MEB8934.