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The White Walkers have won. All hope is lost. The gods decided to grant a second chance by sending Jon back in time before all hell breaks loose in season one. Jon decides to go to Pentos to find his true love, Daenerys Targaryen, and save her from her marriage to Khal Drogo, who wanted to rape her Jon Snow is a Targaryen. Jon Snow looks like Rhaegar. R Plus L Equals J. Cersei is Cersei. Alternate Universe - Shapeshifters. Summary. When the Targaryens escaped the Doom they thought they were safe, but they cursed themselves in another way. The Starks descended from the First Men, and old magic runs through their veins. ---

Robb, he looks like a Targaryen from history books, Theon sighs - there's just no bloody way that kid is actually Ned Stark's. Unless the mother was a Targaryen, and given what Theon knows of any available female Targaryen alive by the time Jon Snow might have been conceived, he thinks it highly unlikely Very good Jon, Ser Rodrik praised him smiling, Jon then turns to look at Robb walking towards them with a sparring sword. Time for a real fight, Robb said with a cocky smile and keeping his chest high. Jon looks up to the balcony that had a clear view of training yard, and noticed his father and Lady Catelyn looking at them Reincarnated on the day of his death, Rhaegar Targaryen wakes to find himself within the body of a newly hatched dragon. After making a daring escape from a temple of R'hllor in Lys, he makes his way north, to find his only living child. His second son, Jon Snow. Jaehaerys Targaryen Summary. Jaime is in the King's guard, unhappy and bitter, but a single moment with the Prince Rhaegar changes his and the Targaryen's lives forever. At the same time in the future, Jon gets lost beyond the wall after just arriving there. He founds three dragons and their riders, and that moment decides his fate

Minor Jon Snow/OC. Minor Sansa Stark/Willas Tyrell. Summary. Decades have passed since the defeat of Robert's Rebellion, and now Jaehaerys Targaryen rules over the Seven Kingdoms with an iron grip. As the last surviving descendant of the Targaryen line, Jon knows that it's his duty to ensure the bloodline continues Can't think about other ones that would fit into your description completely, because the main problem with such fics is somehow when authors put Jon into a Targ setting (like Rhaegar lived and their dynasty continues on) his character is not changed in the slightest - he loves Starks, he is honourable, he is broody and has bastardy complex Jon didn't like Theon, he made sure always to tell Jon that he was a bastard. Once Jon was sparing with Theon when he starts insulting his mother and Jon beat him so hard that he spent 3 weeks inside his room. Of course then Lord Stark told him it wasn't honorable to act like that and he needed to control his anger We're 5 books in, probably 100+ chapters with Jon in them through multiple different perspectives (Melisandre, Tyrion, Catelyn, Eddard, Samwell, Jon himself). I'd like to think we have a pretty good grasp on what Jon looks like and his facial features

[Game of thrones] Jon Snow looks like Rhaegar Targaryen just with black hair. Close. 24. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived [Game of thrones] Jon Snow looks like Rhaegar Targaryen just with black hair. looking back at the series and the theory that Jon is Rhaegar's son. I realized that anyone who meet Rhaegar never laid eyes on Jon Jon is my brother no matter who his father was. My father raced him as his own. Jon is a North man no matter what his last name is. Lyanna Mormont stood up and looked Jon in the eyes, The first time I declared you as my king I said I didn't care that you were a bastard. She knelt, And I do not care if you are a Targaryen. You are still my king Jon feels like laughing but doesn't. You are mistaken, my lady. I am no prince. But you are a Targaryen, she says cautiously. Jon nods, wondering why she finds him so fascinating. She is yet to raise her gaze from his eyes. There is dragon blood in you, like the songs. Life is not like the songs, he says

Ah, but Jon is described as having the dark BROWN hair of the Starks, not the pitch-black hair of the Baratheons. Also, his eyes are gray, not blue. Catelyn loathed about how Jon resembled more her husband Eddard than any of her children. But the.. Since Jon could remember himself, the people of Winterfell always looked at him with cold looks like he did something terrible, Jon didn't know why and often would ask Master Luwin or his father what he did, Master Luwin would always tell him that he did nothing and his father would just look at him and saying the same but with an emotionless tone Just like Jon Snow' A thousand thoughts flooded through Petyrs head when he had a sudden epiphany. As if in an instant, all possibilities showed themselves in front of him. He sat up from his bed and gaze at the walls around him. That familiar part of Jon Snow's face, he looked exactly like Rhaegar, but with Lyanna's colors Eh because rather sincerely, the story required it that way. You see, if Jon had been born with the Targaryens look, he would have been slaughtered by Robert or at.

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  1. xan-merrick: Never fear. The most important pairing of the story is Jon/Dany. I posted this originally on AO3 (Archive of Our Own, if you didn't know), and I've posted ten chapters there. From that point, it looks like I will incorporate some Jon/Dany by chapter 15-ish, maybe before, maybe later. I'm working to update this as quickly as possible
  2. Jon looks at the other things and noticed the sword, he looks at the sword and understands which sword it is Blackfyre he said quietly impressed by the sword. A Targeryan sword for you Ned said and Jon smiles at that and looks at the egg, he takes the egg in his hand and noticed that is warm
  3. Let's face it, he doesn't exactly look like an Aegon (though we're also not entirely sure what an Aegon looks like). The name Aegon has a long history with the Targaryen dynasty
  4. Turning to Jon, he said The truth is this, you are the trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and my sister. That is why you have purple eyes, and why Robert wants you dead. I claimed you as my bastard because of how much you look like your mother, and I hoped that seventeen years would be enough time for Robert's temper to cool, but I was wrong
  5. Jon looks like he's somewhere between wanting to burst out in uproarious laughter or disappear on the spot. We're not having this discussion. Find something else to talk about. Something happened, or else he wouldn't be looking at you like that. An exasperated sigh. We kept warm, Jon admits
  6. Also, appearance wise - the characters look like the actors in the show. I mention the purple eyes for Dany, because that's a visual clue for Jon, but we're still talking Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington here. This will absolutely contain a Jon/Sansa marriage and relationship, so if it bothers you, please don't read further

He wanted to wait till Jon had some hair and he could know for sure what Jon would look like, so he stayed at Starfall and had wylla be Jon (and ned daynes) wet nurse. Once Jon's hair grew in black and his eyes turned dark, Ned realised defiling Asharas memory was unnecessary and changed the story to wylla being his mother Daenerys lies on the floor of her tent, sweating and shaking, and clutching Jon's hand as the maester kneels at her side. The wound is not as dire as it looks, Your Grace, but it will have to be closed, the maester says, and Dany could swear he looks more wretched than she feels. Still, she grits her teeth and nods For her ill-fated trip North, Dany donned a show-stopping gray-and-white fur coat which promptly set the Internet ablaze. But taking Daenerys's look in a new direction was a big step for the show. JON still looks upset that he's not a ranger, staying behind while SAM and PYP go with the other stewards. Another Night's Watch officer is seen helping MAESTER AEMON - who we see for the first time is blind - near the top of one of the sets of stairs leading back down into the courtyard

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Apr 18, 2019 - Linda, 33, German. Multifandom. *Requests* #daeneryskairipa. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select The man asked with a calm voice, his eyes were red and silver hair. I'm Jon Snow Jon answered. The man laughed with a laugh of an old man Remember Jon, be aware of Lions Lust, Sun's poison, The Kraken and the Mummers Dragon, trust none of them but The High Dragon. The man said, with a laugh and suddenly disappears LF for fics where Jon goes somewhere else instead of the Wall. I read a couple of fics where Jonnyboi goes to Essos, meets Dany, Targaryen Empire ensues. Pretty cool premise, but its pretty straight-forward. I kinda want more of political intrigue and war of Westeros. What I would like to read, is Jon going south to squire, or just generally. Jon Snow, born Aegon Targaryen, is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, the late Prince of Dragonstone.From infancy, Jon is presented as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark, Lyanna's brother, and raised alongside Eddard's lawful children at Winterfell.Jon's true parentage is kept secret from everyone, including Jon himself, in order to protect him from those that sought the complete.

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My heart is racing when I look at Jon. I feel like this walk is taking forever. I whisper to Rhaegar. He's trying to hide his smile. We're doing a sort of half Stark, half Targaryen wedding. Jon looks so good in black and red with a Targaryen sigil. Robb and Arya are stand next to Jon, smiling This is a oneshot about what might have happened during King Robert's visit to Winterfell if Jon had looked like a Targaryen. Comments: An interesting story where Jon looks like his father Rhaegar just in time for Robert's progress. Ned is questioned why Jon looks like a Targaryen, he seems able to handle the questioning well enough This is motivated by this post in r/freefolk (Warning to non-freefolkers: Tread carefully, because ere be all sort of spoilers and leaks, without spoilertags), which suggested that Jon looks like Aegon I Targaryen. The OP was comparing the above images (seeing them side-by-side, I can't but help more and more appreciate G-Girl95), and I. Jon was named King in the North. At this Point, Daenerys Targaryen arrives and starts her invasion with her three dragons unsullied and Dothraki army. Jon goes to meet with her as she sits on a mountain of dragon glass which can be used to kill white walkers. The two of them also fall in love and get married Reference guide The R+L=J theory claims Jon Snow most probably is the son of crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Neds sister Lyanna Stark. The Tower of the Hand has an excellent analysis of this theory: Jon Snows Parents And Westeros Citadel also provides a summary: Jon Snows Parents A Wiki of Ice..

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Jon looks like he has a lot on his mind. Next, we have Daenerys exploring Dragonstone, walking through tunnels carved from the rock of the island. And here's Cersei strutting towards the Iron Throne. Jon's back, and he's brought his trademark brooding face with him. He's looking at the great hall in Winterfell Bran has learned Jon is the legitimate son of Daenerys's eldest brother Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, born Aegon Targaryen, and thus is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Season 8 Daenerys and Jon arrive at Winterfell together, bringing with them the Targaryen forces of Unsullied, Dothraki, and Daenerys's last two dragons Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen, is the son of Queen Lyanna Stark and King Rhaegar I Targaryen. He is the future Prince of Summerhall, which his father is currently having rebuilt for him. Jaehaerys often goes by Jae while he is the south, or Jon while he is in The North. He has two half-siblings, his eldest sibling is his sister, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen and his other sibling is his brother. Starting off with black and red Targaryen reds like her brother, but transforming into greys, blues; fur-lined coats with Stark colors: As she meets and becomes more familiar with Jon Snow, Dany's outfits appear lined with fur, a staple of Northern attire that feels symbolic of her growing affection for the King in the North What Tywin Lannister made of this is not recorded, but in 266 AC, at Casterly Rock, Lady Joanna gave birth to a pair of twins, a girl and a boy, healthy and beautiful, with hair like beaten gold. This birth only exacerbated the tension between Aerys II Targaryen and his Hand

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I agree with Kelsey that this is fundamentally hard to judge, given what we do not know about Lyanna, Rhaegar, and Lyanna's family's actions in the situation. With that said, there is one dynamic that I think is being overlooked here in the rush t.. Title: A Great and Gruesome Height Fandom: ASoIaF Pairing: Jon/Sansa Rating:M Disclaimer: So very not mine. Notes: Written for midnightblack07 in the GoT Kink Meme, prompt, Jon/Sansa, sex at the top of the Wall. Title taken from Iowa by Dar Williams, namely the lyric, But I fear that to fall in love with you/is to fall from a great and gruesome height Jon speaks now, Rhaenys, when we take off, we are going to head to the middle and back of the army masses. If we kill them first, they won't have a chance to make it to the front lines. When they get mixed with our army, it is more difficult to set fire to the enemy because we of course, don't want to catch our own people on fire its not white with blue.its white mixed with red and looks like a direwolf skin..GHOST .Her other costume in the photo is Gray mixed with Red and look with Dragon skin.Danny seems to embrace the Starks and the Targaryens combined in her new clothes.also in the photo.of her and Jon .is pretty obvious the belly bump[5-6 months pregnancy. Food for thought: Were Jaehaerys and Alysanne in love? Neither prayer, sermons, nor readings from the Seven-Pointed Star could shake Alysanne Targaryen's conviction that the gods had meant her to marry her brother Jaehaerys, to be his confidant a..

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  1. Jon looks like one of Dany's servants, which I guess is the point. She gets to be queen and he is nothing more than her pet and basically just chopped liver there to do whatever she commands. It annoys me that the show sees Jon as nothing more than Dany's dumb brute bodyguard/ mistress, and I wish Dany fans would just admit that the show.
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  3. I wonder if we can look to our own past with Royal families marrying cousins to keep the bloodline pure and their titles secure. They couldn't have known the genetic cost. So with Jon and Dany I've had to think that Mad Kings aside only Jon may have more of a problem with being together. 16 April 2019 at 14:3
  4. The first is a what-if in which Ser Arthur, Ser Gerold, Ser Whent, and Lyanna live, primarily concerning the fallout of Jaime killing King Aerys in a situation where more of his childhood idols are around. A Kind of Family is a what-if Robert learned about the nature of Cersei's bastards and Jaime, Joffery, Myrcella, and Tommen escape to Essos

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The news about the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones keeps comin' and we keep rounding it up for your viewing pleasure, and this time it's a preview story from TV Guide Magazine, who visited the set during filming back in 2017. Now that the article has been permitted to be released, we can glean some intriguing bits of character actions — and reactions — when the final season. Tyrion Targaryen crept on us slowly, quietly, with not a little speculation. Until The World Book, the evidence for Tyrion Targaryen was also scant. He had the mismatched hair and eyes that indicated an issue with his parents being two blondes with green eyes. He had dragon dreams and a fascination with fire The idea of Ned taking any of Rhaegar's belonging and placing it anywhere near Lyanna is a whitewashed, fandom made fanfiction and not canon. Imagine Ned keeping anything of Rhaegar's , the man who fought for the murderer of his older brother and. Jon is supposed to look like Ned, as does Arya - the other Stark children resemble the Tully's. Jon actually has BROWN HAIR in the book, for starters. I still support the idea that Jon could be Rhaegar and Lyanna's child, only with him taking after his mother, the Stark family You care why Jon is a Targaryen and how that plays into the final story? Too bad. let's unpucker our own balloon knots and get to it! DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH There was a great word joke where the main bad guy is like LOOK AT MY COLLECTION, IT'S DIVERTING. And the main good guy agrees and says YEAH IT'S VERY.

That fuzz-haired N.P.H. turns out to be Ned Stark, young, vital, and not yet headless. He has shown up in the Red Mountains, outside the Tower of Joy, to rescue his sister, Lyanna, whom we. Game of Thrones/Season 6. Game of Thrones (2011-19) is an American medieval fantasy television series, created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and aired for HBO. It is based on George R. R. Martin 's best-selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire

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When I started reading George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels, it was the late 1990s and obsessing over fantasy novels was (if painful memory serves) a super-nerdy thing to do When Ser Barristan got a good look at the letter, he saw it was worn, with brown stains covering parts of it, and torn around the edges. As Jon Arryn moved eyes across the letter, he paled, and his mouth slowly parted. The king slammed his fist on the table, startling the Hand. Read it! Robert commanded, his voice that of a battlefield commander killers after Viserys and Dany when they were little, tried to poison. a 14 year girl (Dany) and by assesment of his closest friend would. have murdered his wife's bastards, although Citadel in Oldtown, Sept, silent sisters and the Wall would suffice to remove them from the. line of succession It was a silver necklace, wrought as a dragon, with tiny dark blue sapphire stars along the dragon's figure. The sapphire stars glimmers, glows and shimmers like true stars in the inky sky night. At Jon's puzzled look, Ned smiled, a sad one this time. This is a gift that was given to me from my sister, Lyanna An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Arthur Dayne & Rhaegar Targaryen - Works | Archive of Our Own Main Conten

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  3. I really hope you like it dear and thanks for stopping by in the first place!! ️ Dany's wish and Jon's fulfillment here on Ao3. jonerys jon snow daenerys targaryen game of thrones a song of ice and fire posting at the weekend because better not read it at work pay attention to the ao3 tags spicy art jon snow x daenerys targaryen jonerys.
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  5. All I want is for Jon and Dany to be equals. It annoys me greatly that he has been wearing the same tattered rags since Season 1 (and yeah his clothes look all worn, tattered, and cheap) while everyone else gets twenty different costume changes a year. Jon looks like one of Dany's servants, which I guess is the point
  6. Chapter Text. Winterfell looks almost as it did in his childhood. When Daenerys ordered him south, the castle had still been devastated by dragonfire and the army of the dead, but now its walls stand strong, the damage repaired, and all those who dwell within look hardy and hale, with full-enough bellies and warm-enough clothes
  7. The wolf represents Jon Snow's Stark heritage. It's white to represent snow. The red eyes are for Jon Snow's Targaryen heritage. The black background is a nod to Jon Snow being a black brother of the Night's Watch. Brandon Snow is a rugged, warrior-type young man who looks like Jon Snow had a child with Tormund Giantsbane

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  1. Maybe I should go to the Wall instead of Riverrun. Jon wouldn't care who I killed or whether I brushed my hair . . . Jon looks like me, even though he's bastard-born. He used to muss my hair and call me 'little sister.' Arya missed Jon most of all. Just saying his name made her sad
  2. [JON looks around at all the other recruits, and looks unconvinced.] JON: I could care less if they like me. JARAN: Well, I don't blame you. But they're more likely to have your back when you're out beyond the Wall if they like you than if they don't. JON: Yeah, I suppose you're right...
  3. Now that we know what Jon's supposed lineage looks like, let's go back to the new unlikely theory of Jon's resurrection. Because let's face it, this is Game of Thrones and if there's anything we've all learned from 5 seasons so far is that the obvious conclusion isn't always the likelier one
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  5. Jon looks horrified. But Arya only smiles at an irony she thinks to herself. It's funny. He was the only Frey left I didn't kill out of Hatred. Yet he had the worst death I could give him. Jon still horrified puts his arms on a now disturbed Arya. Mercy. Arya says while shaking in fear. Jon turns to look at Daenerys with shock
  6. People like the Spider, who knows the Targaryen lore. And incidentally - if only Targs can ride, does that make the Night King a Targ? The first Targaryen? Call sign Targ1? So they land and they make out and Jon looks over at Drogon, who is watching him like a hawk. I got a belly laugh out of it. It landed for me. Other people, I know, didn't.

Like say House Stark is an ancient Human, Elven hybrid race of characters And House Targaryen were all Human Mages And House Lannister is a proud race of Human's that are racist to other races. Also House Baratheon are all Dwarves. dragon age got crossover listings. 1 note Jun 9th, 2019 Jon clears his throat, looks to the side. He was the best man I've ever known. It comes out like gravel in his throat. Ser Jaime squired for him, didn't he? Jon looks back to Bran only to find him watching him curiously. And all at once, he knows where the young Stark is leading this. His lip twitches at the thought Jon looks back at the silver-haired woman. Yes? She fiddles with her fingers again, as if she doesn't know what to say or how to say it. I would like for you to see the caves before we hack it to bits. Taken aback by the offer, Jon manages a nod. I would like that. Dany relaxes and smiles at him before bidding him good night Yes, Jonsa really is That Ship. So out of curiosity and boredom, I decided to tabulate the number of Jonsa fics on AO3.The numbers were more encouraging than you'd think! I guess you could call this a health check on the state of the ship post-GoT, and I'm happy to report that even given how terrible disappointing the season and the finale were, our fic writers are still going strong

Come out of hiding (i'm right here beside you) | @noqueenbutthequeeninthenorth | After the death of Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow goes to live beyond the Wall, while Sansa Stark, the newly-named Queen in the North, marries a Dornish prince. Three years later, when Jon finally gathers the courage to return to Winterfell, he finds that while. Before Jon can even ask, he knows. He knows what she is going to do. And even as he is thinking of ways to save his siblings, we hear the ominous screech of Drogon. The three Stark siblings stand tall though, brave like their father, Ned. And as Drogon flies lower, they look at each other and then at Snow An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Jon looks on horrified as Tyrion's head rolls away, Arya in the crowd just like when Ned was killed, and we get a last parting shot at Dany looking pleased out over her subjects. (Or they could make like 3 more seasons of Dany, Jon & Sansa and some cool new. Jon had always known she was beautiful. Such knowledge was innate, like taking your first breath. Sansa was the focal point of any room. He didn't know enough to look away. Not until she'd had her first slumber party. Games of Innocence on ao3. A little pic set for @ode-to-an-inkwell 's sweet, naughty and hot series

Dragons, and an army, and the promise of a crown, but all Sansa had ever wanted was him. Or, the one in which Jon Snow knows his heritage, and the day Lord Stark betroths Sansa to Joffrey fucking Baratheon, he packs his things and travels to the other end of the world. The other end of the world turns out to be Astapor. Jon Born Targaryen They all look at each other and Jon says, Daybreak at the earliest, which feels like a tiny rebellion, this kernel that, you know, just maybe Daenerys isn't making the best decisions right now so we'll alter them ever-so-slightly. Tyrion then reminds Davos he's the greatest smuggler alive and Tyrion needs a favour Jon nods and takes another sip - a gulp, really - of wine. As he rises, Sam catches his arm. She cares for you, he tells Jon. And in marrying her, you've kept her safe and secured her place here. You've done the right thing, Jon. Briefly, Jon covers Sam's hand with his own. How like Sam, to get to the heart of what was troubling him

#jonerys #game of thrones #daenerys targaryen #jon snow #jon x daenerys #got #got season 8 #jon and daenerys #art #fan art #procreate #digital art #jonerys week #jonerysweek2019 #jonerysweek #my art. 125 notes. forevertheanimekid. Follow. Jon III, A Dance with Dragon Game of Thrones is an American medieval fantasy television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The series is based on the first of George R. R. Martin's best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire series of seven planned fantasy novels It looks like its about to get uncomfortable - that he is upset by lying and she might press the issue. But thankfully Jon is saved by Jorah. Dany looks so happy she might cry. Jon is confused by her sudden change in attitude. Who is this guy shes much more agreeable towards? Thats not the Dany hes seen in his time there. Then she introduces him Jon Snow/Aegon VI Targaryen - Works Archive of Our Ow . Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen, is the legitimate heir to the throne. Sam and Bran, aka the Three-Eyed Raven, aka the Westerosi Google search, learned all of that information in some of the final moments of Season 7, so it was only a matter of time before Jon learned the truth (For those diehard fans who know there were actually eight. Years later, Jon Targaryen does the same. Lift Me Like an Olive Branch and Be My Homeward Dove: She never dreams of Jon Snow but in the end he is the one that comes for her under a Targaryen banner, the might of Winterfell and the North behind him with their father's sword on his back

Cat moves closer to check what Edmure cooked up and - it's a VHS, for some Nightmare Before Christmas movie she's never heard of in her life but given that on the cover there's a skeleton and what looks like a rag doll and it definitely doesn't look like standard Disney stuff, maybe she can guess why Edmure thought it was a good idea In other words, Jon is likely to lose the Northern lords' trust and loyalty once his parentage is revealed (assuming, of course, that it becomes public knowledge and is accepted as truth). They're bound to doubt Jon's allegiance when they learn that he, a Targaryen, has bent the knee to and bedded another Targaryen For outsiders it begins like this: Rhaegar Targaryen scorns his wife and crowns Lyanna Stark his Queen of Love and Beauty. For those that know the truth is begins like this: Elia Martell and Rhaegar Targaryen fall in love, have a daughter, and then fall in love with a Direwolf